Fight for the Life You Want!!!

May Update:

 Our process, pain, disappointment, experiences, circumstances, victories, and failures etc all equate to purpose!  There is a reason we are here, and there is a reason why our life has been impacted by those we love and have come to love. Nothing that we have experienced should be wasted. There is someone~ somewhere~who needs to hear our story about (HOW)! How did we continue to persevere through it all? How can we still have faith after all we have been through? (HOW)?! Then we can reply with gratefulness and humbleness because of God❤!

 Our hearts our full and we wouldn’t change one moment of our life because we understand we wouldn’t be who we are without our experiences. Thank you Spruce Dickerson for always pouring out your passion and love! Chicktime San Marcos thanks you for being our May Workshop leader!!