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Let’s help out our other Chicktime San Marcos chapter out!

Hey Chicktime San Marcos,

During this season of Covid, Chicktime Chapters across the United States have not been able to meet face to face at their chapter specific charity partners. Every chapter misses having monthly workshops and are trying to find ways to love them from a distance.

Our sister chapter, Chicktime San Marcos Empowered, is collecting hand sanitizers, for the residents they serve at Brookdale.Senior Living! What a beautiful and easy way to express love from a distance! Let’s help them! Contact Joann, the managing leader of that chapter and let her know you are in and make plans on how you can make the donation!

It takes a village…..never did those words ring more true than NOW!

Our Chapter went down the road to lead Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown. Here is their write up about the experience….

God is using you because you are strong enough to do His work. ???? What a wonderful evening we had yesterday @ Connections! The talented Lora Williams captured everyone’s hearts as she spoke about the choices we have in life & the endless love that He has for us. She unapologetically told the story of her past (the good, the bad & the ugly) to connect to the teens in ways we couldn’t have imagined!

Thank you Lora & thank you to all the Chicktime volunteers for pouring your love into children that need it so much. We are grateful for all of you!

We are taking it on the road again! This time we are leading a workshop at

Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown! If you can make it…come on down!!

January Update:


This was the best way to continue to stand in the gap and lift up at- risk youth in 2020. Chicktime San Marcos & Chicktime San Antonio became one on Saturday!! Please read the reflections of Donnette Tyler ( Chicktime co-leader of Chicktime San Antonio)  as she share our experience with the next generation of world changers. YES! That’s right God will always use the ones the world ???? tend to count out to make the most impact. I am one of many ….. #dontstopupliftingothersin2020

Chicktime San Antonio’s January 2020 workshop was all kind of WOW!!
Thank you to our workshop leader, Lora Williams, managing leader of our sister chapter, Chicktime San Marcos, for traveling to lead our first workshop of the year.
Thank you for bringing laughter, but also truth and hope in your skit via your character ” Sally Roe” to the teen girls at Boysville that we are blessed to spend time with every month. We loved the “Law and Order” theme of the skit using volunteers as the judge(God) and prosecuting attorney (world) to hear the case of young Sally Roe giving up on life because of all the bad decisions she made and hard times she had to endure…. but using the girls to be the Jurors and concluding that if God can forgive they can forgive too was just the very reason why we show up month to month! These broken, but beautiful girls need to hear the very message that you intentionally shared with them! God loves you NO matter what!! Thank you for the special yarn
game too. We believe giving the girls 4 different pieces of colored yarn to represent broken relationships, experiences ( good and bad), things we can’t forgive about ourselves, and our relationship with God to form a web ( representing our life without God) was such a powerful visual. A visual of what our life looks like when we don’t have God in our life to give us clarity to get through the web of life. The visual was stronger when volunteers cut the web~ piece by piece~ to make room for the white yarn (God) to help us find the clarity and peace found only in HIM. Thank you for wrapping up our time together by sharing your testimony that paralleled “Sally Roe’s” life. The journey that started much like the girls who live at Boysville, but that made it through the “web” because of Jesus Christ and is living out HIS purpose in a very courageous way! Thank you for singing and praying with the girls too.

Chicktime San Marcos is leading a workshop for Chicktime San Antonio in January 2020!

Pray that we give hope to the teen girls we will serve!

We can’t wait to be back at Gary Job Corp this month!! Discussing “ Who do you LOVE”?

Chicktime SM Kick off #NOFILTER mini conference was awesome. There is something about being in the midst of the students here at Gary…. As we all looked in a mirror honestly writing what we see. Some young ladies wrote resentment, anger, the consequences of my past experiences, pain, doubt, misunderstood, not worthy of anything good & so much more…

I’m wondering as one picture reflects do we have their backs? Will we invest in the next generation of future women leaders that are feeling like they don’t deserve to LIVE FULLY?
We have something to offer that can’t be priced ( Our story of Hope).

The last part of the mirror exercise is understanding how Christ erases the residue of our past. There is so much inside of you & your past is an experience it’s ( IT’s NOT WHO YOU ARE).

Three young ladies gave their hearts to God last night. We CELEBRATE & WE ARE GRATEFUL that all can come to God ….

Mini conference ~ #nofilter
We live in a time when we encourage the young generation to hide their voice, feelings, & perspectives. Snapchat filters are the most common way to post a pic hiding our true beauty with flaws in all. We have forgotten that our experiences connect us. Simply because we all have experienced pain and struggle in some way. The enemy wants us to believe we are alone so we filter our story and share what we think others want to hear. Chicktime San Marcos at Gary is a safe place to remove the filter and be REAL. BE YOU! YOU ARE ORIGINAL! I can’t wait to share this message to the next GENERATION who will be comfortable with being who they are with #NOFILTER

April Update:

Chicktime San Marcos is determined to make an impact. One event at a time!

