February Event Recap

For February, Chicktime volunteers returned to our collective passion of SCIENCE and brought the children 3 “I-can’t-believe-this-is-science!” activities. First, the children explored the ins and outs of how airplanes fly and built a paper airplane to put the their knowledge to the test. Second, the children investigated taste through their very own taste test experiment. They learned the different types of taste and where those receptors sit on their tongues. Third, we made a non-newtonian fluid (you will want to try this at home)! Unlike water, this fluid doesn’t “flow” the way you think it should. If you dropped a fork on top of this seemingly liquid fluid, the prongs won’t even break the surface! It’s pretty amazing. For our grand finale, we took the kids outside and let them explode bottles of Diet Coke by adding 3 Mentos to each container. A huge “thank you!” to our amazing volunteers!


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