August 2014

Cant believe it is almost back to school time!

We had the best intentions for Chicktime on Saturday…but as you all know, things do not always go as planned!  What is amazing to us is when you have a plan, it doesnt work out but the result is even better than what you had planned!  We  visited, ate breakfast and met knew friends.  We checked in on the garden we planted this summer , got to see some of the veggies they have picked and were told stories of how they have used the vegetables in their cooking!

It was so relaxing…..  Perfect girl time.  So we are moving our orginal plan for Scrapbooking to this Saturday August 2.  If you are avaiable please join us!

If you would like to lead a month, please let us know!  It truly makes a differenec in the life of the ladies at the Crisis Center (and the ladies that lead)

We have back up plans in case no one comes forward….but we would love new ideas and new faces!