May Event Recap

Two charities were joined together for the month of May.  The volunteers and kids met at the Sasquatch Zoo, run by Emerald Coast Wildlife Rescue.  The zoo was kind enough to provide an individual tour to our group where the kids learned all about the wallaby, ringtailed lemurs, tortoises, bears, tigers, and so many more animals!  After the tour the kids went to the petting zoo and got to feed with the goats, deer, llamas, and a cow.  The animals had long and scratchy tongues!!  After a lunch of what the animals eat (berries, meats, nuts, and veggies), the kids were tested on what they learned in a scavenger hunt.  Did you know tortoises can live over a hundred years??  At the end of the day, everyone signed their handprint on a wonderful sign thanking the zoo.  All the kids had lots of fun seeing another charity in action on their day at the zoo!!