Yoga and Vision Board Fun!!


December Update


I don’t know if I have the right words to express just how much the girls at Elks Aidmore and we, the Chicktime leaders, appreciate your love and generosity.
Every girl was sponsored and received stockings, gift boxes, and gift bags of presents. The girls received toiletries, blankets, lotions, clothes, shoes, art supplies, hair products, and gift cards. The girls were shrieking (that’s the best word for it) with excitement. It brought tears to my eyes to hear how excited they were to get their favorite snacks as well as new makeup and clothes. They were completely overwhelmed with gratitude. I hate that I can’t show you their faces because their smiles would have made you cry.
These girls face so many challenges, they are untrusting and have their defenses up at all times. Rarely do they smile. Then Chicktime comes around. The girls smile, laugh, and act like the children they are instead of having to be grown up before they are ready. In fact, one young lady was so overcome with thankfulness that she serenaded us. I was sobbing inside. We had such a fun night singing karaoke and doing Christmas crafts. The girls didn’t want to leave the party because they were so happy. You did that for them. Thank you all so much.