#NOFILTER Workshop Pics!

Chicktime SM Kick off #NOFILTER mini conference was awesome. There is something about being in the midst of the students here at Gary…. As we all looked in a mirror honestly writing what we see. Some young ladies wrote resentment, anger, the consequences of my past experiences, pain, doubt, misunderstood, not worthy of anything good & so much more…

I’m wondering as one picture reflects do we have their backs? Will we invest in the next generation of future women leaders that are feeling like they don’t deserve to LIVE FULLY?
We have something to offer that can’t be priced ( Our story of Hope).

The last part of the mirror exercise is understanding how Christ erases the residue of our past. There is so much inside of you & your past is an experience it’s ( IT’s NOT WHO YOU ARE).

Three young ladies gave their hearts to God last night. We CELEBRATE & WE ARE GRATEFUL that all can come to God ….