Leader Only VIP Information!

Welcome to or Leader Only VIP Information page! On this page, you will find information that we think is handy for our all of chapter leaders.

Click HERE to download the most updated version of our leader roles!

Chapter Responsibilities

We HIGHLY recommend that you find a way to make these few things happen to ensure smooth success!

  • Post to your chapter’s Facebook page. Through SEO optimization, and the Chicktime National Newsletter, readers are pushed to your web pages so the more your post and the quicker your post, the more National can put on your website and the quicker we can do it! Your web page is your FACE to the local community you serve. It is your best resource for getting new volunteers. Statistically, our website has the highest traffic the first few days after the newsletter comes out so don’t skip a month!
  • Post ALL of your events on the Chicktime Calendar. There are many great resources available online for posting your local events and we are a HUGE supporter of using any you can find. BUT.. we need you to post your events on the Chicktime calendar for a larger reason than simply promoting your chapter’s activities… the chicktime.com calendar is the ONLY one stop shopping for EVERY Chicktime event available in EVERY Community throughout the US. There is power in numbers and when volunteers contemplate joining us… they are extremely encouraged by the VAST listing of events going on in other places!!
  • Make filling your calendar with committed leaders a top priority. In fact, your goal should be EACH AND EVERY YEAR to have your next year’s calendar COMPLETELY full (have a committed leader for each month) by October of the current year. In other words, by the end of October 2017, you should have committed leaders signed up for EVERY month of 2018!! Please reach out to us if you are having trouble filling your calendar and we can teach you how. This topic is also covered in the Tips and Ideas section of the website.

** Notice: Chapters represented on this website and the women who serve in Chicktime leadership roles are to represent your local Chicktime chapters with good taste, fulfill the Chicktime Mission, and promote a positive image. If at anytime you do not represent Chicktime in accordance with the mission and uphold a standard of decency, your contact information will be removed from this site.


Help Our Network Grow and Strengthen

  • Please make sure to update your CRM monthly (with new volunteers who aren’t in the system) and include your new monthly online signups in your chapters emails and invitations. These women are very excited to get involved and if you aren’t contacting them… no one is.
  • Please reach out to your local area chapter leaders for support and encouragement. EVERY SINGLE leader we talk to wants to help her sister chapters strengthen and grow. You may have to drive and hour to two to meet up, but it will be well worth it. If you are an established chapter leader, invite new area leaders to attend one of your events and stay afterward for lunch or coffee! If you are a new leader, reach out and let an established leader know you would appreciate her advice and encouragement. Keep her posted on your progress and ask for feedback.


  • We have online tutorials now for EVERYTHING. They are located on the Leader Resource menu under the correlating tab. If you can’t find a tutorial, contact info@chicktime.com. We VERY MUCH want you to be educated on how to find and use our resources!!


Information needed
  • Please update YOUR contact information in the CRM, including your mailing address, and noting which volunteers are chapter leaders.

Chicktime National Conference

RSVP to admin@chicktime.com (it is not too early to commit now!)


Conference Details:

  • Held in the summer and open to ALL Chicktime leaders and potential new leaders for your local chapters.
  • The conference is a fabulous opportunity for chapter leaders to meet together, share ideas, and rest!
  • Cost: complimentary for two leaders per chapter. You provide your own transportation and the rest is gratis (accommodations, meals, programs). If space is available, each chapter may bring additional leaders for the cost of the room/meals, all other expenses will be covered.
  • Each year’s conference is dedicated to leadership development and a chance to re-ignite, re-fuel, and just fill you up to the point you overflow!

Chicktime T-Shirts

  • Please click here below to here download a t-shirt order form and send to admin@chicktime.com
  • We love a cute Chicktime shirt which is why we are happy to offer LIMITED EDITION shirts for certain holidays. These shirts can only be ordered once a year and designs are different each year! To download the order form for our current Holiday Collection shirt, click here!
  • Chicktime Hoodies from the #Love Tour2018 are now available for sale! Click here to download your order form! Sizes and quantities are VERY limited so please email admin@chicktime.com to ensure your order can be filled before submitting your payment!

Chicktime Business Cards

To order business cards for your chapter leaders please contact admin@chicktime.com today!


Chicktime Book

  • The e-book is posted online at chicktime.com. Feel free to create a hyper-link and include the book as part of your email signature, your Facebook page, or any electronic use you can think of. We need women to read this book and get involved. The book is also available on amazon.com in print and kindle.
Chicktime Cookbook
  • We are out of cookbooks for fundraising use! If you want one or two, just let me know as I have stock for that.
  • We are looking for someone to take on the project up facilitating a 2nd edition of the cookbook so that we can re-order. There will be no cost to the volunteer who takes on the project, the bulk of the work is complete since this is a 2nd edition, and it will be a fun project. Let me know if you are interested.


Chicktime Community Service Hours

  • All Chicktime leaders are authorized to sign Community Service forms for High School students needing officially documented hours.
  • Just sign the forms they present you verifying the hours they served with your local chapter. You are also authorized to create forms using the Chicktime logo and your contact info.


Chicktime Facebook

  • The Chicktime, Inc. Facebook posts feed into the chicktime.com website announcements page. PLEASE feel free to post announcements on the Chicktime, Inc. Facebook page.
  • Every chapter receives a Facebook page when they enter the training program. You will be made an admin on that page and we encourage you to manage it!
  • We link your Facebook posts back to your chicktime.com web page!! This will help your website’s google rating and women in your community googling for volunteer opportunities can more easily find your chicktime.com web page!!


Facebook Workplace

  • Chicktime utilizes a platform called Facebook Workplace to communicate quickly and efficiently with our leaders. We encourage you to join us and never miss an important update, quick announcement or training opportunity!


Exciting Growth

  • Leaders, we need your help. As our network of chapters expand through the nation, more and more potential new leaders will attend Chicktime with you to get a bit of experience as they explore the idea of starting a chapter. Please keep copies of the Chicktime Book on hand so that you can share one with them. You are welcome to print out the free version or better yet, order a few from amazon.com and keep in your car.


Powerful Recruiting Tool

Each chapter receives a volunteermatch.org account. This is the most powerful online recruiting tool we have found and we are so proud to offer it to you! Chicktime, Inc. (the national organization) pays to have these accounts updated regularly. We depend on the events you post on the calendar at chicktime.com to get the information so PLEASE make sure your events are posted well in advance on the calendar at chicktime.com.


If you would like more information about your account, please contact admin@chicktime.com