Where We Serve

Chicktime Macon is proud to serve at the┬áMasonic Home of Georgia. Since June 14, 1905 the Masonic Home of Georgia has served over 2100 children in need from the State of Georgia. The Home is located on 650 acres in Macon, “the Heart of Georgia.” The ideal location makes it easily accessible to all of Georgia. The Home is non-profit organization that is funded by the Masons of Georgia. The Home is a residential child care facility that provides basic care to children in need. Residential child care is defined as the appropriate placement of children whose care cannot be provided in their own home or for whom group care is a positive alternative. On June 14, 1905; Superintendent A.S. Harris and the Home staff welcomed the first 14 guests to the Masonic Home. Initially the Home provided care for the elderly as well as children. However Grand Lodge made the decision in 1912 to admit thereafter only children. The elderly already at the Home continued to live there and the last adult “Aunt Molly” passed away in 1945.

The Home is comprised of four halls in the main building and two cottages adjacent to the Home. Each hall or cottage has a main living room area where the children can gather. There is also six bedrooms available for children to reside, they are “suite style” (two bedrooms joined by a bathroom). There is also a kitchen and laundry room as well. A houseparent is required to be on duty 24 hours a day and they reside on the hall in a separate apartment. The Masonic Home employs a staff of approximately 27. Residential childcare is a multi-dimensional endeavor and the variety of our staff reflects this. All employees are dedicated to their work and consider it a vocation. Several of our employees maintain their permanent residence on campus.



Current Needs:
twin size bed sheets
towels/wash clothes,
pillows/pillow cases
Walmart gift cards

If you would like to donate any of these items, please call the office at 478-743-5154or visit them online at masonichomeofgeorgia.com today!