Self Love!

December Update:

Have you ever been somewhere or experienced something that simply takes your breath away? Well that is exactly what happened to the Chicktime San Antonio Volunteers that came out to our December gathering.
Every year we are invited to our Charity Parter, Boysville Children’s Home Christmas Pageant. We are invited because it is their way to thank all of their volunteers collectively ~to include Chicktime San Antonio! This year as expected, the Pageant was so special. Each cottage performed a song, a skit, or played an instrument for the crowd. We may be a little bias, but we believe the cottage where “our girls” live was the best performance of the afternoon. Before “our girls” performed, they grabbed a microphone and thanked Boysville for giving them a place to live and caring for them when no one else would. Not a dry eye in the room and I’m pretty sure our hearts skipped a beat! Then the girls did a liturgical dance to Laura Dangle’s hit Christian Contemporary song, ~ You Say! If you have never heard the words please listen to them today and breathe them in for yourself and pray with us that the girls etch every word of the song in their heart.
The Administration, staff, and especilly children put so much time and love into the pageant that it is truly magical. It is our hope that one year you will join us and we promise you will leave there and know why there is Chicktime!

After the pageant, we continued with tradition and went to the girls cottage/home where the houseparents and girls treated us to tamales, fruit, veggie tray and spinach dip, and other chips and dips! It is such an honor to be invited to their home and break bread with them in such an intimate way. Our monthly workshops and activities are beautiful and meaningful, but this sacred and special time allows us to see the girls in a different way and us to them as well. After we ate and visited, we sat around their Christmas tree and played Santa. Because of very generous donations from some of our wonderful Chicktime Volunteers, we were able to buy the girls some special gifts on their wish lists. Their excitement and gratitude was overwhelming and a few times the girls were even taken back with tears which of course made us cry! We were also able to give the houseparents, relief houseparent, volunteer coordinator, and recreational specialist gift cards for their amazing work they do at Boysville and making our partnership with them so easy!

We are so grateful for each of you who made the gift exchange possible. We are also grateful for those of you who showed up and spent the afternoon with us. We are 100 percent sure that we are investing in the life of these girls and because of Chicktime they will always know they have women who are routing for them and will always know they matter!
Joyfully and With Lots of Love,
Annette, Donnette, Letty
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team