January News

December Kickoff Meeting

Thank you to all those who were able to make it to the informational kickoff meeting last month!  We talked about what Children in Crisis, our partner home, is all about and what we’re aiming to accomplish with our particular chapter of Chicktime.  Food was eaten, donations were traded for Chicktime shirts, and questions were cleared up regarding Chicktime specifics.




To top it all off, we have our schedule roughly planned through August including the date, time, leader, and theme for each event.  It’s all coming together!  😀




For those who have expressed interest in volunteering or donating but weren’t able to come out for the meeting, contact Mel at melissa.a.hemphill@gmail.com to get added to our volunteer list.  She will e-mail you the slides from the meeting and include you in future chapter updates.  For any questions about Chicktime, contact Kristina at lathrop.kristina@yahoo.com.  There are many ways to help!  Send your event ideas to Jess at jessica.marie.schafer@gmail.com.  In addition to the scheduled events, some ideas we knocked around include:





January Healthy Living Event


Sunday, January 20th (1:30-5pm)


Our first event will be held at CrossFit Fort Walton Beach (29 Jet Drive NW, Fort Walton Beach FL 32548) and will consist of three, 40 min stations.  The first station will be a warm-up, CrossFit Kids-style team workout, and mobility afterwards.  There will be teams of three or four (designated by different color bandanas!) and a “professional” CrossFitter in each group.   We will encourage all of the children to participate but understand that some may not be able to.  The second station will be a fun, interactive nutritional seminar lead by Tracy McKenna.  Finally, we will end our day by making a healthy meal of kabobs and fruit salad.


How YOU can help!

  • “Professional” CrossFitters needed to lead small teams
  • Help Tracy with the seminar
  • Bring food, help kids assemble kabobs
  • Most importantly, just visit with the children


To volunteer for this event please contact Melissa Hemphill (melissa.a.hemphill@gmail.com)


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