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Exciting Chapter News! - tx-newbraunfels

Fall Festival - ga-conyers

September Update:

Ms. Cisilia led our Chicktime event on Saturday and it was incredible. She had a wellness event for the mind and body, and taught the girls some amazing techniques to practice self-care. The girls learned breathing techniques, some yoga positions, they learned how to journal their feelings, and take care of their bodies.

Each girl received her very own journal and yoga mat, and Ms. Cisilia had brought supplies for every girl to make their own lavender eye mask and rosewater spritz.  It was a great day practicing physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The girls loved it so much that they asked if they could do mental health checks with Ms. Cisilia every month. 💕 Thank you to Elks Aidmore, Inc. for allowing us to come and serve the girls. We love spending time with them!

Take 2! - ca-sacramento

September Update:

Unfortunately, we showed up and the kids did not. There was some communication mishaps! 

It is frustrating, but that doesn’t stop us from showing up for them next month. After all….

this is why we Chicktime!

Souper Saturday! - mo-kansascity

September Update:

Sheryl lead a thought provoking workshop this weekend, having the girls do some creative writing. She provided various prompts for the girls to create stories with and it was fun listening to what they came up with!
We were so excited to have a couple new volunteers join as well! We’re so grateful our chapter keeps growing. Please reach out if you’d like to join us next month!

Ghosts and Goblins! - md-columbia

September Update:

Today’s Tie Dye workshop was super groovy!
It was a peace ✌️, love ❤️ and Chicktime kind of day!
See you next month!

Halloween Time! - tx-sacentral

September Update:

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel our workshop scheduled for this Saturday!
Stay tuned for details for our October workshop!
Let’s keep making the world a better place!
Krystal and Selina

Healthy Living! - tx-canyonlake

September Update:

While we weren’t able to do Chicktime this weekend, the New Life girls had everything they needed to make Good Vibes Jars complete with inspirational quotes, prompts to write affirmations about what they appreciate about themselves, and the things in this life they are grateful for.

Thank you to Laura Arenas for making this happen! 💗

Exciting Chapter News! - mo-kansascity

Loom Art! - dropoffworkshopresources

Loom Art


A piece of cardboard about 6” x 8”, and two strips for the top and bottom.
Plastic Needle
Masking Tape
Scotch Tape
Pony Beads


Take your ruler and put it across the top of your piece of cardboard, about 1/2” from the top. Draw a straight line with a pencil. Now measure in 1” and make a hash mark. Continue on and make 12 hash marks about 3/8” apart all across the top. Do the same at the bottom. You can space them out however you would like, but this is just what I did for my looms.

Using an exacto knife, or scissors, cut along each hash mark, stopping at the 1/2″ line.

Glue on the strips of cardboard so that the top of the strip aligns with the 1/2″ line (strips are about 1/2″ wide).

Cut 12 pieces of yarn and thread each notch, making sure to leave a tail of about 3” on the back. Tape these ends to the back with scotch tape. Make sure the threads are fairly tight (but not so tight that it’s stretching the yarn). These vertical threads are called the warp. You have your loom!

How to Weave

Cut a piece of yarn about 2 feet long. Thread it through the plastic needle and then tie a knot at the top of the needle.

Starting with the first warp thread, slide the needle underneath and then up over the next thread, and then back under the third thread, and so on. Use this under-over pattern until you get to the last warp thread. When you get to the end of your first row, pull it through all the way, leaving about a 3” tail. You can tie this tail in a knot around the first warp thread to secure it for the little kids, but after they weave two rows it won’t be in danger of coming out anymore.

For your next row, go back the other way by doing the opposite over-under pattern as you did for the first row. (If you go under and over in the same way as the first row you will be undoing what you just did. This mistake does happen with the littles so make sure to check on them before they begin each row in the beginning, Eventually they get the hang of it).

Once you have a few rows, use your fingers to push up the weft yarn so that it’s snug. Be careful not to pull too hard on the weft yarns after each pass through because your weaving will start to cinch in at the middle. Of course, this did happen to all of us, but I thought I should warn you anyway! First time weaving mistakes.

When you are done with your first color yarn, or if you decide you want to switch colors, simply end it with about a 3” tail remaining. It might start to look sloppy with lots of tails hanging out all over, but don’t worry ~ all of them will be taped to the back at the end.

Start the next colors in the same way you started the first, leaving a tail of about 3”.

When you get to the end, just cut off the yarn that you are working with. Not to sound too redundant…but don’t forget to leave that tail.

Taking Your Weaving Off the Loom

 When you are finished, undo the scotch tape in the back and carefully pull off the warp threads. I didn’t take any pictures of this process for some mysterious reason, but it’s fairly straightforward…it’s just that you have to be careful because the weft threads could come off easily.

When your entire weaving has been pulled off of the loom, tie all of the warp threads together at the ends. Tie 1 & 2 together, 3 & 4 together, and so on. You should have six knots at the top and bottom. Double knots.

At this point, it’s time to deal with the tails coming out of the sides. The reason to leave the tails on the longish side is so that you can thread them through the needle, and then gently weave them through the back a few times before trimming them. If you don’t want to take this extra step, you could just tape the tails to the back with masking tape.

