Cooking With Kelly

January Update:

Chicktime San Antonio’s January 2020 workshop was all kind of WOW!!
Thank you to our workshop leader, Lora Williams, managing leader of our sister chapter, Chicktime San Marcos, for traveling to lead our first workshop of the year.

Thank you for bringing laughter, but also truth and hope in your skit via your character ” Sally Roe” to the teen girls at Boysville that we are blessed to spend time with every month. We loved the “Law and Order” theme of the skit using volunteers as the judge(God) and prosecuting attorney (world) to hear the case of young Sally Roe giving up on life because of all the bad decisions she made and hard times she had to endure…. but using the girls to be the Jurors and concluding that if God can forgive they can forgive too was just the very reason why we show up month to month!

These broken, but beautiful girls need to hear the very message that you intentionally shared with them! God loves you NO matter what!!

Thank you for the special yard game too. We believe giving the girls 4 different pieces of colored yard to represent broken relationships, experiences ( good and bad), things we can’t forgive about ourselves, and our relationship with God to form a web ( representing our life without God) was such a powerful visual. A visual of what our life looks like when we don’t have God in our life to give us clarity to get through the web of life.¬†

The visual was stronger when volunteers cut the web~ piece by piece~ to make room for the white yarn (God) to help us find the clarity and peace found only in HIM. Thank you for wrapping up our time together by sharing your testimony that paralleled “Sally Roe’s” life. The journey that started much like the girls who live at Boysville, but that made it through the “web” because of Jesus Christ and is living out HIS purpose in a very courageous way! Thank you for singing and praying with the girls too.

We were also blessed with yummy snacks and new volunteers!
An all and all perfect Chickitme workshop!

Join us next month for cooking with Kelly!