It’s a Chicktime Summer!

June Update:

Chicktime San Antonio’s in-person workshops are back and changing hearts!! It’s so wonderful to be back on the campus of Boysville, Inc.!!
We’ve been faithful for a year or so with drop off activities and slowly eased back the last few months with some limitations….but this month it felt like it did pre-covid.
Workshop leader, Betty Fernandez, opened us in prayer before the girls arrived which set the stage for a joyful morning. Betty’s workshop was all about moving and staying active. We circled up and did stretching exercises. This allowed us time to talk and laugh. We then broke up in groups to do other more cardio activities geared for coordination and balance used with rings and cones. Jump roping fun and games took up the bulk of the workshop as the girls AND volunteers couldn’t get enough of it!! We bowled with toilet paper and even went outside and competed in a water balloon toss! Snacks were a hit (especially the watermelon)but the most touching part of the workshop was when we circled up to end the workshop~ Betty asked the girls to share at least one thing they were grateful for….EVERYONE in the circle participated…..The teen girls, the volunteers….chapter leaders and even the staff! The answers were the reason we come back each month. Good is so good!!
We closed in prayer led by one of our NEW volunteers, Cindy. Did I mention we had 3 new volunteers? Wow!
We invite you to join us any month. It would be such an honor to serve with you.
All our love,
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team
Annette, Donnette and Letty