Identifying healthy relationships, & understanding your worth is vital for the next generation. Thank you so much Diane De Leon Perez & Ashley Celeste Gutierrez for sharing your story and providing keys and info about the red flags that will assist our youth & young adults in identifying abusive relationships. I’m so humbled to serve with you both ?! #lovewhatido #purposedriven #determinedtomakeanimpact

March Update:

It happened again on Saturday the 17th!!!! My heart is so full. The room was full of the greatest, gifted, talented amazing Gary Job Corp young adult women and men. In many eyes they may not look the part. They have been abandoned broken and even on Saturday felt like today be their last day on earth. I have the honor and privilege to stand before the wealthiest individuals in our world. They may have been labeled as a lost cause BUT OH MY we have missed it completely. Because GOD is always using the unlikely”s to change the world as we know it. Even I was told I would never be anything ha! Just watch God is up to something amazingly beautiful! Thank you Brittany Myz B Hastings Misti Burke for depositing seeds that will bear a great harvest! #ChicktimeSanMarcos

February Update:

It is when you have done it to the least of these. You have did it for me~ Matt 25. Every month Chicktime chapters across the world are serving the GREATS! We have been transformed by Him therefore we have humbled ourselves for a greater purpose. Ericka spoke about, ” EMBRACING OUR THORNS”… no matter where you are you have a purpose. Oh how refreshing it is to serve and love. #ChicktimeSanMarcos

January Update:

Chicktime San Marcos kick off event was everything and so much more. Jarisha Onezine a graduate of the program. Came back with a relentless focus to uplift, encourage, and empower the students at Gary. I am especially honored and thankful that our journey started at Gary. If anything she is a visible reminder of what God will do when we reach back and grab a hold of someone else who may not see what God sees in them. One of her many statements that stood out for me was that anything that is stated outside of God’s perspective is an ( AFTERTHOUGHT)! Ponder that truth today. Thank you! Jarisha for demonstrating God’s ability to transform our lives❤️

The best I can do to capture a moment is take a picture. Even though a picture can’t share the experience I have every time I have the privilege to share my life with the youth. Last night we discussed ( Nuturing & Perspective) from my book Renewed. What are you nurturing? You can create an environment that cultivates success or distraction. How do you perceive your past, present, & future? Your perspective determines the direction you may be taking. I can’t forget the laughter surrounding our time together. We all deserve a moment when no one defines you by your yesterday. We just enjoy today & the moment that God has allowed us to experience together. #imhumbled&thankful #Chicktime

October Update:

It’s what you don’t see in these pictures that really show how God is strategically connecting each generation. We sat with young men and women who you wouldn’t expect to open up and share their pain and their hopes….

Chicktime October was beyond special~ it was unique! We wish you were there!

June Update:

Chicktime San Marcos Strikin a pose! These girls are claiming who the are in HIM!!

 Summer Haggins was our guest speaker and her  first point to us was to know our name when  fighting for the life we want. ??. We all have a gift and if we don’t walk in it others will be negatively impacted by it. A Warrior Princess should arm themselves to be dangerous. Knowing that each of our lives are a tool that God can use to empower the next generation is Humbling. Thank you for sharing your story, passion, and heart tonight~ Summer! !

These girls are armed with Love and Grace!

Watch out world!!

Chicktime San Marcos will be meeting next in August!! Come make a difference with us!

May Update:

 Our process, pain, disappointment, experiences, circumstances, victories, and failures etc all equate to purpose!  There is a reason we are here, and there is a reason why our life has been impacted by those we love and have come to love. Nothing that we have experienced should be wasted. There is someone~ somewhere~who needs to hear our story about (HOW)! How did we continue to persevere through it all? How can we still have faith after all we have been through? (HOW)?! Then we can reply with gratefulness and humbleness because of God❤!

 Our hearts our full and we wouldn’t change one moment of our life because we understand we wouldn’t be who we are without our experiences. Thank you Spruce Dickerson for always pouring out your passion and love! Chicktime San Marcos thanks you for being our May Workshop leader!!

April Update:

Chicktime San Marcos is determined to make an impact. One event at a time!

Identifying healthy relationships, & understanding your worth is vital for the next generation.


