December News

Chicktime Hope is so excited to be joining with Chicktime Canyon Lake this year for the Annual Christmas Party at New Life Children’s Center!  Please read below and RSVP if you can  help by sending an email to info@chicktime.com or on the FB public Invite here.

Chicktime Hope is co-hosting and bringing the band, Santa pictures, and fun games!

We still need your help for the following items!!

Please hit a reply and send us an email
letting us know what items you would like to donate and also if you can join us!

(1) Chocolate Fountain w/marshmallows, pretzels
fruit, pound cake, angel food cake – Carolyn Boden
(60) Candy Canes – Carol Cook
(60) Candy Canes – Laurie Rauch
(2) Veggie Trays – Lori Rhodes
(12 dozen) Sandwiches – Lori Rhodes
(3 dozen) Homemade Cookies – Kaye Haynes
(3 dozen) Homemade Cookies – Katie Cattarin
(3 dozen) Homemade Cookies – Toni Knight
(3 dozen) Homemade Candy – Liz Barger
(3 dozen) Homemade Candy – Katy Barger
(3 dozen) Homemade Candy – Kelly Frank
(3) Bags of Chips & (3) Dips –
(3) Bags of Chips & (3) Dips –
(3) Bags of Chips & (3) Dips –
(3) Bags of Chips & (3) Dips –
(3) Bags of Chips & (3) Dips –
Fruit Punch to serve 100 –
Hot Chocolate to serve 100 –
Bottle Water to serve 100 – Lori Rhodes
(200 each) Plates, Napkins, Cups – Carolyn Boden

Gift Tote Bags with Hoodies
(80) Toiletry Sets- Pam Vandermey-Collins
(80) Ankle Socks – Ione Wenzel
(80) Ankle Socks – LIsa Martin
We need to raise $2,000 to cover the cost of the tote bags and hoodies
so you are welcome to donate in any increment that you like!

Please make checks out to CHICKTIME, and mail to 1020 Allen View Dr., New Braunfels, TX 78132
Contact Lori Rhodes or Carolyn Boden for more details: info@chicktime.com or carolyn@bodenhaus.com


For the month of November Chicktime Hope partnered once again with King’s Compassion to collect and organize groceries and take those groceries and breakfast items to home-bound seniors.  There they shared a meal, had fellowship and tended to any immediate household needs!