December News

-To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.--Joseph Chilton Pearce




Community is one of the most important things that we can cultivate in our lives. The web of people that we are originally connected to though can be sometimes the farthest people away from us. For me, I always felt broken from disconnection in my familial ties. Now much time has passed, and grace has healed me and my family, but I still can feel the scars from the the deep agony of being a teenage girl without the love and connection she needed to be centered in peace and security of stability. God has his plan though. He uses the broken to show his love through fulfilling his promises. My mom asked me over Thanksgiving, “Why would God want your anxiety and worries?”  I answered, “Because through him we are shown what it truly is to love, and we can’t follow through with that expression if we carry all the burden of sin on our shoulders. Through him and submission to him, by putting aside our idolizations, we are free to love as we were intended to. ” I know some of you don’t know God, some have turned away, and some have committed your life to him for years. Wherever you are, I just want you to know how much you are loved. That is exactly what community provides; a sense of love, and belonging. We are here on this earth to uplift each other, because who we invest in not only reaps rewards from our guidance, and our acknowledgment of their significance in this world, but giving of ourselves only brings us to a higher understanding of love and meaning in our own life. Chicktime represents this exactly and promotes building strong families, communities, and cities so that we can connect, collaborate, celebrate and create a better future for women around the world. I know it starts with an event held on a Saturday a month in about 32 cities, but I have faith that our impact is much greater than you can imagine.
Ladies this Thanksgiving Event was absolutely heartfelt and touching. As we set around the table reflecting on all the things we were thankful for, I was moved by the sentiment and love around the table. I am so grateful for you and your giving hearts holding the desire to uplift these girls through our community. I love you all. Thank you. See you next month!