Monday FUNday!

June Update:

Wow!! We need a photographer bc the leader gets too excited & impressed to take good pics!

Tonight we made affirmation mirrors. We took a big pic frame and decorated them with bling & positive affirmations. Then we put a mirror on the frame so when we look in the mirror we can say our affirmations, take in the beauty & marvel at the creativity. And did they create!!!!! I didn’t even get a pic of Ash’s project cuz a mentor wanted it! There’s so much to say about our awesome group…

We have 3 babies coming soon!!! Pennie is safety monitor for her school & got fabulous new glasses. Peanut flipped a container of like 1000 jewels everywhere and then Pennie made him laugh so hard. We ate sammiches, pop rocks & pixie sticks. Yay Chicktime St. Louis!!!! It was a great night. ?????