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March Update:

We  had such a lovely March workshop with the boys at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. Ms. DeVonsia, a returning Chicktime San Antonio Central workshop leader and volunteer, brought a bunch of snacks and goodies for the kids. Her activity involved a painting session which was a big hit! The boys got creative and free handed their canvases with Stitch and a beautiful ocean view setting. They were in their element! They enjoyed it so much that they asked if they could have more canvases as we left!
Thank you to our fabulous assistant volunteers, Ms. Barbara and Ms. Sandra for making the kids feel at ease. Huge shout out to Ms. DeVonsia for joining us again! The kids always love your painting activities!
If you’d like to join us next month, be on the lookout for our next flyer. Volunteer spots are a first come, first serve basis and fill up fast. Don’t miss your chance!
P.S. Don’t let our organization name fool you. Bring your male companions with you! This is not only for Chicks! 😉
We would love to have some great male figures come and join in this cause! In the past we have noticed that the boys typically open up to our male volunteers then us ladies. So please, invite your honey, son, nephew, friend, etc. as long as they are 18 years or older! Boys need some Bro-time too!
Reach out to us if you have any questions. 

February Update:

What a lovely morning we had! Today Ms. Jenn, with Wicked Tasteez Catering , served our kids a wonderful brunch. While the pancakes and waffles were being made, the kids started getting creative with the paint supplies Ms. Jenn bought. The kids immediately knew what they were going to draw: Big Miss Steak. Ms. Selina was asked to draw Donkey Kong and Squidward together. Then the kids started drawing their own Squidward’s. Ms. Sandra, Ms. Jenn and the teachers decided to join in to add some valentine’s paintings to the mix.
As the kids waited for their paintings to dry, Ms. Alicia and Ms. Ashley began serving the kids their brunch plates. Ms. Jenn set up a “build your own pancake/waffle bar” which included bananas, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, caramel syrup, maple syrup, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, and whip cream. The kids had never had so many options before and went crazy topping off their pancakes and waffles!
After they finished eating, they painted a few more canvases. One kid grabbed the last canvas and in one minute he was finished painting. He showed everyone his piece of art and the other kids started playful giggling about how simple it was. The canvas was covered in black paint. In the middle of the canvas was a small white smile. The boy explained that there was deep meaning behind it. He said “Even in darkness, there can still be happiness”. Amen to that!
Thank you again to all our wonderful volunteers! It was so good to see how talkative the kids were with you all. We hope to see you next month at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!


January Update:

What a way to bring in the new year and get some plants potted to watch grow over the year! We saw some familiar faces who lovingly greeted us upon arrival. We are so grateful to Ms. Marsha and the Accenture team (Ms. Savanah, Ms. Amber, & Mr. David) for bringing the plants and pots to share with the kiddos.
Our group this month was all teens! And boy did they whip through getting those beautiful plants in the pots. Mr. David was so kind and shared his story about how he grew up with plants and learning how to take care of them. He informed the kids where the plants originate from, how much to water, where to keep them for the sunlight and of course, to talk to the plants with love and care. As we should speak to ourselves too! The kids were also naming their plants, such as Fergalicious, Sunflower, and Patricia 😄
Ms. Gladys, Ms. Marsha, Ms. Amber and Ms. Krystal went around and helped the kids and chatted and laughed about all different kinds of things. From Six Flags to becoming an adult and dealing with car insurance 😅
We ended the workshop with some yummy sandwich lunchables.
And thanks to Ms. Marsha and the team who donated 36 blankets to the bridge! Our kiddos from today got to choose their blanket to keep them warm for the upcoming cold front! And the rest were left for the shelter to use as needed.
We are truly so thankful to be able to spend time with such a wonderful group of teens. They mean more to us than they know and we’re thankful for the volunteers who took the time to spend with us today and made this workshop possible.
See you all in February at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!



December Update:

Today was our Christmas feast at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives! We had an Italian build-your-own-pasta feast! Thank You Alamo As-Builts for providing the catering from Olive Garden! The kids loved it.
We then surprised the kids with presents. Each kid received 1 wrapped gift, a basket/box of goodies, and a bag of gifts. They were amazed by all the wonderful things they received. They were extremely grateful!
I know we tell the same story every year, but we really want to let you know that we are so thankful for all the support we receive from our family, friends, and amazing strangers. Your help really makes a difference in these kids lives, even if it’s for a small moment like this:
Two kids were admitted into the shelter last night. Thanks to Ms. Nicole, Ms. Monique, and Ms. Jennifer, we were able to provide additional gifts for the two kids. As all the kids got up to get pasta, these two kids stood seated. We understood. They had just experienced something traumatic less than 24 hours ago and so we gave them their space. As everyone sat back down to eat, one of the kids got up to serve themselves. Ms. Krystal then put on some Christmas music to set the mood. After a while, one of the two kids started humming softly. As everyone finished their food, Ms. Selina started passing out chocolate mints. The one kid that hadn’t ate yet said they didn’t want any, but after Ms. Selina gave everyone their candy, she came back and left 2 chocolate mints in front of the kid who had refused them. She told him he didn’t have to eat them, but she wanted to set them down next to him until she left. Ms. Selina and Krystal then started handing out presents. Everyone started opening their presents except for the two kids. But it didn’t take too long until the contagious joy crept up on the kids. They finally gave in and began to gently look through their gifts. You could see the small shine that lit up their faces. One of the other kids came over to trade gifts with them, but they denied because they really liked the gifts that were in their basket. Ms. Selina then went up to the kid that still had not ate. She offered to make them a plate and they accepted. They ate all their spaghetti and the chocolate mints too!
We want to thank everyone who donated to Chicktime San Antonio Central to help make this all possible! Thank you to Ms. Mary, Mr. Jaime, Mr. and Mrs. Angel, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Analiza, Mr. Dusty, Ms. Jade, Ms. Lupe, and Ms. Tina for all the wonderful gifts and support.
We appreciate every one of you and thank you for making this event a memorable one! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Every December the Chicktime San Antonio Central crew donates Christmas gifts to the boys and girls at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. Last year we tried something new and also provided a Olive Garden feast for the kids. They loved it. It was a time to sit and spend quality time with the kids. We listened, laughed, and loved! We decided that we would provide them a special meal every December!
If you’d like to donate a gift or monetary donation towards this year’s feast, please reach out to Miss Selina. Anything helps!

November Update:

A little fall painting outside was just what we needed!

We are absolutely full of gratitude at the opportunity to serve here!

Come join the mission!


