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March Update:

Chicktime Galveston loves partnering up with Shine USA and the Kingdome Zone Kids.

Oh the fun we have spreading HIS word.

Come hang out with us in April!

February Update:

We were not able to meet this month due to circumstances beyond our control. 

See you next month!

January Update:

Something beautiful happened today.
It was COLD so very cold but despite of it we were able to serve 41 kids!!!
We shared the gospel, played games, and we had warm spaghetti pasta and hot chocolate.
But something beautiful happened
When we were done with our program we had some food leftovers (If you have come to our program you know how much kids like to take the leftovers home.)
I was able to witness a little one who had procured some of the leftovers willingly give another his leftovers.
This simple gesture brought tears to my eyes!
THAT is why we are there sharing the gospel, creating relationships and loving on these sweet babies.
If you woulld like to be part of the magic please inbox me.
Yes something truly beautiful happened on this very special day dedicated to Mary Estella Castro a sweet lady that showed a tremendous amount of kidness to my family and I.

It’s my most favorite time of the year!!
Our 9th annual posada was a complete success
We set out to show the kids the true reason for the season:: JESUS
We did just that and the kids had an amazing time.
We started with our prayer circle and ended with piñatas, candy goody bags and lots and lots of food.
Their smiles were everything!!
None of this would be possible without all the wonder volunteers who donate not only their financial resources but also their precious time.
We plan to come back next year stronger than ever.
If you would like to donate a meal any Wednesday next year please reach out to Me.
If you have a heart for street ministry and would like to come out and minister to the children we would Love to have you!

November Update:

We had an amazing time at ChickTime-Galveston’s November workshop!!!
It is the season of Thanksgiving!
We wanted to teach the kids to cultivate a spirit of gratitude that would last a lifetime.
We asked them to write a thank you note to someone who had made a difference in their life and to make a list of the things they are grateful for.
We encouraged them take the journal home and add a gratitude entry each day.
They wrote thank You cards to their moms, cousins, teachers, coaches friends and siblings.
It was humbling to listen to why they chose the person they chose.
So very grateful to be able to be His hands and feet.
The biggest THANK YOU to all who support our ministry.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
THIS is why we CHICKTIME!!

October Update:

Our very first OFFICIAL ChickTime event at our new charity partner was absolutely wonderful!!
The assignment was simple-
Make prayer rocks for children that are being affected by the war, famine, homelessness and broken hearts.
We encourageed the kids to take the rocks home or place them around the park so that everytime they saw them they would remember to say a prayer for the children of the world.
We love starting our workshops with a prayer circle and to have children join us in prayer. This time was no different!
The kids showed up in a mighty way to complete the workshop activity!
I’d like to thank my cousin Esmi and her sweet family for providing a wonderful meal.
The biggest thank you to Adella, Rosemary, Emita, Souby, Aymara and the Texas A&M black student association for supporting the kids at Shine USA with their time and resources.
Thank you Pam, Nancy, Brianna and Nick for giving of your time week after week to spread the gospel to those who need it most.
If you would like to volunteer send me a PM !
Chicktime Galveston would love to have you!
Managing Leader of Chicktime Galveston

September Update:

Good meetings with new charity partner to secure serving again. 


August Update:

Chicktime Galveston was proud to show up and partner up with @Shine USA- The Kingdom Zone for their back to school splash party!
We had a lesson about hearing the word of God and loving one another !
What a beautiful afternoon !

July Update:

The spirit of the Lord MOVED at our July workshop!
Their are some powerful powerful people in our community kingdom building!
Join us in August!

June Update:

May Update:

We’ve been volunteering with a local charity partner to see if Chicktime would be a good fit to partner with them.

Stay tuned. 

April Update:

This past Saturday we were blessed to visit the children and their families for Easter.
Thank you @3rd Coast Tundras and Rodriguez family for a wonderful celebration.
We learned that the shelter was being closed down literally an hour before our event. We were determined to show the remaining families a wonderful time!
During our prayer circle we reminded them of God’s love for them and that we would keep them in our prayers as they found a new home.
Please keep the families and the Children’s Center in your prayers as they navigate the acquisition of a new building where they can continue to serve those that need them most.


March Update:

Overcloud skies and cold rain didn’t stop Chicktime’s Spring Fling. The kids were able to make their very own treasure boxes. Decorated with broken jewelry and their imagination, the lesson was to teach that even broken things can be beautiful. While we may not have alot of money, or the fancy clothes, or the right hairstyle…we are all still beautiful. So, on this rainy day with the dreary skies, the smiles and enthusiasm from the children in the shelter made today perfectly beautiful!
Each child will fill their treasure boxes with things that make them happy..
It can be their favorite candy
A pretty rock they find or like someone said, with memories.
And so THIS is why we ChickTime

February Update:

January Update:

Thank you Emita for leading our workshop this past Saturday!
The kids got to hear about the story of Christmas and the three Wisemen that brought Jesus gifts
Each child received a present and got to make their very own crown as well as nativity scenes
They enjoyed yummy pizza and king cake ( we never found the baby lol) as well as other sweets
Their smiles is WHY we CHICKTIME!
Come join the movement!

