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April Update

Thank you Tara Johnson for this great recap of April’s Chicktime activities.


I had the nicest time at Chicktime April.  The girls that attended were so enthusiastic.  I traveled with one group of five.  I got to visit with each of them.  There were four activities planned. Our first station was in the chapel where a retired music teacher and his wife led us in songs and dances. We played rhythm instruments, sang and even requested songs that the maestro could play on his ukulele or guitar.  In the gym, we made blue jean pocket journals, decorated with trim, jewels, and buttons. Each design was as unique as the designer.  In the cottage, we decorated cupcakes, ate them, and worked a word search puzzle.  In the cafe, we got to color with map pencils on an adult coloring page.  The morning was a blessing to me. And I love it when the girls wave thank you and goodbye.