October Update:

What a beautiful day it was with the Chicktime San Antonio Central crew at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives! Miss Pamela brought a bunch of fall festivities for the kids. We painted pumpkins, skulls, turkeys, and Miss Selina was taking requests for animals. Little did she know the kids liked some unique animals! Have you ever heard of a blue tongue skink? What about a Vaquita? Look them up! They are cool looking animals 🙂
The Chicktime, Inc. Volunteers also helped make fall wreaths for the kiddos to keep. They came out so nice! Thank you Miss Mary for helping with that!
After the arts and crafts session, Miss Pamela passed out the snacks and drinks. The boba tea was a hit!
Miss Mary Lou, Miss Krystal, and Miss Ashley then brought in the donations and gifts for the kids. They were so excited to pick from the goodie box. One kid was ecstatic to grab a pair of flip flops that were in her size; another kid got all the pineapple stuffed animals ; one little girl got things that reminded her of the toys she had at home and told us this was the best day of her life!
We ended the workshop outside looking at the solar eclipse. We are so glad we got to share such a rare moment in time with the kids.
Thank you again Miss Pamela for such a great time! And thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that helped out on this magical day. Shout out to Miss Jade, Miss Lupe, Miss Brianna, Miss Tina, and Miss Jenny for providing donations for the kids!
See you next time!

September Update:

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel our workshop scheduled for this Saturday!
Stay tuned for details for our October workshop!
Let’s keep making the world a better place!
Krystal and Selina

August Update:


On Saturday the kids got the chance to design their own personal journals!
The teens were so insightful and truly made their journals a reflection of themselves, including stickers that had motivational and simple but powerful personal messages. We also got to see a Pokémon and Mario packed journals too!
They were also given crayons and pens to start filling up the journals with whatever they wanted to use it for, such as drawing, journaling, or even a way to keep up with their loved ones while they are on their journey.
Although they entered the room a bit tired, they really showed up for this activity, and it was heartwarming to see. After finishing up, they enjoyed an array of snacks with juice and water.
Thank you Miss Donnette for making this possible for the kiddos! We truly couldn’t have done it without you!


July Update:

Thank you to Miss Arleen, Miss Brianna and Little miss Rylee for showing up on a hot Saturday morning for our Chicktime San Antonio Central social event! We made some adorable boxes for the kids.
Thank you to Miss Lori and Miss Annette for the monetary donations that were used to purchase yellow items. Thank you to Miss Tina and Miss Teresa for always being so generous and going above and beyond with the extra goodies!
Lastly thank you to Ms. Grace, Miss Katherine, and Mr. Fabian for helping us drop off the boxes to the kiddos!
Those boxes of sunshine really lit up the kids bright smiles 🙂
We appreciate every single one of you! We couldn’t have done it without you!

June Update:

The kids had a chance to show off their super creative chalk art skills!
We saw hearts, sunsets, blood moons, ying yang signs, and hello kitty! They were all super into it!
Although it a hot and messy activity, the kids were so into their art that it didn’t event phase them. We cooled off with chips and juice.
Everyone was so proud of how their chalk art came out. Check out all the wonderful pieces that they created in the photos!
Thank you Miss Selina and Miss Krystal for making this poss
ible for the kiddos!

May Update:

Yesterday we had a game day with the kids. We brought Connect Four, which was a hit, Chutes and Ladders, Operation and Bingo. Everyone walked away with a prize!
Miss Laura brought doughnuts, cookies, and pizza! We want to thank Miss Laura very much for leading our workshop. Miss Laura has a special place in her heart for Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. During her childhood, The Bridge took her in. Years later, she is back as a volunteer! We are so thankful and proud of Miss Laura on how far she has come in life. Her light shines bright despite her past and we are so grateful that she has returned to share the love with the kids.
We also want to think Miss Trish for helping us out! Miss Trish has always been behind the scenes, donating piñatas, journals, coloring books, Christmas gifts, and many more items throughout the year. This was her first in person volunteer activity. Thank you so much for your presence!
Also, thank you to Miss Jenny who also donated awesome prizes to our Chicktime San Antonio Central prize bag. The kids loved them!
If you would like to volunteer for our next workshop, be on the lookout for our next activity flyer! See you next month!

April Update:

We had a early Easter Celebration with the kids at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives this Saturday. Miss DeVonsia and her military crew prepared some canvases with sketches on them. When the kids walked in, they were super excited to see that we were having a paint session. The littles painted them so fast and wanted to help everyone with their paintings. Every single canvas was used!
During snack time, we played a few rounds of Bingo. It was intense but everyone won a prize.
We finished off the workshop with a piñata, donated by Miss Trish. Some of the kids loved the piñata’s so much that they wanted to take a photo with them. They were also hugging and dancing with the piñatas. It was super cute! When the piñata’s were emptied, the kids were so excited to see candy, wristbands, and even playdoh!
As we left, the kids handed us a thank you letter that they signed for us. It’s so nice to see that they truly appreciate the time that Chicktime San Antonio Central spends with them!
Thank You Miss DeVonsia for such a fun workshop! Thank You Miss Pamela and Miss Crystal for all your support and positivity. The kids loved you all! And laslty, thank you Miss Trish, who could not make it, but provided the piñata’s and other goodies for the kids. Thank You all for making this a memorable Easter celebration for the kids. They really enjoyed it!

March Update:

We sprung right into spring time with making these wonderful birdhouses and windchimes for this beautiful weather!
A big thank you to Miss MaryAlice for bringing the houses for the kiddos to build and paint to show off their creative side. We had all different shapes, sizes and colors that these lucky birds will get to call home! And the windchimes were all unique as well, from rainbows to unicorns and dragons.
It was such a great time! We listened to music and even dabbled in a bit of finger painting but made sure to clean off before getting into some chips and rice crispies also provided by Miss Mary Alice. We had a couple of kiddos mention how much they appreciate their time when Chicktime comes and were asking if we could come more often. It truly is bittersweet.
Thank you to our new volunteers as well, Cheryl and Jasmine, for helping us to put on a successful workshop! You all really made the kids feel loved and we couldn’t do this without you!

February Update:

We had such a creative bunch of kids this Saturday!
A huge shout out to Miss Alana and Miss Marsha for bringing the craft goodies that sparked the artsy souls to come out of these kiddos! Miss Marsha and Alana demonstrated how to make valentines lady bugs, bumble bees, and butterflies. The kids made those and then some!
With the extra materials, the kids began to make “Spoony” (the cousin of “Forky” from Toy Story), their favorite animals, and valentines cards for each other. The little ones began the trend and everyone else followed. It was the cutest thing ever. They even made us some cards. One of them even said, “I love you” ????
It was such a great time! The kids enjoyed their lunchables that Miss Alana and Marsha provided along with the chips. They especially enjoyed the delicious doughnuts that our two assistant volunteers, Mrs. Grace and Mr. Fabian brought.
Mr. Fabian is the first male volunteer that Chicktime San Antonio Central has had at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives and we really saw a difference in the young boys that were at the shelter. Typically they are quiet and keep to themselves, however with Mr. Fabian being there, they were able to open up and talk to someone they felt they could relate to. So thank you very much Mr. Fabian for volunteering! We look forward for other male role models to come volunteer with us.
Again, thank you to all volunteers for a very successful workshop! You all really made the kids feel loved ❤️


January Update:

Today Miss Annette brought the kiddos all the yummy ingredients to make hot cocoa! They had so much fun making their own mixes. Some made their hot cocoa super sweet, some very chocolatey, and others with so many marshmallows! They each got to keep their own personal batch.
In addition to the hot cocoa, we also painted mugs! There were snowman faces, basketball themes, anime, pigs, and the grinch! We were so caught up in the moment that we forgot to snap a photo of the final products!
Thank You again Miss Annette for keeping us all warm! We appreciate your kindness.