December Update:

Today we had our 8th Annual Posada!
The children had so much fun with the piñata, they loved their presents and stockings.
We served smoked chicken from
Leo’s Cajun Corner (they were gracious to donate to our posada)
Baked beans Mac and cheese
Amazing tea cakes and cupcakes!
We were blessed with much needed sunshine.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of our ChickTime Angels who made this happen
I won’t name anyone bc if I do I will for sure forget someone.
Know that our goal was to see those smiles and that we did.
So, so many smiles and giggles of joy.
THAT is why we ChickTime!!
I received the most amazing blessing
My two girls and my three grandkids were able to be with me as well as my husband.

November Update:

We had the best time at our ChickTime thanksgiving event
We asked the kids what are they thankful for and their answers amazed me..
They were thankful for their moms dads, sisters, brothers and friends as well as a roof over their heads.
Food, bears and cats and candy and the rain
Take a look at their wheels..
It humbled me that they are thankful for the most important things in life: family, friends, food and a roof over their heads
We were excited that the UTMB school of nursing students provided some wonderful information about nutrition and recipes they could make with the veggies they have growing in their community garden.
We also started decorating for Christmas. The tree went up!!
We were grateful for Talen and Anthony who helped us hang the garland around the shelters door..
They LOVED their snacks
Hmm we also were supposed to make turkeys but somehow they ended up liking like owls LOL
But you guys the smiles!!
The laughter of the kids and their families is what I am thankful for..
And as always someone made a little heart and left it at the table with craft suppliess

October Update:

So this past weekend we did a little thing….
ChickTime Galveston had a marvelous time with the children and their families at the Children’s center
We would like to thank Mary Brown the shelter’s manager for taking over at the very last minute( I was sick)
And OMG my cousins Esmi and Juan Arriata who provided a pumpkin for each of the families
They also provided yummy hotdogs and nachos and some awesome candy bags and toys.
The shelter also received much needed supplies.
We are also grateful for the ROTC and UTMB nursing students that volunteered to help with the activities.
We cannot do this without you and we are so very grateful for All that our ChickTime angels do.

September Update:

ChickTime Galveston had an amazing time with the children and their families on Saturday September 17!
Ice-cream, Ice-cream we All scream for ice-cream with ALL the toppings!!
The children enjoyed ice cream, cookies and snacks.
They also had a great time doing Arts and crafts and playing with frisbees.
All were grateful for the  school supplies and donated clothing.

August Update:

We had THE best time at ChickTime today!!!
The rain surely didn’t stop us.
We started with a prayer circle in which we prayed over the kids and their lives.
The question for the day was if you could be/do ANYTHING, if there were no obstacles at all what would you be/do
I got lots of answers
Some wanted to be a princess
A súper hero
A mermaid
A soldier to serve his country
A welder in the army
A music producer
A teacher/ counselor
Another soldier
I asked them to reflect that in their art.
Here are some of the things they drew
The angels were a hit and I don’t even know how they got in my arts supplies because I don’t remember getting them. BUT hey that is how God works sometimes
So yes THIS is why we ChickTime
Like Prina said “everyone should come to ChickTime grandma it is so much fun”
Join the movement

July Update:

We had some changes to our July workshop, but thankful we have special people who step up and say yes….Use us God!
Special thanks to these amazing women who came out in FULL force to provide encouragement and love to the Children’s Center~
…and not to mention a little Zumba, crafts, cake and prayers.
Special thanks to Emma Posada for leading the event, my wonderful cousins for donating arts and crafts, Gloria Yadira and Junior for the snacks and Ortega Erika and company of Transform & Nutrition Club for bringing your energy and MOVES!


June Update:

This why we ChickTime!!
This Saturday we had our summer bash for the children and their families
We had THE best time
Parents and kids alike
Even Mrs Mary the Centers manager participated in the fun by going down the slide!
We were grateful to the UTMB School of Nursing students who helped us keep the kids in line
The adults for having so much fun and to God for making the perfect day for us to play in the water.
Thank you David for donating the water slide and snacks
Marty for donating the watermelon and cantaloupe
Martha for donating waters and sprites
Thank you Tina for coming to play with the kids!!
I left with heart full of sunshine!!
And the biggest smile on my face!