Also use masking tape to tape down the top and  bottom warp threads to the back of your weaving. (If you don’t want a messy looking back, you can also weave the bits back through instead.)

Finishing Your Weaving

Technically, you are now done with your weaving. Hooray! But if you want to embellish with pom-poms and beads, and hang it on a twig, then read on. Just a note: The kids didn’t do any of the finishings, except for the pom-poms. I did all of the taping, beading (kids picked out their colors) and attaching it to the twig. They watched as I did it all, but it was too finicky for their little hands.

We made our pom-poms with a pom-pom maker (I highly recommend these things…they are good for life!). But you can also do it the old fashioned way: around your fingers.. Don’t forget to leave a longish tail with the piece of yarn that you use to tie the pom-pom. You will thread this tail through the needle and then attach it to your weaving by going through the bottom (front to back) and then taping it on the back. You can add beads to your pom-pom before you attach it to your weaving.

To attach the weaving to the twig, cut a piece of yarn, about a foot long, and string it through the needle. Starting on one end, loop the threaded needle through the top of the weaving and around the twig, wrapping the twig all the way until the end. Tie knots on either end, then trim and use masking tape to tape the ends to the back.


Lastly, to attach the hanger, simply cut a piece of yarn about 18” long (this will be trimmed, but better too long than too short), and fold it over. Loop the folded end around one side of the twig and make a knot. If you want to add beads, now is the time. To finish off the other side just tie it around the twig in a double knot and trim.

I know there are like a million steps, but the steps for the kids are pretty simple and fun. It’s the making of the loom and the finishing that involves some busy work on the part of the adult. I personally LOVE busy work…and I’m betting that if you’ve read this far, you do too.

They really did enjoy it. Our kids for the most part are different each month with some exceptions. But it was good because it took a while and kept them engaged. I bought the yarn at dollar tree, the plastic yarn needles are 2/$0.99 at Michaels, and I used cardboard from Amazon boxes to make the looms so it was very inexpensive too!

Origami Fun! - oh-akron

August Update:

The kids had a blast with our weaving activity at our August event.

We even had three new volunteers that made it extra special!

Halloween Treats! - fl-tampa

September Update:

Due to unforseen circumstances, our September workshop had to be cancelled. 

See you in October!

Halloween Fun! - tx-boerne

September Update:

September workshop was hosted by Veronica Vela Villalobos and Maritza A. Gonzalez-Cooper!
We played Lotería ! So fun.
The girls were excited about playing as they were able to brush up on their Spanish.
Some shared their memories how they played with their family and friends.
We had some of the girls call out the cards and others helped with the pronunciation of the cards…
It’s always so great connecting with our girls at the Meadowlands.
                                                                 See you in October for a spooktacular activity 👻🎃🧙‍♀️💀

Halloween Crafts! - fl-deerfieldbeach

September Update:

It’s such an honor to serve our community.

End Of Summer Bash! - ga-atlanta

August Update:

FROM DREAMS TO REALITY, was the activity for August!
The girls learned that before you dive into making dreams come true you must first take care of yourself! So, they learned the importance of Appearance, Attitude, Hygiene, and Effective Communication.
They also designed a Vision Board to use as a guide for their future. Afterwards, they were surprised with rings and bracelets, and let’s not forget the Tacos for lunch.
I want to give a Shout out to all the volunteers that selflessly give their time each month 🙏❤️💕. I couldn’t do it without you!

Bye Summer! - tx-galveston

August Update:

Chicktime Galveston was proud to show up and partner up with @Shine USA- The Kingdom Zone for their back to school splash party!
We had a lesson about hearing the word of God and loving one another !
What a beautiful afternoon !

Volunteering is Cool! - ok-tulsa

August 2023:

We are looking for 3 more women to join the leadership team and women to sign up to share their passions and hobbies one month in 2024! 

Game Night Fun! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

August Update:

Our August workshop- Ice Cream Social was a hit!!
… The kids ate 2 huge bins of ice cream plus a ton of toppings! So awesome to see them smile and have an evening of just being a teenager!

Decorating Vases! - ms-jackson

August Update:

God showed up to our August workshop~
Nicole lead the day with a great devotional and gave the girls a bracelet with the same scripture that they were painting on the canvas.
We had great food and celebrated 2 girls birthdays.
So glad to be apart of their lives. “Consider how the wildflowers grow “ Luke 12:27.

Groovy Man! - tx-austin

August Update:

Poetry writing workshop year four in the books! We provided them with composition notebooks, pens and stickers to decorate the journals! Several people donated prizes that were given out for participation and for creativity! Love my peeps!


Peace! - ga-conyers

August Update:

Our Back to School Bash was a success!! Thank you all for your donations of school supplies! The girls at Elks have enough supplies to last them well into the school year! Everyone brought snacks and Ashlee came up with some fun games for us to play! For one of the games, we had to lineup in alphabetical order according to our favorite breakfast cereal. The only catch was, we couldn’t say a word! That was a little tricky!  🤣 Thank you so much to Elks Aidmore, Inc. for allowing us to partner with them for the last 6 years! I can’t believe it has been six years already! In fact, we are about to start year 7!  We have had the privilege of serving so many girls in that time and we pray that they have all felt the love of the Chicktime Sisters! We’ll see you in September! Can’t wait!

