A Christmas Posada…

November Update:

We had the best time at our ChickTime thanksgiving event
We asked the kids what are they thankful for and their answers amazed me..
They were thankful for their moms dads, sisters, brothers and friends as well as a roof over their heads.
Food, bears and cats and candy and the rain
Take a look at their wheels..
It humbled me that they are thankful for the most important things in life: family, friends, food and a roof over their heads
We were excited that the UTMB school of nursing students provided some wonderful information about nutrition and recipes they could make with the veggies they have growing in their community garden.
We also started decorating for Christmas. The tree went up!!
We were grateful for Talen and Anthony who helped us hang the garland around the shelters door..
They LOVED their snacks
Hmm we also were supposed to make turkeys but somehow they ended up liking like owls LOL
But you guys the smiles!!
The laughter of the kids and their families is what I am thankful for..
And as always someone made a little heart and left it at the table with craft suppliess