May Update:

“I am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world.
For my God is with me and goes before me.
I do not fear because I am HIS”
Proverbs 31
How often do we feel like we are not god enough, like we do not belong, that we are not loved, that we have been abandoned.
We wanted to remind the moms at the childrens center who they are in Christ.
Our first workshop back to the children center was truly amazing
You could feel God moving among us.
We laughed we cried, ok we cried a lot we had each of the moms give one another a crown and to tell each other something good about each other or a simple prayer over their lives.
We have to remind each other that I’m Christ we are loved
We are cherished
We are His
We will not allow ourselves to believe the lies of the world.
As women sometimes we have ri be the ones who hand another her crown, so she is reminded of the princess that she is, regains her strength and keep the faith.
We were blessed to have young girls who were also crowned by their mommies so that that cycle is broken. So that they too know who they are.
As one of them said” life can be hard and if you get to spend just a few seconds with someone, then make them better than they were”
Their resilience and love for one another was palpable.
My heart is full.
Extra thanks for the angels who prepared meals and delivered pizza in addition to our monthly gathering.
Thank you ChickTime Angels for making a difference in the lives of these mommies.

April Update:

ChickTime Galveston has been busy the past two weeks
Last week the Children and their families received pizza for dinner.
Yesterday we cooked pasta, salad French bread and cookies
Today though, well today was special
We dropped off Easter baskets, a piñata full of candy
Candy and money filled eggs and Ice cream sandwiches that they will use on Sunday during their annual Easter egg hunt.
A tremendous thanks to our ChickTime angels who make all of this possible

March Update;

Three visits to the Center this month.

Nursing students, regular volunteers, and church youth groups. 

All gave time, resources and love. 


February Update:

A picture of Talen and Anthony who made dinner one being for the families. 

Rosemary Jackson, Emma Posada and Yolie Leyva donated to the shelter on behalf of Chicktime. 

The children at the shelter received a special delivery today for Valentine’s Day
The family also received donations of clothing and will be making Thursday dinner with the gift cards they received last week!!
Thank you Dianna Garza-Martinez MarieBarron Barron
Thank you Chickime Angels for all that you do
This delivery included donations from a while back.
Please continue to keep the Holstein and thei families in your prayers
If you would like to donate towards a meal or would like to deliver groceries to the shelter please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832.


January Update:

We were so happy to deliver toys for the kids para Dia de los Reyes!
We delivered Roscas and a yummy meal as well as donations of rice and beans.
Thank you to all our Chicktime angela who made this happen
If we know one thing it is that God is always quick to answer our prayers.


December Update:

Today it is Chickrime
My absolute favorite time of the year!!
I once was told by the original founder of Chicktime Galveston Leticia Sablan “ God always comes through for Chicktime Elvia”
And boy does He ever!!
He came through in an amazing way for the children and their families.
We would like to thank OJ Ruiz and Dolores Ruiz and her group at Woodmen of the World Lodge #3365 for their donation
Gloria’s lounge
For their donation of toys!!
My friend Pam for her monetary donation
Renne Byrd for keeping me sane
Rosemary for the toys and blankets
Heather Shumaker for the stuffed animals
Becky and her friend Karon Parks for the teen gifts rice and beans
Anh Huynh and her team for the donation of groceries, blankets and money.
My cousin Dianita and her wonderful family for the donation of stockings full of goodies and candy
The ILA local 20 for their monetary contribution
Tera for her monetary contribution
Susana Ramos for her donation
Denise Turner, her son and her granddaughter ( the grinch) and her friend for the donation of gifts.
Linda Alexander-Cantu for her donation of toiletries for the families.
My sister Julie who always comes through her wonderful rice.
My cousin Ana for all her support.
Terry Terry West Gray for the beautiful cupcakes
My family For helping wrap presents and helping me put this whole thing together and for putting up with my anxiety LOL
None of this would be possible without each of you
And all of the Chicktime Angels who have contributed to us delivering over 6000 meals since March of 2020 when we committed to our weekly meals.
Stay tuned for pictures of the fruit of your labor later today.
I cannot wait to see all the kids smiles today when the Grinch delivers their gifts!
If I forgot anyone please forgive me
The Brain fog is real with my cold medicine LOL
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


November Update:

Once a week Chicktime Galveston serves a hot meal to the Family Crisis Center.

This became a need during the pandemic due to many shortages and cuts. 

Our activity workshop leaders became kitchen workshop leaders.

We will continue to help in this way while the center rebounds and while their is still  in person volunteer restrictions. 

We hope things will be “normal” in the new year. In the meantime~ we are always looking for help. Reach out if you are able!

October Update:

Chicktime October was awesome as usual….

  Thanks to Kenia Ramos, UTMB nursing students,

and Lorenzo and Tera Perez

for helping to cook or donate food!

September 2021:

Thank you Terry West Gray for donating the yummy cutest cupcakes to the children and their families at the shelter yesterday.
Family emergency dictated a quick meal of pizza and cupcakes.
Mrs Shirley Harrison, you will be missed more than you know.
Congratulations on your retirement
Enjoy your family sweet lady!!
We MUST do lunch.
We continue our commitment to delivering a weekly meal to the children and their families.
If you would like to help us please inbox me.

August Update:

This month we delivered back packs, school supplies, toiletries, toys and a meal to the Children’s Center.
Thanks to Judge Kyle Carter for his donation of 50 backpacks….
and Bessie and Jessie for their meal donation.