Sewing Fun! - tx-nbdowntown

August Update:

Another great night for the volunteers of chicktime. Thank you to Garrett for hosting tonight at connections. Everyone’s bellies were full of pizza as we worked on our mandalas. We can’t wait for the next event and we look forward to seeing new faces next month. 

It’s a Photoshoot! - tx-uvalde

August Update:

The campus had a lot of activities planned for the month so we took the month off and supported them in other ways

behind the scenes! See you in September.

Did You Say Bean Art? - tn-nashville

August Update:

Our August workshop was all about Family Feud fun! It was the perfect thing because it was so nasty outside with storms. One young lady is terrified of storms and the sound of the thunderclap and lights flickering out sent her into panic. We were able to witness an actual trauma response. She began to cry curled up into a corner and with recognizing this one of our volunteers just stopped what she was doing and sat with her. No judgement, no condemnation, and no criticism; just love, relation, and compassion. After one final round of the game we sat and talked about what kind of skills the girls wanted to learn. This helps us better prepare for our leader drive coming up! All in all a real good day.

Get Your Sparkle On! - tx-mcallen

August Update:

We were so caught up in the activity we forgot to take a group pic! Loteria seemed to be a fun activity for them and the girls LOVED all the prizes!! Thank you to our amazing volunteers who graciously contributed to the prize table …
Because if you every girl was able to get a prize !🫶🏼
Hope to see you next month! 3rd Thursday of the month!

Tie Dye and Ice Cream! - md-columbia

August Update:

Due to unforeseen circumstances….We have to cancel our August workshop! We will see you in September!
We need your help and hope you can come out to serve the women and children living at House of Ruth!
Alexis, Rebecca and Terrika
Chicktime Columbia Leadership Team

Trials to Triumphs! - ar-littlerock

August Update:

Pizza Wars was fun and oh so yummy!

Look at all the masterpieces. Prizes were given out and we will certainly be doing this again!!

Arrrrr! - ca-sacramento

August Update:

August Update:

Boo! We had to cancel our August workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. We will regroup and return in September with a bang!

Bring on the Fall Season! - tx-sacentral

August Update:


On Saturday the kids got the chance to design their own personal journals!
The teens were so insightful and truly made their journals a reflection of themselves, including stickers that had motivational and simple but powerful personal messages. We also got to see a Pokémon and Mario packed journals too!
They were also given crayons and pens to start filling up the journals with whatever they wanted to use it for, such as drawing, journaling, or even a way to keep up with their loved ones while they are on their journey.
Although they entered the room a bit tired, they really showed up for this activity, and it was heartwarming to see. After finishing up, they enjoyed an array of snacks with juice and water.
Thank you Miss Donnette for making this possible for the kiddos! We truly couldn’t have done it without you!


Creative Writing Time! - mo-kansascity

August Update:

What a fun Spa Day at our August workshop! 

We can’t wait until next month. Our time together gets better and better. 

Sweets for Sweets! - ny-syracuse

August Update:

Due to circumstance beyond our control….We had to cancel our August workshop. 

Prayers for Chadwick Residence as they staff the campus. 

Part 2! - al-birmingham

August Update:

What a blast we had scrapbooking with Kim! We are going to do it again next month!

Join us!

Back 2 School Fellowship - mi-detroit

August Update:

We had a beautiful time at our August workshop!
The girls decorated notebooks and shared goals, dreams and affirmations for the coming school year and their futures.
Oh and our volunteers; Angela (former Chicktime Detroit co-leader) and Takiyah long time volunteer were such a special blessing!
How awesome to have such dedicated ladies who continue to share their love and care for the young ladies of Beata Hall.
Chicktime Detroit is able to continue its mission because of the dedication of special volunteers like them!!
Thank you Angela and Takiyah 💖🥰
Come be a blessing with us in a September!

Blinging Brushes! - tx-corpuschristi

August Update:

Another great workshop with the kids! They quietly traced their canvas bags and colored them with fabric markers and bling. They did a great job. Thank you to both Karen Smith and Sandra Mayorga for this great workshop. Some of the girls thought they were coloring them for us but I told them it was for them to keep and cherish. Their eyes got big an smiled. It made my heart melt. Thank you to H-E-B for supplying all drinks, snacks and supplies needed for us to have such a perfect day. Enjoy seeing their bags ❤️.
We also got to gift all the boys a necklace with a crucifix – they were so happy and put them on right away! Bringing love to all these kids, a small gesture at a time… #HEBHelpingHere

Still Looking… - tx-fortworth

August Update:

We can’t wait to be HIS hands and feet again with you. 

Stay tuned. 

