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February Update:

Chicktime continues to take our breath away. The volunteers who show up make such a profound difference in these girls lives… and in our own… holy is the only word fit to describe the experience.
Read the little prayer shared on the white piece of paper. It was written by a New Life girl to her roommate. I have to wonder how many moments ushered in by God through the hands, feet, and hearts of the volunteers would not happen. How much healing would be delayed, and the abundance of love not released into the hearts of these children. Thank you to everyone who invests in the children, from the workshop leaders who put their heart, souls, talent and resources into providing the workshops to the sweet volunteers who just show up to be there for the girls. You all make a difference and the effects are profound!
Thank you so much to our workshop leader this month, Nicole Garza! The impact your stations made on these girls is palpable.