July 2021 Update:

Face Painting and angel wings out of paper plates……so fun!
Join us next month.

June Update:

And So it was that after 15 months we were able to finally return to the Children’s Center and hold an in-person event.
You guys I won’t even lie
I CRIED and had a really hard time finishing my prayer.
The children and their parents had an amazing time
Painting tote bags with Amy,
Playing in the waterslide provided by David,
They enjoyed pizza, chips, brownies cookies ans yummy watermelon provided by Anita, Renee and I.
But the thing that touched me the most is how much they laughed and played. I loved how their little faces lit up when they were painting snd we paid them a compliment.
The painting was definitely a hit with the kids and their parents alike.
We were also able to provide the two dads at the shelter wirh a 10 gift card to Walmart to help them celebrate Father’s Day.
People were touched today and THAT is why we Chicktime!!
Next month we will be providing another in-house event as long as COVID stays in check.
If you would like to be sort of the magic and help us be His hands and feet please inbox me.

May Update:

I would like to thank all of the chick time angels that made today possible!
Today the ten mothers at the shelter will be showered with gift bags full of items to pamper themselves.
They will additionally receive a 10$ gift card to Kroger.
They also will be able to choose their very own Mary Kay makeup that was donated.
We also donated a special meal.
It made my heart glad to have my daughter and grand daughter help
Me put these gift bags together.
Chicktime Galveston

April Update:

Ice Cream Socials can be so fun and yummy!!!

One of the several meals made this month for the families at the Children’s Center!
 That night they had spaghetti style pasta, salad and French bread.
If you guys would like to donate towards next weeks meal please let me know! I’m always in need of sweets and I’m always in need of sides. Inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832 if you were interested in donating a meal or a side. Blessings

March Update:

Thank you Renne And Yvette for donating chili dogs and all the trimmings
We also dropped off 450 eggs (more to come next week) baskets, Easter grass and a fun activity for the kids to do during their Easter celebration.
We also had some stuffed animals left over from Christmas so they will pass them out to the babies at Easter as well.
We LOVE all our Chicktime Angels
If you would like to donate a meal please inbox me. The meal train continues

Thank you St. Peter’s and St.Paul’s orthodox church and Sunday school principal Priya Mathai
For providing dinner for the children at the shelter and their families today.
Blessings!!!it makes my heart glad to see the youth serving HIS FLOCK.
Thank you Souby for coordinating

Chicktime Galveston would like to thank my sweet friend Denise Turner for her donation of dinner for the Childrens Center Mid March.
Frito pie supplies , sweets and drinks.
Thank you Denise for your heart for the kids and their families. Blessings
If anyone would like to donate a meal please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832
The meal train continues..
We are dropping off dinner Thursdays of each week if you would like to contribute please let me know.
If you would like to donate a meal any other day that is also possible the dream is that we can contribute a meal each and everyday.
Early March Post~
We want to thank Rosemary for donating the money to buy a meal for the Shelter last week. To Danielle for donating yummy Girl Scout cookies to go with the friend chicken and to their sweet cook Maribel for making the sides.
To my childhood friends Rosa who delivered groceries and Emma for donating clothing
To my cousin Lulu for donating a large box with cereal and my cousin Diana and her hubby Mario for donating groceries.
To my friend Susana for bringing over donations.
To Mrs Gonzales for dropping off clothing.
we will continue to be His hands and feet
We are so very blessed to continue to provide for those he commands us to love.
If I forgot anyone my apologies
If you would like to donate a meal please reach out to me or inbox me
The Meal train continues.

Chicktime Galveston and The Children’s Center would like to thank Woodmen of The World Lodge # 3365 Campos Morelos
For their generous donation of 500 dollars yesterday on Chicktime Thursday Blessings!!

February Update:

We are grateful for our monthly workshop leaders who signed up to put together an activity for the kids at the Children’s Center. This is on top of the Chicktime Galveston Angels who have also stepped up to feed the Center multiple times a month. The pandemic and storm has really put the center in a fragile state and Chicktime Galveston has over and over and over and over said…..NOT ON OUR WATCH!
As always, we need YOU. We need your prayers, a cooked meal, or grocery shopping or restaurant gift cards….one of these or all of these. Tell your friends, your church, your neighbors and your family. This is an ongoing need and we are the Galveston Village.

January Update:

Los Reyes visitaron El Centro De Niños
Llevando cena,Pan De Rosca y ropa.
Gracias a todos por sus donaciones❣️
The kings visited The Childrens Center
With dinner, King’s Cake and family
Thanks to all who donated ❣️

Thank you

Emma Posada

and friends for delivering dinner to the families at the shelter.