A little game of Bingo! - tx-sanantonio

August Update:

What a wonderful way to kick off the school year with the girls at Boysville!
Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Michelle who showed the girls the power of positive vs negative words through a YouTube video (Dr. Emoto’s power of words) that set the stage for our first activity- a word bracelet that would motivate, affirm or remind the girls they are loved. It was inspiring to hear about the words they picked and why they resonated with them.
Next, the girls got to test their skills and talents with some favorite ‘minute to win it’ games such as balloon step/skip, cup pongs, pasta pick ups, and the favorites water balloon toss and water cup relays to wrap up on such a hot August.
We know how much they like fruit with tajin so we served them that as a snack and finished our time with them in prayer.
It is our hope and prayer that they will have a great school year and that their bracelets remind them how loved they are! Thanks to our volunteers for serving with us today. Our hearts are full and joyful❣️
Extra thanks to chapter co- leader, Letty Rodela, for being the awesome workshop leader this month! The morning was perfect!!!!!
Join us next month ! Eva Irwine is our workshop leader and we are playing bingo!!

Game On! - tx-bulverde

August Update:

What a great time we had atSaturday’s Workshop. The girls and staff were able to design an outfit for their Mimic robot. I see some fashion designers in the future. Thank you Monika and Olivia for leading the workshop. Then we were able to see the robots in action. Boy…that was funny.
Thank you to the volunteers who show up to love on these kids. If you want to join us next month, would love to have you. We meet every third Saturday at 10:00 AM.

I Love School Supplies! - dc- washington

August Update:

Just what every kid needs to keep summer alive!

Let Your Light Shine! - tx-canyonlake

August Update:

What a blast carnival day was this past weekend! Bean bag toss, water guns, magnetic fishing, and ball toss all brought out the competition in the girls (and volunteers) because who doesn’t want to win fun stickers and rubber ducks?!

Thank you to all who joined for these memorable stations and to Juli and Randie for planning and crafting so much fun!

The Best News!! - tx-nbdowntown

Bittersweet Day~ - tx-newbraunfels

Let’s Play Some Loteria! - tx-boerne

August Update:

August workshop was hosted by Ariel Peters-Angelucci
We focused on self care
Ariel shared relaxing breathing techniques 😮‍💨
Standing yoga 🧘‍♀️ and the importance of self affirmations
The girls were able to relax and unwind with soothing music as they applied a scented face masks 🥰
The girls made affirmation water bottles decorated the water bottles with positive stickers ❤️
They colored affirmation coloring sheets🖍️
Some played UNO, Mancala and card games
We had Mounds of fun wishing the girls a Joyful year
See you in September with
Talia Alvarado as our host

Grab The Markers! - fl-tampa

August Update:

We had a change to our workshop theme since our yoga instructor was injured!
We delivered bookbags full of school supplies and the girls picked out the bag they liked. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made that possible!
Then we made friendship bracelets and talked about going back to school.
As always… a blessed time for the girls and for the volunteers!
Join us in September!

Rock Painting Fun! - fl-deerfieldbeach

August Update:

The campus had a full schedule with summer camps and other activities. They asked us to skip August and come back in September . They are grateful for our monthly commitment and know we will be back! We are grateful the kids at SOS Villages get to experience summer fun! 

Teacher’s Pet! - ny-syracuse

July Update:

Opps! We forgot to take pictures,  We are trying to see if our charity partner took some. Fingers crossed.

Grab a Paint Brush! - ms-jackson

July Update:

We can never say this enough… our time with the girls who live at Sunnybrook Children’s Home is sacred. We have planned activities and good food, but that is just part of why we have been called there. Chicktime Jackson prays with and for the girls. Chicktime Jackson tells the girls about Jesus with monthly intentional and prepared devotionals! Chicktime Sunnybrook mentors and spreads hope. Chicktime Jackson shows up to actively Kingdom build.
The picture is a sample of the necklaces the girls made this month.
Zechariah 9:16 – the LORD their God will save them in that day as the flock of his people; for they are like the jewels of a crown, lifted on high over his land.

Popsicle Fun! - dc- washington

July Update:

Chicktime Columbia and Chicktime Washington meeting to plane and encourage each other to continue serving their community!

Get Your Art On! - tx-nbdowntown

July Update:

Tonight at Connections Individual and Family Services was another amazing event for the kids.Thank you Lori for providing a family style feast on Panda Express, the kids savored every bite !We would like to thank Merillee Wisk Berger for all the activities she brought. Let’s not forget a big thank you to Guardians of the Children – hill country for donating all the stuffed animals, bracelets, and stickers.

The children had an amazing time and the room was filled with laughter, joy, and happiness. We want to thank all the volunteers for the continued help and support for the children. Be sure to follow our Facebook page with updates for upcoming events.

Try Again! - ga-atlanta

July Update:
The girls had a mall trip and money to spend day planned on Chicktime Saturday so we did not meet! 
Join us next month.

What’s The Scoop? - tx-fortworth

July Update:

As we explore options for a new place to serve we are also looking for compassionate people to join our leadership team. 

We are looking for a charity partner outside of Fort Worth so you must be willing to travel a little bit on our Chicktime Saturday…which is only once a month so very doable! Contact Sandi for more information at sbothum@gmail.com

Exciting News! - tx-boerne

Our Leadership Team is stronger than ever!!

