Movie In The Park!

May Update:

It has been a YEAR!!
A whole year since ChickTime Galveston partnered with Shine USA.
“I need consistency, these kids have been hurt, they have been let down, the very people they depend on the most have broken many promises to them, Are you SURE?” That was the question I was asked when I spoke to Pam the founder of Shine USA
I was honest, “ let me try”
Since then I have gotten to know the children we serve, I know their unique personalities.
There is “L” the child that broke my heart one week when she run up to me and gave me the biggest hug, she was so happy.
I seriously thought something wonderful had happened so I asked her, “ you are so happy what happened baby?
“ oh my mom gets her check tomorrow, we will be able to get food, we need money to get food and pay for other things”
She run off happy as can be, as only a child can and I went to hide behind my friend Nancy to cry a little bit.
Then there is P, we picked up in front of her apartment there were several adults sitting outside the door. One was drunk as could be still drinking from a small liquor bottle.
If I had not seen seen this first hand I don’t know if I had been able to give her so much Grace.
She often picks fights, talks back and tends to well challenges authority as much as she possibly can
But we love on her and then the miracle came, she actually apologized when she hurt another child
Pam explained to her that when she had done that she had hurt that child’s heart.
A light went off in her heart.
No one had ever explained that to her. No one had ever loved on her like we had.
The stories are many, we could write a book with their stories
So my answer is YES a million times YES I am ready! I am sure.
I Love them already.
So this event was special it was for the moms.
The kids made cards and each sibling group received a gift bag to take to their moms.
Some very special people have supported ChickTime this past year and for them I am so very grateful
We are coming back STRONG.
We will continue the meals once a week.
Why, well because my mom loved to feed people and that is how I will continue to show the world love.