If you would like to donate a meal please contact us

December Update:

It is Christmas Eve and I want to thank ALL of the Chicktime Angels that made all of this possible.
You made possibly the delivery of a weekly meal for 100 residents week in and week out since the last week of June.
We were able to donate clothing, toiletries Toys And Gift cards and a basket FULL of toiletries and other items to each family.
Each family also received a ginger bread house to decorate together.
Each child also received a personalized stockings full of candy and small toys.
The children also received a homemade blanket.
We served a meal and Santa made a surprise very socially distanced appearance.
We came together and we were able to be His hands and feet.
We will continue to serve and be His hands and feet.
If I forgot to add your name my apologies
Please know how humbled and grateful I was to witness the “stone soup” concept come to life.

November Update:

Today we were blessed to drop off
6 turkeys
10 pies
2 trays of baked potato casserole
Green bean Casserole
Rolls and candy bags as well as
Gravy and Cranberry sauce to the families at the Family Crisis Center.
As always none of this would be possible without our Chicktime Angels
We are blessed to have you be part of our organization.

October Update:
Pictures from  a few of our October snack sand meals that Chicktime Galveston Angels helped us prepare and deliver!
Grateful  to be His hands and Feet.
Reach out to us if you want to help us!

2nd Stop

THIS is why we CHICKTIME!!!
That smile brought tears to my eyes.
Life gets rough sometimes. But I tell you when we remain faithful He fills our hearts.
They callUs their blessing but I tell you that they bless our hearts more than we could ever bless them.
We love our babies and their families..
101 served today.
God is so so good and He always always provides.
Next week we are looking for donations of sweets for about 100 people.
We do not need you to provide it all we operate in the “stone soup” concept
If we all just give one ingredient we will make a great soup.
Thank you Chicktime Angels for all that you do!!!

1st Drop off

As  I drove down to Galveston to drop off dinner to the family crisis center I was reminded about a scripture about Joy
Yes joy even in the face of the impossible
Joy through the tears
Chicktime Galveston feels so grateful to be able to serve the families.
It truly gives us a JOY rhat compared to nothing else.
It is so nice to get there and see the children excited to see us, to call us by name and to run to us to give us a hug…
We love our babies and will continue to serve them through this pandemic.
We also delivered donated clothing and schools supplies.
If you would like to donate a meal please send me a message.
Chicktime Angels as always NONE of this would be possible without your continued support.

August Update:

 Thursday we did this little thing and we were blessed beyond measure.
We are incredibly blessed and grateful to ALL of the Chicktime Angels that make this possible week after week.
The families enjoyed fried chicken, Mac and cheese, bread and some cookies.
We also brought a rose to show our gratitude for the staff at the family crisis center.
We want them to know we appreciate them and all they do for the families they care for.
We dropped off donated toys and clothing.
We are also in awe of how quickly the items on our wish list were purchased
The families felt like it was Christmas
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning LOL
Chicktime Galveston is truly blessed with amazing angels.
NONE of this will be possible without you!!
Many blessings to all of you!!
Please inbox me your address so we can send you a thank you card.

July Update:

THiS is why We CHICKTIME!!
It gave me a tremendous sense of gratefulness at all
Our chicktime angels that make this possible each week.
The families received
Italian pasta
Cupcakes and cookies
Donation clothing and
Masks made by my sweet friend Rosemary.
We look forward to next week when we deliver dinner again!

A few pictures of Chicktime’s adventures at the family crisis center in Galveston!
Last week we delivered yummy pizza
This week they got all the fixings to make hotdogs or nachos with chili and cheese and yummy yummy cookies.
We remain committed to delivering food to our babies while they shelter in place.
Times can be uncertain BUT the love of God remains a light in these dark times.
If you would like to contribute to one of the meals please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832.
Stay tuned for our school supplies drive!! We will be doing something different as COVID has definitely put a halt to our visits to the shelter and to the stores to buy supplies.

Chicktime Galveston was busy July 2nd!
We delivered snacks at lunch time and the children got to enjoy yummy pizza ????????for dinner.
We also collaborated with Our friend Mary William from “Giving from the heart” and donated a box and a few bags of donated clothing that were distributed to the community in Galveston.
We also delivered a baby swing to one of our sweet volunteers that is expecting a baby soon.
It was a great day!!
NONE of this would be possible without our chicktime angels!!
The pandemic will NOT stop us from showing our babies love!!!

It is summer time and it’s HOT in Galveston!
Today we delivered banana split supplies and a TON of different toppings to the family Crisis Center in Galveston.

Icecream makes us happy!!

We want to thank all of our chicktime angels that make this possible.

I think this will become a favorite of the kids..


Chicktime Galveston won’t be meeting face to face in the month of May, but we continue to find ways to spread love….

Chicktime Galveston was so happy to honor the mothers at the family crisis center today.

We would like to thank Emma Posada and her family for the lovely gifts and cake not only for the moms but also for the staff.

The moms and staff also received flowers and a lovely card from Chicktime!!

We can’t wait to be able to come visit them again.

Keeping our fingers crossed for June or July.


Chicktime Angels are helping Chicktime Galveston provide a weekly meal to our Charity Partner while in quarantine!