Heart to Heart! - tx-houston

Thank you for your grace as we mourned the loss of our precious leader, Kimberly Lewis.
We have regrouped and are fully committed to carrying on her legacy. Please join us as we get back to doing what she did best… Love the girls at Miracal’s Place!


Summer Fun! - tx-uvalde

July Update:


So much fun in the sun!

It’s always so fun to watch the kids play hard !

Join us one month!

Decorating School Agendas! - tx-sacentral

July Update:

Thank you to Miss Arleen, Miss Brianna and Little miss Rylee for showing up on a hot Saturday morning for our Chicktime San Antonio Central social event! We made some adorable boxes for the kids.
Thank you to Miss Lori and Miss Annette for the monetary donations that were used to purchase yellow items. Thank you to Miss Tina and Miss Teresa for always being so generous and going above and beyond with the extra goodies!
Lastly thank you to Ms. Grace, Miss Katherine, and Mr. Fabian for helping us drop off the boxes to the kiddos!
Those boxes of sunshine really lit up the kids bright smiles 🙂
We appreciate every single one of you! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Crafts and Games! - tx-sanantonio

July Update;

Chicktime San Antonio July Tea Party themed workshop was beautifully planned and decorated for the girls who are placed at Boysville Children’s Home.

The girls decoupaged clear glass vases with tissue paper and made tissue paper flowers on Pipe cleaner stems. They were given plastic card sticks to place a card that they were asked to hand write to theirselves! Notes like I’m worthy, I matter …

You’ve got this! This will be the perfect bedroom decoration with a daily affirmation to read over and over until it’s forever on their heart and minds!
After the Craft activity, the girls were asked to move to a table that was decorated for a tea party.
This included table cloths, table runners, place settings and centerpieces. Volunteers served the girls with the intent of making them feel extra special!! Croissants and jams, blueberries and strawberries, bite size cakes and biscotti filled their plates along with love and hope.
We prayed together before we said goodbye.
Thank you so much to our wonderful workshop leader, Berta Rodriguez. All the special touches… were so over the top! Thank you for believing the girls deserve the best! You have always been a supporter of Chicktime from day 1 and we are so very grateful for you! Extra special thank you for decoupaging dessert plates for the girls to eat off of and get to take home as a special gift. The perfect size for a jewelry dish or hair tie holder!
We are so humbled by you!
To God be the glory!

Back 2 School Party! - tx-galveston

July Update:

The spirit of the Lord MOVED at our July workshop!
Their are some powerful powerful people in our community kingdom building!
Join us in August!

Words Are Powerful! - tx-austin

July Update:

Fun games of Uno, Trivia, Mish Mash, Say What?, and raffles. Small group of volunteers but had so much fun was had!

Take 2! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

July Update:

Illness kept us away in July so we are having our Ice Cream Social in August!
join us!

Game On! - tn-nashville

July Update:

Our outdoor 4th of July workshop was a BLAST! You will have to use your imagination on the fun that was had as water balloons 🎈 took over and letting loose and getting wet was our priority!
Thanks be to God for the mission of Chicktime Nashville and the volunteers that God sends to build HIS kingdom here on earth.
Hope to see you in August!

Weave It Together! - oh-akron

July Update:

Safe Landing can’t get enough of Stem Activities. They ask and we show up with such kits for them to play around with!
Join us next month!

Grab Your Tote! - tx-corpuschristi

July Update:

What an amazing workshop! 

The girls really had a great time decorating their sandals with balloons. They each got a surfing bracelet and ring to go with their flip flops. We got to have all the boys come in and thanks to our Volunteers, we were able to gift them a leather bracelet and ring! They were so excited to receive their gifts and this touched all of our hearts. Many thanks to our volunteers and our workshop leader, Elsa MacDougall. A huge shout out to H-E-B, our sole food sponsor!!! #HEBHelpingHere

Spa Day! - mo-kansascity

July Update:

Chicktime KC went camping! 🏕️ The girls had quite an experience learning a few things about camping!
They collected fire wood, built a fire, then learned how to make their own lunches in tinfoil packs over it! They even made one for each leader. They enjoyed making s’mores in ice cream cones, however, more of the ingredients were probably eaten before making it into the cones!
After all of the cooking fun – they pitched a tent! This was definitely a challenge but was successful! They were able to hang out in the ⛺️ for awhile and discuss how to plan a camping trip and what to consider when picking a site.
It was so much fun sharing this experience with the girls! Please reach out if you’d like to join us on our next adventure!

Decorating Journals! - mi-detroit

July Update:

Although last weekends activity was a little more than ducky 🌧️🐥our activity leaders and young ladies of Vista Maria’s Beata Hall were showered with the blessing of a good workout!!
Thank you Karen, Allison, Kath and Laura of Revelation Wellness for sharing the love of God through fitness!!

Keep Going! - ok-tulsa

July Update:

We can’t wait to find a new place to serve so you can volunteer with us! 

Stayed tuned.

Keep Calm! - tx-newbraunfels


July Update:

Stay Tuned. Chapter is going through a transition. 

Loteria Anyone? - tx-mcallen

July Update:

Nothing beats a good old fashion Ice Cream Social
in the Texas Heat!
What a blessing to have one for the sweet girls who live at Upbring New Hope Children’s Home!
Our workshops keep getting better and better and blessing all who are present!