December Update:

For the month of December our chapter usually does not have a monthly activity. Instead we ask our friends and family for Christmas gift donations. At Chicktime San Antonio Central, we did just that.
Oh boy, did YOU all deliver! We received so many gifts! We cannot express how thankful we are to everyone who donated! We even had the opportunity to provide the kids a catered lunch because of YOU all! We had a Olive Garden pasta feast ????
The kids at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives were so happy! It was so nice to see such joy in their faces. We couldn’t have done it without YOU all.
Thank YOU again to all who donated. It’s great to see how many people support our cause. This made us realize that we have a much larger support system than we realized!
Today, YOU have made a positive impact on a child’s life. They see that YOU care. YOU made them feel like they matter. YOU are making a difference! And we thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for this.
Until next year! Peace! ✌️❤️
-Selina and Kry

November Update:

We had such a great time Saturday, hanging out with the kids at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!
Miss Selina’s “What’s in the Box?” game was a hit! It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a cardboard box and household items.
“What’s in the Box?” is a sensory game that can be played with kids of all ages. Different objects were placed in the box. Each kid took turns guessing what was in the box, only using the sense of touch. We used items such as Christmas stockings, a bowl full of rice, marshmallows, a coconut, chickpeas, and, the item that caused the most commotion, chocolate frosting. It was so funny to see the kids react to everything. Some disgusted, some intrigued, some couldn’t stop laughing and some were just so confused!
We ended our game day with Thanksgiving Bingo. All tie breakers were settled with a battle of rock, paper, scissors or tik tack toe. Everyone walked away with at least one prize!
Thank You to Miss DeVonsia for helping our Chicktime San Antonio Central leaders out! We couldn’t have done it without you! It was a great way to close out our 2022 workshops!
For the month of December we will not be having a workshop. Instead we will be dropping off Christmas goodie bags to the kids. If you would like to donate any items, please send us a message!
Thank You and we look forward to December’s Holiday Donation Drop off!

October Update:

On Saturday Miss Teresa showed us how to make spooky crafts!
The first activity consisted of colored popsicle sticks. We made little monsters. Everyone’s came out great!
The second craft, we created Halloween magnets for the fridge. We dressed up little foam animals in costumes. These were so cute!
We ended with Halloween Bingo. Everyone’s competitive side came out. It was so fun to see how enthusiastic the kids were. We played six rounds!
Thank You Miss Teresa for an awesome October themed activity! You really brought the Halloween spirit out of all of us! ????

September Update:

This past Saturday we spent time with the kids soaking up the sun with our beautiful suncatchers. Ms. Mary helped bring out everyone’s creative side. We all were so into our designs, we almost went over our time ???? The focus is real!
The suncatchers were all so bright and colorful! We had abstract designs, favorite colors, and colors that reminded some of a happy moment in time. One kid wanted to use blues because they missed the snow.
Thank you Ms. Mary for such a meditative experience. And remember, when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!
Thank You Roy Maas Youth Alternatives for having us. We will see you next month!

August Update:

Today we learned how to unwind.
Yoga not only has many physical health benefits but also strengthens our mentality.
Yoga was new to us all! There was a little hesitation at first from the kids, but everyone grabbed a mat and were ready to listen. Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette began by teaching us the “STAR” move. We learned so many other moves, like the Dinosaur, Bear, Turtle, and the challenging Fox.
At the end, Ms. Mary gave the kids a pop quiz to see if they remembered all the moves and they aced it! By the end of our exercise, the kids were telling us how much they enjoyed the yoga session. They also didn’t realize how challenging it could be!
We ended with delicious fruit kabobs prepared by Ms. Annette. Some of the kids also got to try tajin and chamoy for the first time today and we received many thumbs up!
Thank You Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette for empowering our minds. A strong mind can confront and overcome difficulties of all kinds!

July Update:

Yesterday we let our inner superheroes out!
The kids got an opportunity to dig deep within themselves, and their imagination, to create a superhero comic. They were challenged to be creative!
One kid was Wonder Girl, who got her super powers from eating so much salad, that it made her the strongest girl in the world. She used those super powers of hers to save all the stuffed animals that kids throw away.
Another child named their super hero “Squishy”. Squishy’s power was to eliminate people’s sadness by squishing people with a huge hug.
It was nice to see the good deeds that not only these made-up superheroes had, but what the kids really felt the world needed.
After everyone was done creating their comic book strip, we divided up into two teams to have a little friendly competition against the heroes. We started off with a quick game of basketball and then busted out the water squirters. It was too hot of a day not to get wet!
In the end, the kids and Chicktime volunteers had a wonderful time.
Don’t take for granted the quality time you spend with your family. The small amount of time we spend with the kids every month makes a world of a difference. You can tell in their smiles and laughter.
We look forward to returning next month!

June Update:


What a wonderful time we had yesterday with the kids and staff at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!
Our June workshop leader got sick the night before so we had to come up with a last minute activity. Sticking to the window suncatcher theme, we decided to design a stained glass chalk design with the kids.
While a team of kids played games, another group began prepping the sidewalk design. Once the prepping was complete, everyone jumped in to color. One of the little girls even stepped up into a leadership role and instructed everyone to paint the heart red, pink and white, while everything else was filled in with other colors. It was so awesome to see how the kids began collaborating together to finish coloring.
At one point the kids broke off into groups: the color infill team and the smearing team. They did this all on their own.
As we neared the end, they were extremally anxious for the revealing. Everyone grabbed a piece of tape and ripped away. The end product brought happiness to their faces. It came out so lovely! Even one of the older kids said “This is probably one of the prettiest things I’ve done in all my summer camps.”
It’s moments like these we are reminded why we do this.
Can you believe we achieved this beautiful design with only painters tape and chalk? Teamwork goes a long way!
Thank you to our new volunteers Sam and Traci for joining us. We appreciate your time and support. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Until next time! July 8th! See you soon ????

May Update:

Yesterday we had our first official Chicktime activity at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives/The Bridge. It was super successful! All of the kids were so excited that we returned. It warmed our hearts to see the smiles on their faces when they realized it was us again, coming to hang out with them!
Our activity leader Donnette not only filled the precious mini pots, that the kids decorated with plants, but filled their hearts with joy and happiness too. The kids are truly little artists in the making! They transformed the pots into watermelons, their favorite animals, Patrick from Spongebob and cute doodles signifying love.
Thank you to our volunteers who RSVP’d for this activity. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Mark your calendars for next month’s activity, taking place on June 11th. Be on the lookout for the RSVP flyer in the next upcoming weeks!
And if you have an activity you’d like to share with the kids, let us know. We are always looking for workshop leaders!
“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.”



April Update:

Tonight we had a “silent” workshop at our new Charity Partner, The Bridge Emergency Shelter! We decorated Easter cookies, played what’s your favorite ( food, color, animal) game , sang songs and the kids even danced for us!
The workshop time was perfect!
We also met staff, learned the layout of the shelter and where we will have our workshops, made plans for future workshops and dreamed about moving this Chicktime chapter forward !
We are so excited!! We hope our old volunteers will come back and new volunteers will find us!
We are ready to get off the sidelines and be the change!
All volunteers must fill out volunteer paperwork for Roy Mass Youth Alternatives/ The Bridge.
We promise… it is not lengthy and the process is very easy and staff available to move things thru fast! Click the link to get things started!