What a blessing to show such acts of love….

We delivered Chicken, Mac and cheese apples cookies bread and water to the family crisis Center. They Also received some yummy melons and pineapples during the week.

We would like to thank all of our Chicktime Angels that make this possible

We could NOT do this without you.

Today we dropped off dinner for the family crisis center. We dropped off Spaghetti, French bread, salad and cupcakes…
Oh and a bouquet of flowers for Hilda and Frances who have been staying with the families through This pandemic.


Chicktime Galveston dropped off 80 sack lunches, 
Water,Capri Sun and cookies. We also dropped off baby food.

The no contact was hard. Boy we miss the kids!


Chicktime Galveston went down to the family crisis center to show a little love during the city quarantine.
We brought with us a  a tray of Mac and cheese and
Cupcakes and arts and crafts for the kids.
They have 55 kids and young adults as well as 15 adults.
We also ordered 20 pizzas for them for lunch the next day .

If you are able to donate anything to them please let Chicktime Galveston know…
We can’t go onto the premises,  but we have a contact who will accept donations
of food or you can donate gift cards too.



February Update:

Saturday Was a great day for Chicktime Galveston.
Anita, my sweet cousin led an amazing event and our volunteers helped the kids in making valentines for their moms as well as decorating cupcakes.
They played volleyball and ate yummy tamales rice and beans.
Why the picture of the tennis shoes?
These were my moms last pair of tennis and I wore them to remind me whose legacy this is.

At each event we start with a prayer and we let the kids and their parents know we are there BC Jesus loves them
We remind them that they are worthy.
We remind them that this is but a stepping stone in their road to God’s amazing plans for them.
Join the movement!!
inbox me if you would like to join us at one of our events!

January Update:

We had the BEST time at our first event of the year.
We started with our prayer circle were we reminded the families that they are LOVED that this is but a stepping stone to the greater things that God has for them.


Emma Posada read the Story of Jesus Birth and life to the kids and really touched my heart when she mentioned that they too would receive a gift as they too were special like Jesus. It brought tears to my eyes.

The kids enjoyed yummy pizza, a traditional rosca to celebrate the three Wise men that came to visit Jesus and brought him gifts.
They also each received a special gold coin and they got to make their very own crown and nativity scene!!
They got to take pictures with one of the wise men.
The children were very excited to receive toys and the families were able to participate in a free garage sale where they were able to receive free clothing and other items donated by so many volunteers.
We look forward to our next event on February 15!
Come join the movement!!

December Update:

The kids at the crisis center had the BEST time at our annual Posada.

They receive personalized presents from Santa.
Picked their own teddy bears
Enjoyed a wonderful meal of fried chickened, rice, beans, Mac and cheese and potato salad as well as tons of sweets.
They loved the popcorn!!

The piñata was a TOTAL hit and they loved their candy bags.
The families were able to take part in a free garage sale with TONS of donated clothing…
Each family received a goodie bag with shampoo and conditioner, razors and other goodies.
All this was great BUT the lives that were touched
The love that we shared
The smiles and giggles from the kids as Santa came in the room
Well that THAT was all GOD.

We at Chicktime are so very grateful that we are allowed to be His hands and feet.
We would love to thank ALL of the people who donated not only to this event but to All the events throughout the year.
We could NOT do this without you!!

To my family who always comes through to help the kids

To all of you thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!!
May God bless you and all those you love abundantly for generations to to come.

Please note pictures posted with permission of those posted.


People Reached

November Update:

Chicktime had an amazing time on Saturday helping the children and their families decorate the family crisis center for Christmas…
It’s never too early right???

We began our workshop with prayer and a reminder to the moms at the shelter that God loves them that this stage in their lives is not who they are. We reminded them that God means to prosper them and love them.

The children enjoyed cookies and donuts and hot chocolate.
They loved their kid sized trees soo much.
Thank you to everyone who donated their time and their resources to make this day possible.

October Update:

Chicktime Galveston’s October workshop was full of fun, laughter and a whole lot of Jesus.

See you next month~ Let’s give thank together!

September Update:

Since our September workshop was canceled due to flooding we do n0t have pictures to post. We ask that you pray for our charity partner as they regroup. We are going to plan a big workshop for October to make sure they all feel love from Chicktime.

Due to the area flooding and the conditions Tropical Imelda continues to impact around the shelter and roads getting there….we are canceling the September workshop.

Safety for our volunteers is important to us as well as the shelter staff and residents.

Please keep everyone in your prayers.

We will double up on fun at our October workshop.

Thank you.

August Update

We had an amazing time at Chicktime- Galveston back to school bash!!

To hear the kids squeal with excitement as they went down the slide absolutely made our day.

Grateful for family and friends who make this possible month after month after month.

We will be having our leadership drive in October for the upcoming year.

If you would like to bring love and laughter to these kids please contact Chicktime Galveston.
We promise it doesn’t take much to make these wonderful kids happy.