Thank you so much Diane De Leon Perez & Ashley Celeste Gutierrez for sharing your story and providing keys and info about the red flags that will assist our youth & young adults in identifying abusive relationships. Chicktime San Marcos is so humbled to serve with you both ?

March Update:

Tonight was a little reunion. I’m always amazed how God orchestrates all that we do for His name.

Thank you Evangelist Delisia James for sharing your gifts and lifting His name! Our lives are a direct demonstration on how God used Gary Job Corp to mold us into the women who glorifies His name. We love what we do


February Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime February! What a blessed and wonderful evening we had!


January Update:

Chicktime San Marcos kicked off 2017 the best way possible with Sierra Shante, KyaMonee’ & Pilar. Sierra reminded the young adults to stay focus and look at the big picture while loving yourself. Thank you for sharing your story and your gifts with the students.

September Update:

It is always a pleasure to be on campus at Job Corp! We met some amazing students last night. We can’t wait to see you all at Chicktime October!!


August Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime August!


June Highlights:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime June! We had such a great day at our hair show and we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Chicktime San Marcos is proud to announce that the beautiful and talented, Ms. Spruce Dickerson will be coming to visit us this month! Spruce is a winning pageant coach, beauty queen, published model, speaker, and philanthropist. She will be teaching us how to embrace ourselves! This is sure to be an awesome event so make to sure RSVP now!


You can also visit Spruce’s website by clicking here!


San Marcos



Wow!!!!! We are just speechless! This month, Chicktime San Marcos welcomed Trina TiTi Ladette Cleveland and all we can say is that when you combine powerful, real, and uncut women in one room with young women ages 16 to 24 years who are working on becoming great, amazing things happen! This evening is written upon our hearts and all who experienced it! God created us to be powerful women and this weekend… we were!



We are so excited for Chicktime March! This month, we will have a very special afternoon of spoken word and faith building with Ms. TiTi Ladette. TiTi is the President and Founder of Remember to Think Pink which is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to increase awareness of debilitating issues that hinder effective parenting. The provide preventive, educational, and helpful information, parent advocacy and unique parent support groups to assist struggling parents with various needs. TiTi is an author, motivational speaker, and poet. We are so excited to partner up with this amazing organization to bring you Chicktime March.


Remember To ThinkPink Nonprofit Organization




This month, we focused on loving ourselves and building healthy relationships. We had such a great day with the girls and we would like to thank everyone who came out to play!

February 2016 Event: Loving ME


 Join us for Chicktime in the 19th (7-8:30pm) @ Gary Job Corp! You MUST RSVP to Lora @ wlorakc324@yahoo.com if you plan to attend per our partner agreement with GJC!



January Highlights


Chicktime San Marcos and CAKE connected with the young women at Job Corps by encouraging them to use their gifts in the arts. We sung, laugh, rapped, and most importantly shared how our faith has caused us to discover who we are. CAKE gave the young women tools on how to identify their gift and calling. During our time there, we were able to explain what CAKE is, and share all the many ways that music has impacted our lives. Several of the students actually sang for us, which was a treat. We hope to have CAKE back very soon! Check out their website by clicking here!








CT updates


October 2015: Cardio Madness!


Launching Newness and Reviving our physical bodies !!!


We welcomed a New Chicktime San Marcos Leader Cherise!

Cherise 2




Chicktime San Marcos

Chicktime San Marcos serving at New Life in October 2015



October 21st_ResolutionPlusIt’s never to late to work out and have fun. Chicktime Zumba & Cardio REVAMPED! We are excited to laugh, exercise, and have fun.






February 2015 Reflection:

Chicktime Leaders share their gifts, talents, and ideas every month in different capacities. Chicktime has provided an avenue for us all to walk our purpose. To share Hope, Love, Joy, and most importantly the message that Christ loves all. So much so that he calls each of us to reach out to those who are broken, hurt, and misunderstood. We are His hands and feet on the earth. I’m proud and humbled to serve with you.


I wanted to share a Chicktime San Marcos story that will encourage you on how important your role is. The first young lady in the picture above is Jarisha. Jarisha is a graduate from Gary Job Corp. She attended Chicktime San Marcos activities while she was going to school there. Later she became a Chicktime leader.  She will be starting Nursing School in April. Simply because through Chicktime she discovered that her passion and purpose is to help others.


As you walk in your purpose you may be connecting those you serve to their purpose. Your role is very significant !! Don’t minimize your impact..



Quote: Woman Arise Book

Arise and Be Encouraged

It’s important to walk in your role, purpose, and identity, because there is someone waiting for you to open the door of opportunity for him or her. When God elevates you, He will call upon you to elevate someone else. It’s never just about you. I’m walking this out right now and loving every bit of it. When you are promoted, extend your hand to the one who needs a break. You may be the key to someone’s else blessing. Will you obey the call?