Pizza Wars! - ar-littlerock

July Update:

Our workshop was 10 of 10!

T-shirt making fun!

Scrapbooking Fun! - al-birmingham

July Update:


We didn’t get many pictures because we were having too much fun! What a beautiful day for kayaking, a picnic and swimming! 

God is good.

Sewing Time! - tx-bulverde

July Update:

Loved hearing about everyone’s dreams and sharing our personal mission statements. 💕🫶🏼 These ladies have a bright future!

Yoga Time! - fl-tampa

July Update:

Campus has been busy this summer so we took dinner to the girls for our July workshop and started working on our school supply drive!

Groovy Man! - md-columbia

July Update:

Our July outdoor workshop was simply…FUN!
We had sidewalk chalk, popsicles, a bean bag race game, an egg balancing game, 3-legged race game, and more.
We also brought lots of art activities as well!
Hope to see you next month!!

Getting Ready For School! - tx-boerne

July Update:

We had a blast💥at our July workshop led by Enid Cazares
tie dye 👚👕snow cones 🍧 juicy watermelon 🍉 and lots of laughter 🤭
See you in August Ariel Peters-Angelucci yoga 🧘🏻 and practicing good hygiene stay positive by taking care of your body and soul💕

The Carnival Is In Town! - tx-canyonlake

July Update:

Thanks to all that braved the hot to come out this weekend!

We had a great turnout and lots of fun was had. ☀️ ice cream and games for the win!

Let’s Draw! - ca-sacramento

July Update:

July is one of our favorite workshops. A kick off to summer with waterplay and Ice cream!
Thank you Emily and Lindsey for leading.

Full of Fun! - fl-deerfieldbeach

July Update:

Our July workshop was canceled by SOS . The kids have so much going over the summer and we love they have others on their side and want to share love and fun summer experiences. 

Back to School Party!! - ga-conyers


July Update


Our girl, Jenee’, organized such a fun game day at our Chicktime event today! Uno, Jenga, Connect 4, and Twister were just a few of the games. The big hit, though, was Culture Tags. That game made us all laugh hysterically. You should definitely check it out.. and definitely join us in August for our Back to School event!

Exciting News! - tx-canyonlake

Exciting News! - tx-nbdowntown

We All Scream For Ice Cream! - tx-mcallen

June Update:


he Summer fun has officially commenced for Chicktime, McAllen! Group leader Emma brought on the creativity in making one-of-a-kind craft frames where the young girls at New Hope let their shimmering personality shine through ✨✨✨ 
These workshops never fail to be anything less than meaningful as we continue seeing all the positivity and love radiate within each child. We had a great time talking, laughing, and creating special moments together! 🌼🖼️
To learn about about being a volunteer with us in July – please reach out to Viri Bravo at: viribravoll@gmail.com | Our chapter will be meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month!
Wishing everyone a cool and safe Summer season!! 🌊💗
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Chapter Update…. - tx-houston

June Update:

Chicktime Katy is taking time off to mourn the loss of our chapter managing leader. 

Thank you for your patience. 



Dreams Do Come True! - ga-atlanta

June Update:

Our June workshop was so wonderful!
The girls Sipped and Painted today. The smoothies were customized for each girl. Their painting expressed their individuality. They really enjoyed this workshop and we look forward to doing this event again in the near future.
I want to give a shout out to my volunteers who so humbly come out every month to put a smiles on the girls faces ! Thank you 🙏😘❤️
See you in July!

All Things Summer! - al-birmingham

June Update:

Had an amazing time today honoring our moms who graduated from their financial freedom class! What an awesome accomplishment! 💗

Keep Calm and Carry On! - tx-nbdowntown

June Update:

Our June workshop was an evening full of gratitude!
Our goal was to help the teens who live at Connections learn to have an -Attitude of Gratitude…
It was shared with the teens that an Attitude of Gratitude is a regular habit to express appreciation for all different parts of life, no matter how small and if we could do that we could feel more fulfilled and joyful each day.
Then the teens decorated gratitude journals with an unlimited supply of crafting paper, washi tape, stickers, beads and jewels! It was so beautiful to watch the teens put so much passion into this activity.
The teens were also gifted bibles by co- leader, Tara Johnson! What a blessing!!
Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up with pizza and sweets and those who came to support and encourage the teens during the activity. We are so humbled by each of you.
If you are reading this and feel a nudge to want to be part of a group who stands in the gap for the teens who are placed at Connections … join us!

T-shirt Making! - ar-littlerock

June Update:

We had a blast at our June workshop!
🧁Cupcake Wars was a huge success. 🤗
A big thank you again to our workshop leader Brandi who baked 4 different types of cupcakes for our overcomers. The youth were then given recipes for icing and all kinds of decorating tools and ingredients.
Their creativity left our judges in amazement. After much deliberation, a winner was crowned! She was so sweet that she ended up gifting her prize to a fellow contestant.
Some of our Chicktime sisters also couldn’t resist the temptation of the buttercream…😜
We are looking forward to July’s workshop. Trust us, it will be just as fun! Reach out if you like what you’re seeing and want to join us as we connect with the youth at Immerse Arkansas.

