February News

January Event Recap 

Chicktime FWB is up and running! And by running, we mean sprinting full speed ahead! We are so pleased to announce the success of the first Chicktime event here in Fort Walton Beach. We were blessed to spend the day with 14 boys and girls from the shelter and over 60 volunteers from the local community.



The event began with a warm welcoming of the children.  Each of them received a t-shirt and played while they became acquainted with the volunteers.  Their first station was a group warm-up followed by the game, “Find-a-Friend.”  This got the kids moving and interacting with each other. Next, they were broken up into small groups and shown basic (and not so basic) exercises like squats, pushups, running, and tire flipping.  Thanks to our “professional” CrossFitters, each child learned new skills and had fun doing it!




The children then were ready to show off what they learned by playing “Simon Says.”  When “Simon” turned out to be named Alicia, the children quickly renamed the game to “Alicia Says.”  Next, the kids and volunteers were broken up into teams and given bandanas to signify their team. They were challenged to complete each learned skill for 30 seconds. They were so proud of themselves and of their teammates.




The final activity of the day involved two stations: a fun and challenging obstacle course, and an amazing, interactive nutritional seminar where they learned about the different macronutrients and the reasons for eating healthy foods. With all the talk about food, the children were starving… just inside the clubhouse, a group of volunteers had an entire dinner set up which included kabobs, fruit salad, veggies, and bacon-wrapped dates.  The children had so much fun putting together their own kabobs—and were able to identify the different macronutrients too!


To sum it up, we could not have asked for a better event.  The children absolutely enjoyed themselves and experienced what healthy living is really all about: Good Friends, Good Food, and Getting Fit!


Upcoming February Event

On Sunday, February 10th from 2-5pm, we will return to Children in Crisis for a carnival-themed Valentine’s Day party!  If you are interested to helping out, please register on our calendar.  Sort by “Fort Walton Beach” and then click “Register” under the Valentine’s Day Carnival.  Or, you can directly contact Ashley Anderson or Tracy McKenna– their information is located on the flyer below!


feb flyer