Changing Directions


May News

Our third Changing Directions of 2016 will be Saturday, May 14th from 8:30 am until 1:00 pm at the San Antonio Municipal Courthouse on Frio Road. Changing Directions is one of the court-mandated programs that girls age 12-17 can complete to avoid a jail or probation for a first time misdemeanor offense.  We provide breakfast for the girls and a four hour program that helps to motivate and inform them of how to make better choices in their lives.  This is one of our biggest and most demanding (and most rewarding) events as we have seen many girls’ lives changed! Please RSVP on our Public Facebook invite or on the registration link here.


April Highlights

We had another fantastic Changing Directions event this past weekend. We had a lot of volunteers come, which was great because we had a record number of girls. Normally the court cuts the program off at 50, but we had 61 girls and it was amazing to see the difference that 4 hours made in their lives. Some of the girls were so impacted by the love and support of our women that they were in tears by the end of just the first section. Thanks to all the volunteers who truly showed that these girls are loved and valuable!