Oh, The Places She Will Go!

If you follow Chicktime on Facebook you may have noticed that we recently had quite the jet setter floating around various Chicktime chapters across the country last weekend. The lady who’s dream has inspired hundreds of women across the country to make a difference in their community spent time with some of our new chapters during her trip and made a lasting impression like only Lori can! First, Lori and her husband, Mike, flew to Birmingham, AL to join Molly McFarland for her November workshop with their charity partner, Grace House. This month’s workshop was titled, “Healing Words”. Volunteers were invited to Desert Island Supply Company for a writing session with Ms. Salaam Green. Writing is such a therapeutic exercise so we know this was a blessing to everyone who attended!

Next on Lori’s road map was a trip to visit one of our newest chapters, Chicktime Springfield. This month, Fallon Achas hosted a Chicktime Coffee Connection which is becoming quite popular among our chapters. We can only imagine the conversations that were enjoyed at Wm. Vans Coffee when Chicktime entered the room! Lastly, Lori joined Laurie Shannon with Chicktime St. Louis and their charity partner, Call For Help, for their November Fashion Show in which they donated clothes to the girls at the Transitional Living Center. We asked Lori to tell us a little about her trip…

“My Chicktime journey began 10 years ago and from the very beginning I knew we would develop a robust network throughout the United States. When our expansion began we made the commitment to meet together annually for our leader retreat; which has been a phenomenal tradition. For almost a decade, it has been my dream to travel and visit the chapters and this weekend that dream came true. Thank you Mike for your commitment to me, my dream, to the Chicktime leaders, the volunteers, the charities and beautiful women and children we serve. May God continue to bless the seeds we all sow and the love we share!”

When you make the initial contact to begin your own Chicktime chapter, you immediately feel a connection to Lori. That’s just part of her warm and loving nature. For those of us who have been able to make it to a Chicktime retreat, we know that the connection to her only grows stronger. Lori and her family just become part of our lives and no one would have it any other way. We are beyond excited that Molly, Fallon, and Laurie we are able to experience that joy as well! Great things are still to be accomplished in those cities and if anybody can do it… it’s a Chicktime chick!

By Ashley Simmons
Chicktime Dothan Founding Leader