Jewelry Making! - ms-jackson

June Update:

Our June workshop discussion and activity went well . The dangers of gossiping!
We love our time with the girls at Sunnybrook and feel HIS presence every time we are there.

Pool Party! - tx-uvalde

June Update:

Our June workshop was all but Amazing!!!!
11 boys from Big Springs Ranch Children’s Home enjoyed the best day of swimming and yummy food…there were 18 total of us spending such a special time together!
It’s incredible when we come together to be HIS hands and feet!
Join us one month! Chicktime rocks and
God is so very good!
Thank you Derek and Norma Jean for being such gracious workshop leaders and faithful volunteers

Poetry Day! - tx-austin

June Update:

Dream/inspiration boards were done today! Our teens are truly an amazing group of young people who showed positivity! The amount of volunteers who showed up today makes my heart happy! A few of us had a great meal afterwards!
So glad to be back as we took a few months off!


Picnic Anyone? - tn-nashville

June Update:

Our June Chicktime Workshop
was JOY-filled! New volunteers and bracelet making made for a beautiful time with the girls at Youth Villages and we certainly felt HIS presence.
Come join us and get some of this JOY we talk about all the time!

Happy 4th! - dc- washington

June Update:

July drop off. Sure hope we get the okay to go back to in person workshops soon. 

Hot Dogs and Sunshine! - tx-fortworth

June Update:

We can’t wait to serve again. Stay tuned!

Sonshine - tx-galveston

June Update:

Red, White and Blue! - ok-tulsa

June Update:

We can’t wait to be back to serving together. 

Firecrackers! - tx-newbraunfels

June Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels visited another charity partner this month. SjRC told us that they would be phasing out the teen pregnant and mom program so we are trying to be proactive. 


Money Tips! - tx-bulverde

June Update:

We had a blast today! 🎉

It was so heart warming to see the girls smiling and having fun. ♥️

Ice Cream Social - sc-charlestonparkcircle

June Update:

We celebrated summer and school being out. 
It’s such an honor to spend a few hours once a month with these precious kids.
Join us one month.

Summer S.T.E.A.M. Activities - dropoffworkshopresources

Summer S.T.E.A.M!


The Exploding Lunch Bag


  • Zip sandwich bag – zip-lock freezer bags work the best
    • Baking soda
    • Warm water
    • Vinegar
    • Measuring cup
    • Tissue


1. Go outside or to the kitchen sink.
2. Put ¼ cup warm water into the sandwich bag.
3. Add ½ cup of vinegar to the water in the sandwich bag.
4. Put 3 teaspoons of baking soda in the tissue then fold it up.
5. Work fast now- zip the sandwich bag close but leave a corner open, enough to fit the tissue full of baking soda in.
6. Slip the tissue in and step back
7. Watch the bag slowly expand then explode!




Rainbow Bubble Snakes

 empty water bottle
 duct tape
a sock
dish soap
food coloring.



Pour some dish soap into a shallow container with a little bit of water and gently mix.
 Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow.



Pop Rocks Soda Experiment



  • Pop Rocks (1 envelope per bottle of soda + 1 for placebo + one for the kids to taste) Note: We found it easier just to buy them from Amazon as many stores don’t have pop rocks in stock any more.
  • Balloons (1 balloon for each bottle of soda)
  • Soda (1 liter bottle – you may want to try several different ones and have kids hypothesize which one will work best)



  • , First you need to pour an entire envelope of pop rocks into each balloon being used. (We used 4 bottles, so 4 balloons)
    We did this easily by having me spread the balloon open and my 9 year old pouring them in. For younger children you can use a funnel.

We carefully removed the lids from our four soda bottles and put the balloon over the opening being careful not to pour the pop rocks in until all the bottles were ready.

We then had the kids hypothesize which soda they thought would inflate the balloon the biggest, fastest, etc. 

Pour in the Pop Rocks

Record your observations on the sheet



Sunscreen Painting


  • Sunscreen
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Construction Paper (or other dark colored paper)




Set this up just like a regular painting activity, only instead of paint put sunscreen out. You can squeeze a bit onto a paper plate, into a cup, or on your paint palate.

This activity does need a dark-colored piece of paper to be most effective. If you have black construction paper, use that. But blue, purple, brown, etc all work too.


Once your child has completed their painting take it outside. Place it in the sun, using rocks at the corners to make sure it doesn’t blow away.

Leave your picture in the sun for a bit. This is best in direct sunlight for a couple of hours. We left ours out for 2 hours. However, it works to put it out and leave it until our child remembers it is out there a few hours later.

After you have left your painting out to dry in the sun for a few hours, go and check it.

You will see that the paper that was covered in the sunscreen ‘paint’ is the same color it used to be, while the rest of the page has faded!

If sunscreen can protect the paper that well, do you think it can protect their skin?


Click here for the printable instructions

Pool Noodle S.T.E.A.M Workshop - dropoffworkshopresources

Pool Noodle S.T.E.A.M Workshop


There are 4 STEAM activities that you can do with your group.
All include pool noodles which are super cheap!
I hope you enjoy doing these activities with your kids!




