April Event Recap

This month, we had to wish a very sad farewell to our selfless leaders: Jessica, Garrett (and baby Parker, who is still cooking!)  As the Children in Crisis capacity is growing, so are our events! We had one of our largest groups of children to date and spent the day playing a variety of sports! Between the fun and the sun, both children and volunteers parted for a low-key, restful afternoon.

april copy


The event today was focused around teaching kids some skills, and just having a fun time!  At the football station, kids learned how to run passing routes and how to communicate with their quarterback.  At the soccer stations, they learned how to dribble the ball with their feet and were able to play red light green light to hone their skills.  After a nice lunch, we got back together for either a big game of kickball or a football scrimmage.  All in all, the event lasted about 3 hours. I think we tired them out for the day – much to the excitement of their parents!