We are looking forward to decorating cupcakes and making crafts next month.
In October we have a fall festival.
Stay tuned for November and December news!!

July Update:

Chicktime Galveston…..God joins us at every workshop!

June Update:

The kids had the BEST time at our event yesterday!!

We started our event with a prayer …
Then the kids enjoyed Icecream with tons of toppings …

And then the fun ensued with extreme games by the master Of games himself Devaughn Triad Paul!!

May Update:

We had an amazing time at the crisis center today.

Amy thank you soo much for leading this event!
The moms learned that they are God’s masterpiece!
What a blessing you are!!!

The children created jewelry and cards for their moms and themselves

Amy, then did an activity with them
Teaching about God’s love and belief in them!!

The families also received strollers clothing and diapers that were donated.

The spirit was palpable.

Priscilla Hernandez (Priss) thank you so much for sharing your testimony!!

As always thanks to all of you for donating your time and resources to Chicktime Galveston.
None of this would be possible without you!

April Update:

We had an amazing time at the family crisis center !!
The smiles were worth everything!!!
God came through in a big big way!

We reminded them that God loves them and we love them and that
Easter was not about the bunny but about the man who died on the cross Bc He loves them!!

We are still looking for volunteers
and event leaders, inbox me in you’re interested in coming out and helping me bring smiles to these wonderful kids.

Thank you to all of my chicktime angels without you guys none of this would be possible!

Latest Update:

We are so excited to bring back Chicktime to The Children’s Center!

We stopped by this month with donuts and milk to advertise Chicktime Galveston’s return!

We will bring back different activities each month for the children in hopes we can show them love and give them hope !

Please join us in April as we are planning for a wonderful Easter Celebration!

Chicktime Galveston is still figuring out our next journey and we can’t wait to be back volunteering together again!

We are called to be HIS hands and feet and we plan on being obedient to HIS calling!

January Update:

We are finalizing plans to start back up soon! Thank you for being so patient and always supporting Chicktime!

Chicktime Galveston is taking a short break through the holiday season and will be back in 2019!

September Update:

Chicktime Galveston had a wonderful time with or babies today.
The Spirit SHOWED up in a big big way.

We had a power event today and the girls shared their stories with us.
My heart brakes for these girls and everything they have gone through.
I know you don’t know them but please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you Claudia for leading such and amazing event.
May God continue to bless you abundantly.

August Update:

Thank you to everyone who helped us gather school supplies and backpacks for the children!

We are so blessed to live among such passionate and caring friends and family!

In addition to our backpack and supply drive our August workshop was a positive affirmation journaling event. The kiddos were very excited to receive their journals to write down daily thoughts and affirmations.

July Update:

Our Summer festival was simply….beautiful!
God showed up in a big, big way.

The kids smiled and laughed so much. A good time was had by all!

Blessed and thankful That God always provides for Chicktime and His babies!

These beautiful children need someone to believe in them. Today we told an oldest boy of a sibling group of 3 that when he grew up he could come back and lead activities like this to love and encourage other children. You could tell he understood the love and hope that could bring and he became our all day helper! It’s as simple as that to make a difference in a child’s life.

Our July workshop date had to be changed due to  scheduling conflicts…

Please Join us for a

Summer Festival

Sunday, July 22nd

2:00 pm

Waterslide~ face painting~ popcorn ~ and so much more!!

If you have any questions please contact Elvia at galveston@chicktime.com

June Update:

Chicktime June was SO much fun this month! We played loteria for prizes & ate Roasted Chicken, ham Mac and cheese, Fresh watermelon,and of course… the girls favorite chips and sweets!
We also distributed donated clothing and toiletries.
Our volunteers were very touched and one of them is considering fostering as she fell in love with one of the three sets of twins that the shelter currently has. Praying that happens!

May Update:

Our time with the kids this month was over-the-top special. We had so much fun playing games and sharing food together.

Everyone seemed connected….

We know our workshop was God approved…

We felt HIS presence….

And so did the kids…..

We also talked to the kids about the resent school shooting as it was in all of our minds.
We encouraged then to let people know if they were hurting,
We told them that it was OK to not be OK and that it was ok to ask for help.
We also encouraged them to be “That” person that reaches out to those who seem lost and lonely, to speak up against bullying any and every time they encountered it.
But most importantly we let them know that God loves them and they we loved them.
We made ourselves available during the event to them and several came up to us and shared some of their stories and some of their pain.
We need to pray for our children,
They are indeed hurting.

Special thanks to Rosie Rodriguez and Dianna Garza-Martinez for leading this amazing event and to our volunteers Kimberly Chung, Arien, Sean Janoe and Valdez Jesi.

April Update:

God always provides…..

From the heart…

Well this past  week I was really sweating it because my cousin passed away and I knew I needed to go to Mexico for his funeral! It was Chicktime Weekend and Diana, our other Chicktitime co-learder,  could not attend because her daughter had her first volleyball tournament of the season and my sister had her granddaughters birthday party and well let’s just say there were a lot of obstacles to me leaving for a family funeral and Chicktime happening!!

