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Question: There isn’t a chapter in my area and I’m not comfortable leading but I really want to help others. Can you help me?
Answer: There are many public and private charities in almost every community throughout America helping victims of abuse. They may or may not advertise that they have volunteer opportunities on their website, but we encourage you to reach out to them anyway and offer to help. An easy way to google in your area is to pull up Google Maps and type in your zip code so that it zooms in on your town/city. Then type ‘children’s home’ in the google map search bar. The system will ‘drop’ little red pins and identify children’s homes in your area. If there aren’t any, type ‘domestic violence’ in the google map search bar and it will drop more pins that will help you find shelters and organizations who support women and their children who suffer from domestic abuse. You can also try this technique to find ‘homeless shelters’, ‘runaway teens’, ect…
Question: I clicked ‘subscribe’ and filled out the web form. Why has no one from my local contacted me?

Answer: There are actually four possible answers.

  • The chapter you signed up for doesn’t have a leader yet. Without a leader, there is no one to contact locally. However you can contact info@chicktime.com for one one one conversation on how you can help. If this sounds appealing, please consider reading our book, Chicktime, and find out more about chapter leadership. Possibly you or someone you trust might be interested!
  • The chapter you signed up for has a very NEW leader and she doesn’t have news yet. It would be great if you could reach out to her! You can find out if your local chapter has a leader by clicking on your state, then clicking on your local chapter. If your chapter has a leader, her contact information will be listed there.
  • Your local chapter needs a co-leader or volunteer who has strong computer skills. Some of our local chapters aren’t contacting their new online sign-ups because they don’t have a volunteer available to learn and use the online sign up software system. If this is the case with your local chapter (and your good with computers), please consider contacting your local chapter leader and offering to help!
  • If none of these answers seem to apply, chances are you did NOT select a chapter and your contact information is in the ‘general’ listing, meaning you will not be contacted by a local leader because you are not signed up for a local chapter. If you believe this is the case, simply fill out the web form again and this time make sure to select a chapter from the drop down menu.


Question: What is an ’emerging’ chapter?

Answer: When someone contacts us and requests a chapter in their area, but don’t feel that they are the one to lead it… we build a database for that area and wait for a leader to emerge. Sometimes, especially in urban areas, 10-20 women end up signing up to volunteer for emerging chapters before a leader comes along.


Question: There isn’t a chapter in my area. How can we get one here?

Answer: Easy, ask us! The best way is to contact info@chicktime.com and share your heart. If you are pondering this idea please consider reading out short book TODAY!! CLICK HERE FOR FREE COPY


Question: I think I want to lead a chapter but I’m not sure. Can you help me make a decision?

Answer: Absolutely. It is such a good question, we have written a book to help you decide if leadership is for you! Please read our book, Chicktime, and let us know what you think.


Question: I’ve noticed that there is an active local chapter in my area, but the events don’t show up on the chicktime.com calendar. Why not?

Answer: There are actually two possible answers to this question.

  • Your local chapter is so new that there aren’t volunteer opportunities yet. If this is the case, contact the local leader and thank her for all of her hard work. Ask her to make sure to let you know when her events are posted on the calendar because you are excited to volunteer!
  • Your local chapter doesn’t have a volunteer to post the events on the online calendar. If you notice that your local chapter isn’t posting events on the online calendar, the only way to find out if this is the issue, is email and ask her. This would be especially helpful if you would like to volunteer to post her events.