June News

Chicktime Hope is leading a local Ten to Change drive for Globalife Journey’s upcoming missions trip to Guatemala. The team departs San Antonio for eight days at an elevation of close to 10,000 feet and will be spending their days helping women and children at one of only two emergency abuse shelters in the country. Each year the team adds a new dimension, and last year the need for basic medical and hygiene training was evidenced when we did our first medical clinic with the women and children. Many had gangrene on their bodies where wounds had become infected, so in order to have a larger, more successful medical clinic this year we are doing the Ten to Change. What is that? It’s a $10 bill possibly saving and definitely changing someone’s life forever! We can get a large portion of the medical items we need on Amazon at an amazing discount, so this is what we are asking for: donations of Amazon gift cards in the amount of $10 (or more, of course!) The wishlist of items can be viewed by searching Amazon.com under the wishlist for specialksmith@hotmail.com. The list contains approximately $700 of items…so if 70 ladies can do $10 we could knock it out like that (or 10 ladies could do $70!) Since the team leaves on the 3rd of July we need to order the week of the 15th to ensure items will arrive on time. So how can you donate a gift card? There are 3 ways: 1) If you are local we’d be happy to come pick it up; or 2) the easiest method is to visit Amazon.com, click on gift cards and send a gift card via email to specialksmith@hotmail.com (using personal email only because Chicktime Hope doesn’t have it’s own Amazon.com account), or 3) you can order a gift card on the same web site with 1 day delivery and mail to PO BOX 700784, San Antonio Texas, 78270, attn: Chicktime Hope (Karen Smith). We would need to have all gift cards collected by Monday, June 16th so we can order items that evening for delivery. Please join us in making a difference in the lives of these precious women and children in Guatemala…and for pictures from our past trip just scroll down our news page! Questions? Email us at hope@chicktime.com!


May Highlights

We had another full house at the Courthouse for our Changing Directions program! It was amazing to see the lives of so many girls impacted so deeply in such a short time! As usual we had a few difficult cases, but we also had some of the mostly deeply affecting times with the girls yet! It is such an honor and a privilege to sow into these young lives at such a critical juncture in their lives!