Chefs In The Making!

January Update:

Wow! Wow! Wow! Our January 2019 workshop leader, (Author and Motivational Speaker), Lora Williams, brought down the house at Boysville today!

Lora through skits and open discussion and reflection exercises had us breaking chains that we hold onto and learning to claim who God says we are! The girls learned that forgiveness is for us not the person who hurt us! Powerful! They also learned that there is NO experience in our life that decreases our value and that for every negative word that was ever told to us we can turn it around make it a positive one. Our mirror isn’t broken ladies…it just needs to be cleaned off! We are beautiful and worth it! She had us listen to ~Who You Are: A Message to All Women…Double Powerful! Click the link! Not once but twice! Listen to it three times!! Hear the message and plant it on your heart!

We closed in a circle prayer and had snacks and fellowship.
Praising God that Chicktime San Antonio continues to make a difference in 2019!