Meet our new Managing Leader! 

Meet our new co-leader! 

We are so happy to announce these two new fabulous and compassionate women have joined the leadership team for Chicktime San Antonio Central! 

What a blessing they will be as we move the chapter forward!



February Update:

Chicktime San Antonio Central met at a local Bill Miller’s Restaurant for coffee, breakfast tacos and fellowship! We were not able to meet in person at St.Pj’s Children’s Home due to Covid restrictions so met up to put together our drop off activity for the girls at the Flores Shelter.
Special thanks to Stephanie Parker for donating the rock painting kits! She generously donated enough kits for each girl to have their own !
We tied pretty bows around each of them and hand wrote inspirational cards to tape on them.
Our hearts are full because we know how much fun the girls are going to have when they get these kits and we pray they receive what the love notes are telling them!


January Update:

Thank you Krystal Olivan for being our January workshop leader! Thank you for being flexible after the resurgence of Covid canceled our in person workshop ! The activity and treats you ordered to be delivered to the girls at St. Pj’s are perfect!


December Update;

Dropped off our Our Christmas bags at St. Pj’s Children’s Home tonight. They each had
Multi colored pens, note pads, Nail polish, Hair Scrunchies , Hair bands, Fuzzy Christmas socks,
Emery boards and nail clippers,
Lotion , lip balm , bath wash , and Beanies …
And 25 dollar Walmart gift cards !!
And lots of snacks for the girls to munch on while they are out of school for the next two weeks! There was so much joy in the room and the girls were absolutely giddy about their gifts!
Praying they feel the Christmas love sent their way from all the special Chicktime Christmas Angels who were able to donate …
Hope to see you in the New Year at one of our workshops! We got word today that we can come back in January for in person Workshops! 2022 is going to be a great year!
Merry Christmas!


November Update:

Special thanks to Teresa Sullivan and Teresa Ruiz for donating pizza and soda for our November workshop! Anna Bulgarides, St. Pj’s staff and former Chicktime leader was there to receive it and take it to the girls!
What a blessing our volunteer are!

October Update:

The October game day basket was dropped off early in the month !
It was a blessing to get pictures of the girls having fun with some of the games from the basket!

September Update:

September drop off workshop is ready!! Each girl who lives at the Flores Shelter at St. PJ’s Children’s Home will receive an inspired poster kit ! The girls will get to choose from a selection of quotes and icons that speak to their heart and create a freeform poster that will inspire them each and every day!

August Update:

Our August workshop has been dropped off! The girls will have a little something to do over the weekend and a snack to nibble on while doing it…
thanks to Teresa Sullivan!

July Update:

Thank you Teresa Sullivan for blessing the Flores Shelter at St. Pj’s with a few kits !! This should keep them busy for awhile!!

June Update:

This lady right here is our June ( drop off) workshop leader! She dropped off supplies for the teen girls at the Flores shelter to make bracelets! She was a workshop leader last year, too.
She is already asking when she can help again… and again… and to assure her that I would contact her if I ever needed her help!
Vanessa Williams-Bourne gets it.
She gets that when children are removed from their homes and live within the foster care system they need more than paid staff or caseworkers to show up for them. They need to know they matter outside the children’s home! Thank you Vanessa for getting it!!

May Update:

Huge shout out the Ms. Krystal Olivan for sponsoring May drop off. Our Girls Loved the ice cream social at the end of the day and had the chance to unwind, make their sundaes and be kids!

Thanks again for making this possible; Chicktime SA Central appreciates you! 

April Update:

Our April workshop leader, April Euresti, just dropped of her painting flower pots and planting workshop at St. PJ’s!
The girls are going to have a special spring activity, but more than anything …. thanks to April, seeds of love have been planted and hope will bloom!

March Update:

Thank you March workshop leader, Tori Tyler, for planning a movie night for the girls living at the Flores shelter at St. Pj’s!
3 Movies, popcorn and soda… so fun! Extra thanks to Annette Goodson for donating candy !! The night is complete !

February Update:

It was a SWEET Valentine’s Day at St. Pj’s thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

January Update:

January drop off. The girls missed pizza so we changed out workshop to host a pizza party and soda instead. The girls were delighted! Chicktime loves our girls and despite trying times and no contact workshops continues to drop off instead. ❤️ & ????

December Update:

Special shout out to Teresa and Terry our December workshop leaders for Chicktime San Antonio Central. The pictures say a thousand words…..So much love was dropped off for the girls at St. Pj’s!
Fun fact…..Terry and Teresa didn’t know each other until now! They both reached out to Chicktime wanting to help and we matched them together and BAM!!! Look what happens when we work together for the better!!! United to love and serve!!

November Update:

A huge shout out to God’s Girls who sponsored and made November’s workshop possible! Chicktime SA Central is so grateful for all the help and support in providing monthly drop offs.

The girls are going to enjoy ice cream sundaes! #blessed

October Update:

Look at All the goodies!

Tara donated supplies for the girls at both cottages we serve to enjoy a snack while decorating their own prayer journal. She also donated a little pamper bag and a bible for each girl to have of their own! Nothing will stop us from loving the girls we have come to love and we will always support the Children’s Home that gives them a safe place to live.
God is good!

September Update:

Thank you to our Amazing Chicktime San Antonio Central volunteer, Vanessa Williams, for being our “drop-off” workshop leader for September. She dropped off supplies for the girls to make bracelets yesterday and as you can see the girls wasted no time getting started. Vanessa, you are a blessing!
Vanessa has a passion for serving others ( especially teen girls)… so much so she has already agreed to be a workshop leader in 2021 and share her passion of gardening with the girls when we are back to face to face workshops!
Do you have a passion you want to share? Zumba, crafting, writing? Card games or sewing? Reach out to us and let’s get you signed up to lead one of the monthly workshops in 2021 and make sure you finish up some volunteer requirements that St. Peter/ St. Joseph’s requires before you can volunteer on campus for the safety of all!! Not that big of deal when you consider the precious time we get to spend with the girls!

August Update:

August’s workshop was hosted by Ms. Anna  and it was ‘sponsored’ by the letter P….Pizza, Pop, and Pampering!

July Update:

Thank you Laura Salazar for saying YES to being Chicktime San Antonio Central’s July workshop leader. Covid has stopped us for a little bit from having face to face workshops, but volunteers like you stepping up and helping us have “drop-off” workshops is incredible.
The abundance of fruit and cucumbers and seasonings were nothing but YUMMY!! There was so much it was shared through out the campus….Girls and Boys & Young and Older kids got to share in your blessing!
We are humbled by your generosity!

Chicktime San Antonio Central will not be meeting in the month of May as we continue to navigate through this season of Covid-19 . If you have an idea and the means to carry it out to show love to our Chicktime girls let us know. Perhaps you want to donate crafts for them to do in quarantine or donate yummy snacks or give them cards with words of encouragement! We can help try and make it happen.

