How to Start a Chapter

I’m Ready! How do I Start a Chapter in My Area?


We are thrilled that you asked! The vision of Chicktime is to have a chapter in every community across America filled with like minded women, women who will no longer sit by and lament over the issues of abuse/neglect, but move their hands and feet to deliver hope! Women who recognize that they are inherently filled with passions and gifts that were meant to help others (not just themselves). Women who know they can do more and are willing to try, even if they feel silly in the process! Women who are not perfect and are still figuring out who they are… but at the same time moving in the direction of their destiny.


Can you image in a nation that offers a group in every community… no matter where you go… that will welcome you just the way you are and know that you have something to offer? A place in every community to park yourself that believes in hope and restoration. A place that KNOWS love is the answer… simple, tangible love? A place that knows YOU are the vehicle to deliver that answer?


Welcome to Chicktime… for everywhere you find a Chicktime chapter… these are the values you will encounter. We are a group of like minded women, coming together across this nation to offer real and tangible love to the broken in our local communities. We may never see the long term fruits of our efforts, but we feel the ‘magic’ every time we come together and serve these precious precious children and women.



It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to get a chapter up and running. The pace will depend on YOU and any challenges incurred during the process. The process is customized per chapter but all follow a basic pattern. Basically, you have a series of personalized phone trainings, onsite training, and a couple of sessions with a professional web coach. This process is designed to take help craft your vision and build a framework to implement the vision with the goal of hosting monthly Chicktime events. You will never feel alone as we will never leave you during this process. We are ALWAYS here for you!



Steps to bring a new chapter to your area!


Step One:

If you don’t not see an established chapter in your area, click the image to be inspired.


Step Two: 


Review the leader resources on our site at chicktime.com

Step Three:

Read our short but comprehensive book


PLEASE complete all steps above before contacting us to set up a training appointment. All the tools are provided for you to understand the commitment and responsibilities to make your decision… but you must read them! 🙂