Available@ www.loradwilliams.com


Dates to Remember:

March for Bible Study, Chicktime style!  

Dial: 712-775-7031. Enter code: 324-259-179

March 3: Lora Williams-Chicktime San Marcos (TX) Founding Leader

March 12-  @ 7pm Chicktime San Marcos – Young Ladies as Leaders & Business owners

March 14th for “Celebrate Easter Blessings”
from 8:15am to 12noon
at New Life Children’s Center:




Welcome to 2015! A New Year full of SURPRISES 🙂


All Chicktime Leaders organize a day that allows the children that we serve capture a glimpse of God’s heart for them. These moments are priceless and life changing. I encourage each of you not to underestimate the opportunities that you bring to each person you serve and volunteer with. I want to thank all of the ladies who volunteered at New Life  (Snow Day) on January 10th, 2015.


Remember each day in 2015 is special and unique. God has a message for you that is wrapped in his love.

Here is an excerpt from my book Woman Arise


Capturing the Opportunity of Today


Behold, the former things have come to pass,

And new things I declare;

Before they spring forth I tell you of them.

—Isaiah 42:9


We all get excited about entering a new year. A new year feels like a fresh start full of new beginnings for us. We feel like we can erase all the mistakes of the previous year and start afresh. I believe all of these things, too. But we can’t forget the opportunity of today. Each day is an opportunity to be connected to the heart of God. Each day is a new chance to be captured by His love for you. We can’t look forward into the future without capturing the opportunity of today. If we miss the opportunities that God has for us today, how can we make the right choices to prepare for the future tomorrow? If we don’t sit in fellowship with God to receive our daily bread, how then can we be nourished in the future? God is inviting you into His heart…..  (Excerpt from Woman Arise Book).







February 13,2014- Upcoming Event” It’s all about love”.  Loving God, & Loving Yourself

Let’s learn about our main speaker:




Spruce is a motivational speaker, model, pageant coach, and philanthropist.  She was crowned in 2011 with the highest title of Miss Plus America Elite at the national Miss Plus America pageant, after competing against forty-five other women from all across the United States. 

Spruce has modeled in numerous fashion shows, been a promotional model and in magazines, on a magazine cover, modeled for an on-going State of Texas print campaign, won the Model Portfolio competition at her national pageant, won Model of the Month with her management agency, and was the first full figured model to walk the Austin Fashion Week Awards Night runway. Spruce also created, wrote, produced, directed, and emceed a style show and makeover video for the Texas Women in Business women’s conference. 

Spruce has spoken at several venues, motivating audiences to laughter and tears with her life experiences.  She doesn’t mince words, and pretty much tells it like it is.  Spruce has spoken to women’s groups and to children; and all in between.  Her words are not exclusive to any one group, but to all who desire motivation. 

Not only does Spruce speak and model, but she is also a pageant coach with a winning record right out of the gate!  Her very first client she coached went on to win her national crown!  God has blessed Spruce with a gift for encouraging women to do their very best, and helping them know they are worthy. 

Along with being a model, speaker, and pageant coach, Spruce is also founder of her charity campaign Flip Flop to Nigeria where she collects and sends flip flops to the poor and orphans in Nigeria.  Spruce has been recognized with Proclamations by the Governor and other leaders of the State of Texas, along with a Commendation from her city’s Police Chief; and has also been in the news media, on national and international radio talk shows, winner of the national game show Let’s Ask America, and has had feature articles in several magazines; even alongside Dr. Maya Angelou.






July 2013- August 2013

Reflections on my trip to Kenya!

I have realized that I’m on an exciting journey. Every step that I have made have truly been ordered by God. From the call to start my own chapter then taking a trip to Washington with Founder Lori Rhodes to World Vision’s Women of Vision conference. It was there where God awaken dreams that I had as a young adult of the injustices in the world. Looking back I really didn’t understand what those dreams were about. But, it was at that conference that the realization came that I was a part of those dreams. The solution ! Chicktime birthed Go Global that actually would address,  and be active in change in areas such as human trafficking,  abuse, clean water etc. It was there my life was change forever not knowing that that mo0ment would bring me to Kenya years later. As Chicktime gives me the opportunity to encourage and empower youth and yooung adults in San Marcos.  I have been given a opportunity to do the same through Women of Vision in communities in Kenya. Here in the picture above is only a glimpse of the hands and lives I’m able to be impacted by. Yes they have impacted my life forever. I’m still on this journey that is God ordained.  I’m thankful that serving with Chicktime was a major part of me igniting such a passion to empower others.