Stay safe and know we can’t wait to see you soon!

February Update:

Thank you to these special ladies for coming out to volunteer!

We painted rocks to express ourselves….

and masterpieces were created!

Please join us next month. We would be honor to have you!

January Update:

New Volunteer Requirements!

1) To become a volunteer, visit the following link:
The mission of St. PJ’s Children’s Home is to be a safe and loving refuge for children in crisi…
2) Then, complete the criminal background check application and click “Continue” (BGC Hardcopy is attached and will also need to be filled out for consent)

3) Instructions will be emailed to you to complete two OVASE online trainings
4) Complete a fingerprinting check and TB screening at the invitation of HR (expenses covered). I am attaching the TB paperwork and HR will email information on fingerprinting procedure.

5) Once you are cleared you by our HR you will receive a confirmation email from me and can begin volunteering with us!

October Update:

Due to some new volunteer regulations, our October workshop was canceled. We are praying that everything will be in place for our November event.

September Update:

A beautiful morning making flower arrangements.

Thank you Julie for sharing your gifts and talents.

August Workshop:

Our August workshop was made possible because of the wonderful women in this picture.

Such fun to wrap up summer and help the girls at St. Pj’s get ready for the new school year with a little Chicktime Summer Fun!

Join us next month! We are going to learn how to arrange flowers!

July Update:

The ladies in this pic helped put on an awesome workshop!

Morning facials, lip scrub making, nail polishing, and gel soap making = a successful spa experience with the girls at St PJs!

Thank you to all the volunteers that turned out this morning. We hope to see you again soon!

June Update:

We had a small group today, but that made conversations sweet and intimate. We played bingo and we enjoyed some scratch art and bubbles. Snacks too..

Always a blessed day when Chicktime SA Central has the honor of spending time with the girls at St PJ’s.

The girls won’t be on campus for our Chicktime Workshop scheduled for Saturday, June 22rd.

It has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 23rd at 9:00am.

See you at St PJ’s !

Questions? Email carmenccernoch@gmail.com

May Update:

Our Charity Partner had to cancel our May workshop! We can’t wait to see the girls next month!

April Update:

Spending time with our girls at St. Pj’s. is our favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning.

We made slime…..FUN!

March Update:

Ms. Meg led this month’s Chicktime for the girls at St PJs.

Creativity and excitement overflowed in anticipation of customized cinch bags made w the Cricut machine!

February Update: 

Another Fabulous Saturday morning spent with our girls at St. PJ’s!


Chapter co-leader, Anna, was also the workshop leader!

Rock painting was so therapeutic and expressive!

Merrilee…thanks for the rocks & cupcakes; you’re a Rockstar!

#chicktime#chicktimesacentral #volunteering #4thsaturdays #stpjs#loveourvolunteers @ St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home (St. PJ’s)

January Update:

Chicktime San Antonio Central Volunteers are the BEST!

Making friendship bracelets was so fun, but hanging out with the girls is what makes all the Chicktime mornings so perfect!

December Update:

We did not meet in December, but are currently making plans for an awesome New Year! Join us for all the fun! Your heart will be so happy you did!

November Update:

Chicktime morning at St. PJs. Thank you Beth for sharing your Saturday morning and love with our girls.

Our chapter turned a year old this fall…thanks to the generosity of volunteers who make Chicktime possible every month.
…until next time! ???? ???? ???? ????

October Update:

What a beautiful blessing it was to be at Chicktime this morning! We have a few new wonderful volunteers who have joined our chapter and we couldn’t be happier with the workshop leader this month.

Tara lead our pillow case workshop with spirit and love!

All of the girls sewed/ helped sew their own pillow case from start to finish- it was so fun to be apart of it all!

We had yummy cookies and Halloween treats, fun games and fellowship this morning that couldn’t be beat!

September Update:

Chicktime September 2018 was led by the beautiful and creative Julie Geib, owner of Artistic Blooms. Thank you Julie for sharing your time and passion.

The girls at St. PJ’s were blessed!

Thanks to our new volunteers ~ Marla and Kappa Delta Chi.

August Update:


Chicktime Saturdays are the best Saturdays….

Thank you to Bridgett Ralph for bringing her passion for art and creative self expression …..

The girls had such a wonderful time…

And thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help us put on a wonderful workshop….

We were blessed by you!

July Update:

Thank you to these wonderful volunteers!

The loved and pampered the girls ….

And made them feel like they were really at a spa!

Not to mention the YUMMY food to make it a perfect morning!

Join us next month.

June Update:

Beautiful once again!

Thank you to the Sister Consuelo and Sister Conchessa who worked at St PJs many year many years ago—but not a 1000 years ago as one of the littles guessed —for sharing with us their time and love.

Many many thanks to Jan and Jamie for a beautiful tea party experience for the girls (and volunteers!)

May Update:

Chicktime May was so fun! We painted pots, plated zinnias, learned all about flowers, ate dirt cups and made fresh squeezed lemonade. Everyone was all smiles and enjoyed making new friends. We would love to have you join us next month. There is no better way to spend the 4th Saturday of every month than at Chicktime San Antonio Central.Special thanks to the ladies who volunteered this morning and the Home Depot on Sunset Drive that donated 25 dollars toward the flowers.

April Update:

And our hearts are full…..

Chicktime SA Central went in a 2 HOUR OVERTIME!! No one wanted it to end!
Thank you Ms. Anna for leading this month and the lovely ladies who joined us as volunteers to make it all happen!

What a reminder that we are all a masterpiece created lovingly and uniquely!


Thank you to the service men and women of the US Air Force who helped us unload, set up, and not only fed the children of St PJs but the Chicktime volunteers (which included ribs ? too!!)

…until next month

March Update:

Chicktime the Jarosek Way! ?
Our appreciation to FOUR beautiful ladies, the Jarosek sisters, for bringing love and fun to the girls at St. PJs.

February Update:

All these volunteers came ready to serve!! Some were from a local high school, some found us on the internet and  some were chapter leaders from other area Chicktime chapters!! It’s always amazing to see the group that God has planned to show HIS love month after month!

We played Bunco and ALL the girls had a blast. We had prizes for the most Buncos, Most games won, and the least games won! There was a roll off for the most games won and the girl that actually won shared her bag full of goodies (bath stuff, lotion, hair ties and bands, nail polish, face mask, hair brush……) with the girl she had the roll off with. That might of been the highlight of the morning!

Chicktime SA Central is looking for women to lead workshops and they can be as easy as playing bunco! We will be making bracelets next month. Come out and join us and see what we are talking about!!

All our love,

Chicktime SA Central

January Update:

Success at SA Central with friendship bracelet making!! Thank you to all who spent time with us at St. PJs!!

Happy New Year!

December Update:

What a blast joining our sister chapter, Chicktime Canyon Lake at the New Life Children’s Center for their Christmas party! They really know how to host a great Christmas party! As the girls started to arrive we had fun ice breaker activities so we could all get to know one another.  

