Tie Dye Beach Towels!



Spray Tie-Dye Kit
Masking Tape
Measuring Cup
Warm Water
Rubber Gloves




Lay your towel out on a flat surface, smoothing it out. Using the tape and moving slowly, spell out your child’s name across the towel.



Next, on a covered surface or grass, put on your gloves and begin mixing up the tie-dye with the warm water. What colors are made from the primary colors? Working from the color wheel, which colors will look best near each other on the towel?



With those gloves on, let the spraying begin!



It’s perfectly fine to get spray on the tape.



Once the towel is fairly dry, flip it over to be sure to spray the backside! Flip back over and allow to dry completely. Wash the towels separately twice alone in the wash.



Voilà! Monogrammed beach towels!



Here are the printable instructions for this tye dye activity!