Chicktime T-Shirts 
If you would like to reorder Chicktime t-shirts and hoodies:
Reach out to Lori@Chicktime.com and we can send you some at our our cost plus shipping. We keep the unisex crew neck hot pink in stock. You are welcome to print your own using the chicktime logo on the GRAPHICS page of this website. 
Contact Information for John if you want to custom order shirts. John requires an order of 36+ shirts for wholesale orders:
 Abundant Life Expressions
John Sanco


***You may create your own Chicktime logo gear but only the approved logo may be used. For example, if you have a friend who can print t-shirts at cost, by all means enjoy that and go for it. Want to print your own business cards or stationary? Be our guest!. We only ask you use the APPROVED logo located below.


Logo Downloads:
 CT Pink logo


Misc Docs:
Chicktime Letterhead