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Come and join in on the fun at La Jolla Shores. We will be having a BBQ ,plenty of games and laughter to fill the day. Please contact Phoenix at 858-386-9660 or phoenixrai10@gmail.com.


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Game day was another wonderful, successful event. I am so astonished how organically and effortlessly these events enfold into a positive, fun loving Chicktime experience. The fruition of the girls and ladies just interacting and being empowered to explore the passion of living a beautiful life embodied the purpose of living with a open, vulnerable heart. This is reflected even more as each event passes. In the moment we all came together playing games, laughing, and bonding. We got down playing Twister, Just Dance, and Headbanz game, which was probably the most entertaining, fun game I have ever played. We were all cracking up trying to guess who or what we were. I think we could have played it for at least four more hours. Of course the Italian cuisine was a highlight of the event. Everyone enjoyed Joann’s bruschetta and garlic bread, Jen’s homemade to die for meatballs, (We missed you Jen and Elisa!) my yummy marinara sauce, Ilka’s soda, and Annie’s sweets she brought. Thank you ladies for making such a positive impact on Casa’s girls and all your love, effort and presence in making Mays event such a great, meaningful time. I am looking forward to next months Beach Party event! Until then Keep living with a yearning for a beautiful, present life. I love you all!