Ballet Class!


March Update



Chicktime Saturday with Cici was amazing!! Cici helped the girls at Elks, as well as the leaders, get some much needed rest- physically, mentally, emotionally. It was like a breath of fresh air. The girls came in with this frazzled sort of energy- it was very loud and at first the girls weren’t really quite open to yoga. But if you know Cici, you know what happened next. She led them through guided breathing and different yoga poses. Very soon the roomfell quiet as everyone was just resting mentally and physically. It was as if all of us had hit the reset button, including the girls at Elks. 
Then Cici passed out cards that described what God says about us, or about who He is. Some of the young ladies who where the most resistant to participate in the beginning ended up sharing some beautiful things with the group. Everyone left feeling refreshed and calm.  We would love to have you volunteer with us at Chicktime. If you have not been at a workshop, led by Cici, you are missing it!
Thank you, Elks Aidmore, Inc. for always allowing us the opportunity to pour into these girls! Cisilia Lenz