April 2013-

Chicktime San Marcos welcomed Spruce Dickerson Miss Plus America Elite to Gary Job Corp Campus. She imparted great wisdom to the young ladies about loving yourself right where you are. The students were refreshed to hear a message of hope, encouragement, and inspiration! Thank you Spruce for sharing your life and your passion.

pic 15 pic 18 pic 21 pic 25

February 2013-

Looking back and moving ahead. Mrs.Wilburn wonderfully designed a Black History program to reflect, learn, and inspire the students on campus.  An awesome event that included poetry contest, a short skit,  a video concerning “The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington”, and a quiz. I enjoyed being in the audience and experiencing a step back into History. Chicktime San Marcos & Gary Students you are awesome and filled with greatness!

pic 6 pic10 pic 5

January 2013-

Chicktime San Marcos decided to join a movement across the world for women called 1 billion rising. Our goals was to 1st- bring awareness of violence against women in all countries, 2nd to cause attention about the issue so that our government can continue to create laws that protect women worldwide, 3rd to DANCE and celebrate being women in the US and to DANCE with women and men all over the world “Rising” on FEB 14, 2013….. Join the movement !

pic 2photo[1]

2012- Chicktime San Marcos memories!

ct memories

December 2012- Christmas Chicktime Leadership Party

This was just a day of feasting, laughing much, and loving each other much more. I appreciate the opportunity God has given me. To work along side these students and be a part of their lives. This is one of the rewarding opportunities I have.  Thank you Student Leaders for being all that you can to your student body!


November 2012=- Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit was very successful on campus. Many young women were impacted from, various backgrounds, countries, and cultures. We had Texas State students come out and speak about loving yourself, and relationships. Anette from Free Austin blessed us with making tangible goals workshop. Jonnie Wilson- Tx State University Multicultural Student Affairs Assistant Director spoke about the importance of good relationships. Stephanie McComb- Life Christian Bible Institute Administrator spoke loving self. Prophetess Sherry Bishop- Just US Girls ministry- spoke a powerful and encouraging well rounded word. All these speakers and more used their gifts, experiences, to impact the next generation. For that I’m grateful and I’m assured that seeds were planted. Those seeds will produce greatness.

Leadership summit



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June 16th 2012-Adopt a Daughter Brunch

I have learned never to underestimate a few. Only a few students committed to the adopt a daughter program. Adopt A Daughter matched the students up with professional women from the community. The young women stated that they were perfectly match. I enjoyed the excitement as they received direction concerning their vision/ dream. Thank you Martha, Markell, & Edria for sharing your time and investing in these young ladies lives.

Thank you Jesus for leading me to awesome women in the community.

April 19, 2012- Transformation Modeling Show

Through prayer a guidance the students and I wanted to impact the Gary campus for Christ.  Jasmine (student) came with a vision she was unsure if it was God given or not. Being the fashion person she is God tapped into her creative side concerning a fashion show. We prayed and asked God how could we put on a fashion show that would glorify Him and impact this generation. So it evolved the 1st walk represented when we are a mess, not knowing just yet what God says about us. The 2nd walk- causal representing the beginning stages in our walk with Christ. The 3rd walk- represents the professional women who knows who she is in Christ. Throughout the show we shared testimonies about the transformational power of God.                                                                                                 

At the end we welcome students to pray if they wanted prayer for success in life, school, relationship, and most importantly their relationship with God. For His Glory!!!!



Continue April News ……


April News Easter Sunday..

Instead of buying a beautiful dress to wear to church. Chicktime San Marcos decided to assist Austin New Church of Austin Tx with giving out clothing to the homeless in down town Austin. The Gary Students took control of the task and ministered in deed. We causally discussed putting our faith into action and living a compassionate life toward others. This event also brought awareness about homelessness in our backyard. We love serving and these students have a heart for God.


March News ……

To educate the students about what going on in their world today. I brought the students to a Trade In Hope event in Austin Tx. Trade in Hope brings awareness about Human Trafficking in the U.S. Their goal is to empower others to end slavery. I truly believe that our youth will change the world as we know it today. Depending on what tools they have, who have imparted in their lives, what has been imparted in their lives, and what we speak into their lives. Will effect who they become and what they become. I pray to empower these young women to be world changers for God’s Glory. A generation that will not shy away from horrible events or occurrences. A generation that will stand against all that destroys any human life. So bringing these young ladies to the Trade in Hope Event  brought awareness and imparted a passion to speak out for victims. By making others aware, encourage their peers to act differently.