Then praise and worship raised the roof of the gym with the praise band leading us in songs of the season.    Delicious holiday goodies were enjoyed by all; flowing chocolate fountain, homemade candies, cookies, sandwiches, and punch.  Then, the exciting visit from Santa Clause! 

Each girl received an individual photo with Santa to keep and save in her own Christmas frame that she made herself.   Best of all, each girl received a gift to keep.  The gift consisted of a colorful gym bag filled with bath and body lotion, snuggly socks, a cuddly teddy bear, a Chicktime sweatshirt and lip gloss.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and hope you will join us for our January event back at St. PJ’s!


Our Fall Festival was incredible.

Our fabulous workshop leader, Merrilee went all out.

We played fabulous games like Witch pitch, pumpkin golf, ring around the pumpkin , and pumpkin saucer to name a few.

We will be back on November 25th with a spirit of gratitude.

Please join us!

September Update:

Chicktime SA Central was geared up to make some piñatas!

The morning couldn’t of been more fun and special. One sweet girl told us it was the best day of her life…

Can you imagine? We prepped a few hours for the event and spent a couple hours the day of the workshop and made the difference in the life of someone just doing that???

Needless to say….we will be back next month and would love for you to join us! We need your help!

Come volunteer or lead a workshop! Join us in making a difference in the life of the girls living at St. Pj’s!!

Due to the weather predicitons of heavy rain and flooding due to Hurricane Harvey~
Chicktime September has been cancelled on this Saturday, August 26th!

We will pick back up next month! Hope to see you there!

Please join us in prayer for safety for all people near the path of Hurricane Harvey!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to cancel Chicktime July’s workshop. We would like to thank everyone who RSVP’d and we can’t wait to see YOU in August!!

Chicktime SA Central

June Update:

Chicktime was amazing this month as hearts were changed with our volunteers.

We played board games, ate donuts, drank oj and shared candy! Every little girl was into a game by the time Chicktime was over.

Friendships were made and smiles were shining this afternoon at St. PJ’s ??we can’t wait to go back next month and teach the kids how to make piñatas!

Please join us!!

January Update:

Thank you @utsakdchi for leading our January event @stpjhome #chicktimesacentral #chicktime #volunteeringmatters


June 2016 Invitation 


May News:



Chicktime SA Central will not be holding an activity this month due to the girls being off campus for Memorial Day. We hope to see you at our event next month, June 25th.


April Highlights:

The ladies of UTSA’s Kappa Delta Chi led this month’s activity. The girls and volunteers worked through numerous team building exercises such as the human knot. The goal was to untangle the human knot without letting go of hands.  Another game was trying to get a duck tied to ribbons on top of a cup. It was a little more difficult then it sounds. Each partner is holding on to a ribbon tied to the duck and we had to work together to try and raise the duck and set it on top of the cup. Thank you to all our volunteers that came out to hang out with us and the girls of St. PJ’s.


Activity Leaders - UTSA's Kappa Delta Chi

       Activity Leaders – UTSA’s Kappa Delta Chi



Join us for an afternoon of exercising team work skills with Kappa Delta Chi and the children at St. PJ’s Children’s Home!


March Highlights:

Our original activity this month was Les Mills Body Combat.  We had 16 girls that were full of fire and energy. After about 15 minutes into the workout, one of the girls which she creatively named herself Instructor Diamond decided she was going to lead the workout her way. Sometimes you just have to scratch a plan and let life happen.  I am so glad this is exactly what we did!  Let’s just say it was one of the most entertaining workouts. After our workout with Instructor Diamond, we played board games with girls and snacked on cinnamon rolls. Thank you to all the volunteers that spent part of their Easter weekend with us and the girls of St. PJ’s.


pic with girl


group pic


March 2016 Invite



This month we made no sew knot blankets with the girls of St. PJ’s. Volunteers teamed up with the girls to help them complete their blankets. Music played in the background so mini-dance breaks ensued. Thank you Robin for leading our activity this month and all our volunteers that spent their Saturday morning with us.






Feb2016 Invite








This month the girls learned how to stay safe and classy on social media. Specifically, what you should think about before posting something on any social media platforms.


 •T– is it true
 •H– is it helpful
 •I– is it inspiring
 •N-is it nice
 •K– is it kind
The girls were reminded that they should always ask themselves if their mom or grandma would approve of it. Also, the UGLY of Social Media was discussed: cyber bullying, online harassment and privacy.
-The Don’t of Social Media:
•Don’t be fake
•Don’t be trashy
•Don’t indulge in bullying
•Don’t post personal information


Thank you to all our volunteers for coming out and spending part of your weekend with us. Also, a SPECIAL thank you to Sigma Gamma Rho of UTSA for leading this month’s event!







Jan 16



Our last event for 2015 was led by Lori and Rachel. The girls decorated Christmas ornaments and sugar cookies. We also played board games and put puzzles together. We sipped on hot cocoa and enjoyed the morning after Christmas with the girls. Our event ended with the reading of Luke 2:1-20 and the girls sharing their favorite Christmas memories.



Thank you to all our volunteers that shared the morning with us and to Lori and Rachel for leading our activity this month! We cannot wait to share more memories in 2016.












We are sad to report that St. PJ’s was forced to cancel our event for this month due to all the children being off campus the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Although we are sad that this is the first month we will not be able to spend time with them, we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve these beautiful children and ask that you please keep them in your thoughts as many will be away from their families for the first time during this holiday season. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and hope to see you at our December event scheduled for December 26!








*We still need activity leaders for December going forward. Please email chicktimesacentral@gmail.com if you are interested in leading an activity for the kids of St. PJ’s.



This month we had a mini-Halloween bash with the kids of St. PJ’s. The kids and volunteers played numerous games inside, including bounce off, cookie face, scoop it up and stack it up. We also moved the fun outside where there was face painting and competitive games of corn hole, toss the chicken and bingo. Thank you to all our volunteers that came out and made the morning a success. Also thank you to everyone that brought candy! All the extra candy was left with St. PJ’s to share with kids that were not able to join us.  Finally, a special thanks to Stephanie who brought her exchange students to host some of the outside games and the ladies of Kappa Delta Chi. We hope to see you at our November event!













Our event this month was a volleyball clinic hosted by Kathy. The girls and volunteers were divided in two groups where they learned to bump and set a volleyball. After we were taught the volleyball basics, we then moved on to a few volleyball games. Many of the girls never played volleyball so it was a learning experience. Our activity ended with a sweet treat of ice-cream sandwiches, popsicles and brownies.


Activity Leader, Kathy & her girlfriends

Activity Leader, Kathy & her girlfriends


A special thank you to Kathy for leading an awesome event this month and providing ice-cream sandwiches and popsicles for the girls and volunteers. We would also like to thank ALL our volunteers, including Kappa Delta Chi Sorority for coming out and spending your morning with us. We are truly making an impact together and hope that you know how much you mean to the children of St. PJ’s and Chicktime SA Central!!


All our volunteers, including Kappa Delta Chi Sorority

All our AWESOME volunteers




Our September activity leader is Kathy! A reminder that this month only we are meeting the 3rd Saturday in September instead of the 4th Saturday.


