May News

April Event Recap


The children visited Eglin Air Force Base for the April Chicktime event.  The day began with a tour of an Air Force C-130 on the flight line.  The C-130 Hercules took the children on a virtual flight around the United States, visiting California and New Mexico before returning to the Florida panhandle.  This was the first time on an airplane for some of the kids, while others were glad to experience a “flight” without getting sick!


As the children were broken into small groups to tour of the C-130, the non-touring children and volunteers were free to play tag in the large airplane hangar.  By time the tour was finished, everyone was ready to sit back and relax (or recover, in the case of the volunteers).


910th Airmen stage to support Gulf oil spill clean up


Our next stop on Eglin allowed us to relax in the warm sun while watching the Security Forces K-9 unit perform.  First, the children learned how the Security Forces (police officers) work together with their dogs to help keep us safe.  Next, we watched the dogs in action.  We witnessed how well they listened to their handlers and also how happy they were to be working with them.  Finally, everyone had the opportunity to try on the safety equipment and toured the dog kennels to meet all the animals!


Eglin K9


The day wrapped up with a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers and a visit from some the Medical staff on base.  They showed the children how they use some of their equipment that helps people feel better.  Fortunately, everyone was safe that day and Medical did not need to help us!


Upcoming May Event


The children will be having an outdoor “sports day” on Sunday, May 19 from 1-4 pm.  It should be a great afternoon filled with high-energy kids playing different sports alongside the volunteers.  We have had many games of tag and football during our past Chicktime events, but in the long-standing rivalry of kids vs. volunteers, the kids are still undefeated! If you are interested in helping, please email chicktimefwb@gmail.com.  We look forward to seeing you!