*Converse News

May Update:

On Saturday, the MINT Cottage residents enjoyed decorating book markers with colorful jewels. Even the younger residents partook in the fun. Afterwards, the participants were able to make their own charcuterie boards and enjoyed the fruits of their labors!

Trisha Takas- thank you for giving of your time and sharing with our MINT program residents! They created some beautiful book markers and had a fantastic time!

April Update:

Today was cookie decorating day with Chicktime Converse. The cottage residents learned how to decorate cookies from Kathy Oliver with Cookies by Kathy, Patty O’Connor, and Chris Burke.

Thank you ladies for your time, love, and support of the Chicktime Converse program! ❤️

March Update:

Chicktime Converse had a wonderful time diamond painting with the teen moms at Boysville today. *Fun fact- 💎 painting does not involve actual paint! Thank you Martha Gonzalez for leading the workshop and thank you Annette Goodson and Geneva Manuel Hudel for volunteering with us today!

February Update:

Today was the day-our first event as a chapter. Sharlene, Vivian and I had a great time working with our group as they decorated and learned about the gift of keeping a journal. We have some very artistic young moms!
For our snack-a fun and healthy parfait that could be made and enjoyed! Thank you to Chicktime Sisters Annette Goodson and Letty Rodela (Chicktime San Antonio) for helping us at our first event! We are grateful for your guidance. 

We are so excited to announce the launch of Chicktime Converse! Check back soon for more information!