This month Chicktime SA Central had its very first tea party with the girls of St. PJ’s. Our tea party was led by Chef Krista of Krista’s Culinary Creations. As the girls arrived, they were escorted to the first station where they designed their aprons for the cupcake station. Many of the girls asked the volunteers to sign their aprons to remember the time with us, which was so meaningful! Next, the girls moved to the second station and decorated a cupcake with an assortment of toppings. The girls were then escorted to 3 tables full of dresses and hats. They were able to choose any dress and/or hat to wear for the tea party. Some of the volunteers even joined in the fun and wore dresses and hats too! The girls had so much fun choosing their dress and a dress for the volunteers.


Finally, it was time for the tea party!  Chef Krista wanted the girls to feel special and feel like they were at an actual tea party, so the volunteers served each girl a choice of a Georgia peach tea or a mint tea and tea sandwiches. One of our volunteers was also kind enough to bring doughnut holes for the girls and volunteers to snack on while they mingled at the party. It truly was a wonderful morning and so nice to relax  and really interact with the girls. The girls were so thankful and expressed how much fun they were having; there were even a few “I love Chicktime!” (This made our hearts swoon!)


Chef Krista could not not have done a better job setting the standard for a proper tea party! We are so thankful for Krista hosting this month’s activity and all our volunteers, including Kappa Delta Chi Sorority that came out and spent their morning with the girls. We truly cannot do this without you and hope you realize the great impact that we as a group are making with the girls of St. PJ’s (#StrongerTogether)!! We hope to see you at next month’s event hosted by Kathy!




Aug 15 invitation copy




We had so a great time with the girls this month! Our activity was led by Lynda.  Lynda taught us how to make wallets out of decorative duct tape. The main pattern was zebra stripe, but the girls had a choice of other colors such as green, pink and blue to complement their wallets. The girls got super creative and made flowers, bows and hearts out of the duct tape to add that special touch!


Thank you so much Lynda for leading such a great activity. Also a special thanks to all our volunteers that came out to make the morning extra special. We hope to see you again August 22nd for an old fashioned tea party!


Beautiful Wallets made by the girls

Beautiful Wallets made by the girls






Additional Upcoming Events:

Saturday, August 22th – Old Fashioned Tea Party, Activity Leader is Krista

Saturday, September 19th – Volleyball Clinic, Activity Leader is Kathy




We had a great Saturday with the girls of St. PJ’s. Kecia led this month’s activity, which was a movie morning. We were able to use St. PJ’s movie room, which provided a mini-at home theater feel. The girls and volunteers watched “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” which is based off of a book by Ann Brashare. This is a great girl power movie that touches on friendship, sisterhood, self-esteem, pride and loss. The girls were able to snack on popcorn, candy and soda while they enjoyed the movie. Thank you so much Kecia for leading our activity this month and all the volunteers that helped make the morning a success! We hope to see you at our next event on July 25th.







Stephanie led this month’s Chicktime activity. The theme was trivia games and sundaes! Stephanie brought her beautiful mom, Ms. Bernadette and a few girlfriends to help host our May event. We were able to hang out with 34 girls that showed up with their game faces on!


The morning began with a hula hoop chain, which is an icebreaker game where we had to attempt to weave a hula hoop through a series of connected bodies (us). The wonderful thing about this game was that everyone participated, including, the St. PJ staff. (Great idea Stephanie!!) After the icebreaker, we then moved on to board games. Stephanie set up 6 tables with various games. Ms. Bernadette hosted the two tables that were set up for the Spanish-speaking girls. The girls were able to choose from: Taboo, Jenga Guesstures, HedBanz, Pictionary and Apples to Apples. The morning ended with sundaes! The girls were able to choose from vanilla or chocolate ice-cream and an assortment of toppings, including sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whip cream and cherries.


Although it was Memorial Day weekend, we had a wonderful turn out of volunteers to help make the event a success! Thank you so much to everyone that came out and spent time with the girls of St. PJ’s!! We hope to see you in June.


Stephanie, Ms. Bernadette & Girlfriends

Stephanie, Ms. Bernadette & Girlfriends



may invite 2015


We had an AWESOME time at our April event with the girls of St. PJ’s Children’s Home. This month’s activity leader was Laura. Laura led us in a challenging, but FUN bootcamp workout with Fiesta music. Laura brought her sister, Angela and friend, Roseanne to help guide us and let’s be honest, kick our butts! We started the morning off with the first set, which consisted of a ladder drill, jump in jacks, air squats, frog jumps and jump rope. After the girls finished the jump rope, they rolled all the way back to their line on a gym scooter (not as easy as it may sound). The next set consisted of another ladder drill, push-ups, lunges, bear crawl and jump rope. Again the girls rolled to the back of their line on a gym scooter. We took a short break and snacked on fresh strawberries, cinnamon apples, small portions of pound cake, muffins, and juice.  Laura then had us do line sprints (flashback to high school athletics anyone). These girls were fast!! Finally our morning ended with a spoon game. We had to balance a cascarone egg on a spoon. If you dropped the egg, we had to do 20 push-ups! We even had some of the St. PJ staff join us, which is always fun! You know you’ve had a great time when there was a 98% participation rate with the girls and most importantly, the girls did not want to leave!!


Thank you Laura for leading this month’s event. It was so much fun! We would also like to send a special thank you to Ms. Lori and Rachel for bringing the snack and juice.  Also, thank you Aran and Kathryn for translating for us. Finally, thank you to all our volunteers!! We are a sisterhood and truly cannot do these events without you and your participation.




 March Invite 15


We had an AWESOME time this month with the girls of St. PJ’s! Our activity was hosted by Ms. Steph of Steph’s Line Dancing. Ms. Steph taught us four line dances: Cupid Shuffle; the Wobble; Dade County Dip; Bunny Hop; and L’Argent. Steph made sure we understood the steps before the music started playing. When Ms. Steph said “GO TO WORK” that meant you better dance and shake what your momma gave you! There was a moment when Ms. Steph was not impressed with our free style moves….so screech music stops and she reiterated what “GO TO WORK” meant, we regrouped and WENT TO WORK, lol! A few of the St.PJ’s staff also joined in for the fun. The girls loved it!


We also had a special appearance by Miss Earth Eco USA. She helped translate Ms. Steph’s dance instructions to our Spanish speaking girls.


Our snack was graciously provided by Ms. Lori and her daughter Rachel, which consisted of DELICIOUS rice krispies treats (that were on a whole other level), along with juice and water. (Thank you Ms. Lori and Rachel!)


Thank you again Ms. Steph and her friends for leading our activity this month! Finally, thank you to ALL our volunteers that came out and line danced with the girls of St. PJ’s. We hope to see you at next month’s event!



Please join us March 28th from 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at St. PJ’s Children Home. Our activity for March will be hosted by Steph and we will be doing LINE DANCING!!!

Please RSVP to Dawn at chicktimesacentral@gmail.com

Visit us on our social media sites:

Facebook & Instagram

Follow-us at Chicktime SA Central



This month’s activity was led by Alamo Rows Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America. We learned basic knitting and crocheting stitches. The girls were divided amongst tables along with our volunteers.  Alamo Rows graciously provided each girl and Chicktime volunteer with a ball of yarn and crochet needle. The ladies of Alamo Rows then demonstrated to each table the various stitches. It was a very relaxing morning despite the cold and rainy weather. We would like to thank the ladies of Alamo Rows and ALL our volunteers that showed up for our knitting party despite the weather.  We had a wonderful time!


