Wholesale Chicktime T-Shirts (discount pricing for quantities 36+)


If you would like to reorder Chicktime t-shirts and hoodies, please contact John at
Abundant Life Expressions directly.
Contact Information:
 Abundant Life Expressions
John Sanco


***You may create your own Chicktime logo gear but only the approved logo may be used. For example, if you have a friend who can print t-shirts at cost, by all means enjoy that and go for it. Want to print your own business cards or stationary? Be our guest!. We only ask you use the APPROVED logo.




Chicktime Business Cards:


To order business cards, you may contact Alphagraphics at doug@alphagraphics.com


250 cards: $66.30
500 cards: $71.61


You will need to include the following info when ordering business cards.


Chapter Name:
Card Count:  
Name for cards:
Chicktime email for cards: 
Phone number for cards: 
Website URL:  
Shipping Address:


You are welcome to print your own cards using this artwork provided below:
business card front image


business card back image


Logo Downloads:
Chicktime pink logo (for graphic design use)
Chicktime pink logo (for homemade use like letterhead… don’t send this version to printers)
Chicktime logo (SVG version for machines such as Silhouette and Cricut)


Misc Docs:
Letterhead with Header/Footer
Cards to Pair with Treats for Charity Partner