Daily Prayer

Chicktime Canyon Lake Pray poster

Make my children confident and courageous. Take their hand and lead them to start something today that they have been putting off rather than waiting for perfect conditions to begin. Take my hand, too! (Ecc. 11:4; Dt. 1:29-30)



Each day, we send out a new daily prayer. We write these prayers by the promptings of the Holy Spirit to pray over all children of the world, all people in fact.


Say the prayer listed above plugging in the name of your child, say it for each of your children. You will be amazed with the visuals created in your mind… and be encouraged to meet your children’s unique spiritual needs today. Say the prayer over yourself… and you will be suprised by what happens… don’t forget your spouse!


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Chicktime intercessory prayer team is lead by Mama Terry. Please check this site periodically for new prayer requests and continue to pray with us daily over the core vision of Chicktime. Once the prayers have been answered, we will note that on this site rather than remove them from the list!


Prayer Requests


God has placed on our heart the desire to establish a Chicktime group in every community across our great nation so that ALL women will come to know that there is a wonderfully easy avenue to plug into where ever they live or where ever they move… a place to join with like minded women who have a heart to serve the almost forgotten children recovering from untold abuse/neglect. To share their love with the lost and the broken. To be the hands and feet of Jesus.


The universal prayer need is to pray these first two scriptures over our existing chapters… as well as the chapters that are forming… and especially those chapters who only exists in the twinkle of our Father’s eye!


Core Vision Prayer #1: Please pray that as followers of Christ all women begin to SEE that we are intimately connected in the Spirt… that we are each a living stone connected to other living stones, and that God will keep working on us until we fit together. This is from 1 Peter 2:5


Core Vision Prayer #2: Please pray that Chicktime current leaders and future leaders SEE that the Lord our God has set the land before them, that they are to go up and possess it, as the Lord, the God of our fathers has said to us. That these women will fear not, neither be dismayed! This is from Dt. 1:21