We hope you will be able to join us on March 28th for Steph’s Line Dancing!






We kicked off the new year with a PiYo activity with the girls of St. PJ’s. Many of our girls and volunteers had never done PiYo so we did not know what to expect. However, after about 10 minutes into our activity we were feeling the STRETCH and knew this was going to be a challenging workout!! Following PiYo the girls enjoyed delicious fresh fruit kabobs courtesy of Mary. The morning was topped off with a quick game of Hedbanz. Thank you to all of our volunteers that joined us this month and especially those that brought extra yoga mats for the girls. We hope to see you at February’s event.





Chicktime Jan 2015 Invite Copy



Chicktime SA Central had a great time with the girls of St. PJ’s.  This month’s activity was a goal setting bash! We did not find out until the night before the event that most of our girls this month would be Spanish speaking, so we had some challenges but were blessed to have a few of our volunteers speak Spanish. A special thanks to Lynda Ramos who helped explain the instructions to our Spanish speaking girls!


We started the morning off with an explanation of the importance of goal setting. Each girl and volunteer received a sheet of paper where we started the process of brainstorming and mapping out our goals. Each girl also received a pink folder that contained goal setting worksheets that they could also use to assist them in mapping out their goals for the New Year. After our short brainstorming session, we then moved on to creating our goal/dream boards out of magazine clippings and power words.  A hot chocolate bar was also set up so the girls could enjoy a sweet treat during our goal setting bash!


Group Pic




Dec 14 Invite


Chicktime SA Central’s November activity was led by Diana along with her friends, Stephanie and Alexis. The girls rotated between three tables of fun, which consisted of a yummy s’more making station with an assortment of juices, a Thanksgiving themed game of Bingo and finally a face painting station. The morning ended with a tricky game of drawing a turkey, let’s call him Mr. Gobble Gobble. Sounds easy right? Well try drawing Mr. Gobble Gobble on a plate …. on top of your head – not so easy. It was a challenging task that our girls and volunteers stepped up to. We had a lot of great versions of Mr. Gobble Gobble, but 2 girls came out on top with their stunning interpertations of Mr. Gobble Gobble. Between bingo and the Mr. Gobble Gobble challenge, the girls won prizes of giant bars of Hershey chocolates and Hello Kitty bracelets and mini note-pads! Thank you so much Diana, Stephanie and Alexis for making this month’s activity a hit!! We had a such great time and would like to thank all our volunteers for coming out in the rain and spending time with us. We hope to see you at our December event!






The chicks of Chicktime SA Central had a wonderful time at  October’s event. Laura Shanahan and friends led our October activity with pumpkin painting and games.  Some of the St. PJ’s staff even joined in for the fun.  Our chicks painted pumpkins while listening to Halloween music. We also played a few games, including musical chairs. The competition was fierce.  It was such a an awesome experience to watch the girls and our volunteers interact while the creativity flowed.  It was a reminder that these are our girls and the massive impact we as women can make  on their lives with positive interactions and encouragement. We truly felt blessed to be a part of the girls’ day. We would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers that came to spend the morning with us and the girls! We hope to see everyone at November’s event.







Our September event was a great hit. We had a last minute change to our scheduled event due to a conflict in schedule.  So instead of kickboxing, another volunteer, Alanna Young stepped up and led a bracelet and headband making party with beads. The rain did not damper our party or prevent our volunteers from coming out! The girls had a great time and made beautiful bracelets and headbands. We also played a game of charades which was hilarious and entertaining to say the least. The girls did not want the fun to end and many of our volunteers were in the same mindset. It was so AWESOME to see the same faces of some of our beautiful girls who remembered us from our August event and expressed how much they enjoyed spending time with us.


We cannot express how GRATEFUL and THANKFUL we are for all our volunteers that came out in the rain and shared this wonderful time with us! As I stated prior to the start of our event, Chicktime SA Central cannot do this without you. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!  We cannot wait to see you again for October’s event!!!


Sept. Pic




We kicked off the new school year with beats and a sweet treat! It was a morning filled with excitement as Mylene led us in a back to school Zumba dance party. (Thank you Mylene!!) The girls had a blast and you could feel the excitement and energy in the air. We knew Zumba would be a great way to kick off the new school year and Chicktime SA Central! We ended the morning with yummy homemade ice-cream.


THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and made this an awesome event and experience for the St. PJ Chicks!


August event



Save the Date - 23 Aug






Welcome to Chicktime San Antonio Central (a/k/a Chicktime SA Central). My name is Dawn and I am honored to present another Chicktime Chapter in the San Antonio area serving St. PJ’s Children’s Home. I have always had a passion of helping others and volunteering through Chicktime has provided me with the opportunity to feed that passion and help those in need.


I am a strong believer that every person can positively impact another individual’s life whether we are aware of that impact or not. This is why I love Maya Angelou’s quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is so true in my personal life. My grandmother (pictured with me above) has been my biggest advocate and cheerleader in life. She has loved me, shown me grace and has been by my side through good times and bad times. She has inspired me to overcome personal obstacles and achieve my goals. Every child deserves a cheerleader like this in their life and someone to believe in them. Chicktime is a sisterhood of women within a community that share their love and compassion for others, and like my grandmother, strive to mentor and empower young girls.


My vision for Chicktime SA Central is for our chapter to ignite a spark of creativity and hope in every child’s life that we touch; to inspire and impact their lives in a positive manner and for our children to walk away from our events feeling empowered with a sense of belonging and love. We want our girls to dream big and think big! Chicktime is a great organization for anyone who would love to give back to their community and enjoy enriching the lives of women and children.


We welcome you to join our sisterhood and family. Please click the “subscribe” button below and fill out the web form to join our chapter by selecting San Antonio Central from the drop down menu. This will add you to our database and you will receive news updates and invitations to upcoming Chicktime SA Central volunteer opportunities. Please extend our invitation to join to your friends and family. **Please note that before serving St. PJ’s Children’s Home, you will be required by the center to fill out a few forms, including permission for the center to run a background check.


I look forward to serving alongside of you.


For more information, please contact: Dawn Gayden at chicktimesacentral@gmail.com


We are excited to announce that a new leader has emerged and is building her team to establish the brand new Chicktime San Antonio Central Chapter. For more information contact info@chicktime.com


1) To become a volunteer, visit the following link:
The mission of St. PJ’s Children’s Home is to be a safe and loving refuge for children in crisi…
2) Then, complete the criminal background check application and click “Continue” (BGC Hardcopy is attached and will also need to be filled out for consent)

3) Instructions will be emailed to you to complete two OVASE online trainings
4) Complete a fingerprinting check and TB screening at the invitation of HR (expenses covered). I am attaching the TB paperwork and HR will email information on fingerprinting procedure.

5) Once you are cleared you by our HR you will receive a confirmation email from me and can begin volunteering with us!