Pool Noodles
Balloons (large enough so that the ends will fit around the size of your pool noodle)

Strong Tape like Duct Tape 

Small pom poms (About one inch. W like these stronger felt pom poms which are heavier and shot out better than puffy pom poms.)

Serrated knife


Step 1. Cut your pool noodles about two inches in length. (adults only)
Step 2. Make a knot on your ballon and then cut of the end. 
Step 3. Wrap the larger end around one end of your pool noodle. Secure the seams of your balloon around the pool noodle with strong tape. 
Step 4. On the other open end of your pool noodle add pom pom to the bottom, pull down the top of the balloon to create air and release to allow the pom pom to come out. You can do one pom pom at a time or stuff the opening. 



Marble Run Wall

  • Painter’s tape
  • Pool noodles
  • Knife and scissors
  • Marbles or other small round objects


STEP 1. To get started on your DIY marble run, an adult should safely cut up chunks of the pool noodle. I used a serrated knife to cut the pool noodle into different lengths.

STEP 2. Next slice the pool noodle pieces down the middle creating halves. You will also need a roll of painter’s tape and of course some marbles!

STEP 3. My best tip for creating the pool noodle marble run is to actually put the tape on the noodle pieces before you place them against the wall.

Make sure your tape piece covers the underside of the pool noodle right to the edges. This made it so much easier for us to accurately stick them to the wall.


Pool Noodle Airplanes



  • A pool noodle – ours have a 2.5 inch diameter
  • Cardboard from a cereal box
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Duct tape
  • Coins for weight – we used nickels


  • Step 1:Start by cutting a 12 inch segment of pool noodle. A serrated knife works well for cutting them – it’s super easy. Try flying just the pool noodle and observe what happens. It… doesn’t fly. But it’s fun to observe this because it will really improve!
  • Step 2:Cut out the wing pieces. You’ll need two cardboard wings and two foam wings. All four should be exactly the same size. The purpose of the cardboard is to make the wings stiff enough to fly well. The cardboard is too thin, however, to be very sturdy when you glue it to the pool noodle. The foam adds more thickness for gluing purposes, but it doesn’t add much weight. Plus it looks cool!
  • Step 3:Use hot glue (or the glue of your choice) to attach the craft foam to the cardboard wing sections. Make sure that the wings are mirror images of each other.
  • Step 4:Hot glue the wings to the sides of the pool noodle. Use plenty of hot glue, and they will stick well. You’ll need to hold them in place for a few minutes while the glue cools.
  • Step 5: Once both wings are attached, try flying it. It will probably just make a loop when you throw it – not much control yet. Cut out a piece of craft foam to be the tail.
  • Step 6:To make the plane glide, you’ll need to balance it by adding some weight to the nose. We used two nickels. I ended up adding a third nickel later to one of our planes, but I can’t decide which is better – two or three. So you can experiment with that!
  • Step 7: Wrap the nickels in duct tape. This will allow you to be able to hot glue them inside the nose of the plane. Squirt some glue into the center of the pool noodle and attach the coins wrapped in duct tape.


  • The second design is constructed the same way. Both sets of wings have a layer of cardboard and then a layer of craft foam.


Pool Noodle Sculptures


Pool Noodles
Other colorful decorations



Cut pool noodles into smaller disks.
Have children stick straws, pipe-cleaners, beads etc into the pool noodle. They should stick without glue or tape by sticking them into the foam, but you can use glue and tape as needed.



Click here for the printable instructions






Camping at Chicktime? - mo-kansascity

June Update:

We had a great Saturday morning mod podgeing treasure boxes! The girls used their creativity to decorate their boxes with Bible verses, fun paper and pictures. They were excited to have a box to keep any treasures they may find in!
Our leaders, Julie and Karen, did an amazing job incorporating scripture into their activity. At the end of our time together, each girl was able to go around the table and read a Bible verse and positive quote from their snack bag. ❤️
Please join us for our next activity at Ozanam!

It’s Flip Flop Time! - tx-corpuschristi

June Update:

The girls had such an amazing time coloring their kites for some hot summer fun! The staff said they would send us pictures when they flew them outside and i will post them on the comments below when i get them. We all had a wonderful time coloring with them and bonding with them too. Some were quite the chatter boxes and we loved every minute of it. Thank you to our workshop leaders, Virginia and Mari. 

These kites were beautiful 😍. A huge thanks to H-E-B for all the good eats too and to all our awesome volunteers. We would like to welcome Linda to this amazing group of ladies too! Enjoy the pics! #HEBHelpingHere

Stem Fun! - oh-akron

June Update:

A few games Chicktime Akron picked up for Safe Landing Youth to keep busy during the summer with a little pizza 🍕 money too!
As long as we can… Chicktime Akron will support the youth who live at Safe Landing!
If you see our posts from month to month but just can’t seem to make our in person workshops and want to help with supplies or snacks for the workshops…. contact us! We always welcome help!
Happy Summer all,
Jessica, Rachael and Kylie
Chicktime Akron Leadership team