Summer Gardening!

June Update:

Thanks to the threat of thunderstorms, we had to make a last minute call & change our plans for Chicktime this month! Thanks to Ms. Lynn and Ms. Ranah, we had an awesome afternoon of board games and ice cream! The atmosphere was a little different today with everyone spread out around the kitchen and dinning room playing their game of choice but one thing is certain… the ABCH children were reminded just how much we love them! What a blessing it is to #loveservegive @ the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home!

We’d like to share some words from one of our co-leaders here @ Chicktime Dothan, Ranah McSween…

“Life lessons learned while playing the board game Life today with my babies at the #alabamabaptistchildrenshome ? I drew a measly $30,000 a year salary and couldn’t afford to buy a home when the time came. Sweet, adorable boy #1 offered to buy me a house because “I have plenty of money and I want you to have a nice house to live in, Miss Ranah.” Oh. My. Stars It only gets better. As we moved through Life, the opportunity came for our players to start families. I noticed that sweet, adorable boy #2 had 4 kids. So, jokingly, I tell him it’s a good thing that he makes $100k/year to feed all of those children and that he’ll need to buy a bigger vehicle. He tells me, “That’s okay, I don’t mind. I want a big family. And a nice, big house for them to live.” Moral of the story: Life is so much better lived through the eyes of a child. Hug your babies. Play board games with your babies. Always remind your babies how loved they are. Teach them to be courteous and respectful towards others, to work hard and build an honest life for themselves. Most importantly, teach them that not everyone is handed the same cards in life. If you see a brother or a sister struggling, offer a helping hand. Volunteer and leave a positive impact during the time God has planned for you. Because that, my friends, is what He wants. I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday. My heart is overflowing

Moments like the one above are what we live for here @ Chicktime Dothan but it takes a village to bring our kind of love to these children every month! If you have 3 hours to spare one Saturday month and a to spend time with some of the most precious children you will ever meet… we invite YOU to join us!