 I called my cousin Ana, who was signed up as the monthly leader and had been coming faithfully for over a year now  and asked her if she thought she could do it alone ~(she was bringing two volunteers with her) her two nieces Abby and Andréa Arriata. She said “of course cousin”!

She did an amazing job, she said that when she got there she could hear the girls inside saying “it’s Chicktime, Chicktime is here”

The experience was life changing for the new volunteers and they can’t wait to come back. The devil wanted Chicktime Galveston not to happen this past Saturday, but God is so much more powerful.

We continute to build our Chicktime chapter and are so grateful when GOD provides just the right amount of volunteers to put on our monthly activity….with or without me!

All for HIS glory,
Elvia Gomez​

March Update:

Chicktime Galveston was blessed to come and play with the kids at this past Saturday.

Fun was had by all!

We hunted for eggs, took pictures with the Easter bunny, and ate pizza, cookies and fruit.

February Update:

We had an amazing time of fellowship with the girls.
We shared the love of  Christ with them.
There were tears, there were hugs and we “reached” them…
What an amazing feeling when we see their reluctance to join in become enthusiasm.
These girls are from all over the United States and now they know that there is a Chicktime Chapter  in a lot of  different cities and they can  always come to any chapter and they will be loved and they will be helped!
One girl from California said that when she went back she was going to do something like us~
She was going to help others!!
They got our message~Praise God!
Our worst, our broken pieces is all He needs to help us reach others and to make something beautiful!!

January Update:

So much can happen when you gather in LOVE!!

Our January workshop was powerful testimony of LOVE!
We had the girls write something positive about all the people in the room
AND then a positive about themselves!
We read each affirmation out loud and the look of joy and smiles from the girls were priceless as they heard positive things about themselves.

We talked about empowerment
And speaking positively about their lives.
Jennifer shared her life story and the girls really bonded with her.
It was a God filled afternoon.

It would be our honor if you joined us next month at our YOGA workshop!

December Update:

Our annual Christmas Posada was humbling and full of wonder!

The word posada means “inn” or “shelter” in Spanish and in this tradition, the Bible story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and their search for a place to stay is re-enacted or celebrated. There are different ways to have the festivity of the posada, but we believe at Chicktime Galveston that the children and families we serve find “shelter” in our workshops and feel the love of Christ by coming to our “inn” every month.

It’s always with great love and excitement that we have our annual Posada, but it’s pure joy to provide “shelter” every month!


This month was full of new beginnings….

Our charity partner moved locations and this brought about a different way we were going to serve!

New place, new kids, new dynamics, new challenges….

With all the unknown, we decided to softly have Chicktime November and not really announce our workshop to access things and get a better feel of our new~  Chicktime!

We should of known that when we place it in God’s hands it’s taken care of~ Faith over Fear!!

These pictures don’t show the love and grace that was present in our workshop…

These pictures don’t show the hurt and broken girls laughing and talking and having hope in their heart…

But believe us….It was all there!! God was in the house!

New place, new kids, new dynamics, new challenges….Yes!!

But we have an awesome opportunity to be HIS hands and feet and through HIM offer new life!!


Thank you Rosie Rodriquez for leading our October workshop!

Carmel Apples never tasted so good!

The kids smiled from ear to ear and their joy was priceless.

Please help us continue to spread that joy at our November workshop!

It will be the best couple of hours you will ever spend!

September Update:

These wonderful volunteers showed up to help us make jewelry and do a little free art!

And maybe eat a few desserts…..

It’s amazing how every month the workshops just keep getting better and better! Not because of the activity, but because of the love and joy that is in the room when Chicktime Galveston is going on!!

Check us out next month!


August Update:

We love to be His hands and feet!

Thank you all of our “Chicktime Angels” that donated school supplies, toiletries, clothing for the new baby girls, and other clothing that was set up “garage style” for the families to go through and get for free.

We served a total of 15 families!!!!



July Update:

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Chicktime July so special for the children and families of the Family Crisis Center! It was hot outside but we sure did have fun!!


We had a bouncy house for the children to run wild in & we even had face painting for them to enjoy!



We hope to see YOU at Chicktime August where we will be hosting a Back 2 School Supply Drive for the children.


It is done father, thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet.



May Update:

Thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet!!!!







April Update:

Happy Easter!!

The kids had an amazing time.!! Thank you Rosie Rodriguez to you and your wonderful friends who led the event at the Crisis center this month!




March Update:

Father thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet.



February Update:

Blessed to be His hands and feet. Thank you Jennifer for leading this weeks activity. Many thanks to my sister Rosie and Hunter for helping!!!

The kids and their parents had a great time!

January Update:

We had a wonderful time playing loteria this morning at the Family Crisis Center! We hope to see YOU at Chicktime February!