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March Update:

Have you ever sat and just thought about what it truly means to be blessed? Personally, sometimes, I think it’s hard to see our blessings when we are in thick of chaos.

When we are just feeling like everything around us is not going right… do we see the blessings all around us? Today, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our ABCH kiddos and it was hard NOT to see the blessings all around us. These children, they bring us so much joy every month.

These volunteers… they are our blessing. While making lava lamps, eating yummy chicken sandwiches that Chick Fil A sent to us, and making leprechaun traps… the blessings could not go unnoticed.

Smiles and laughter filled the home today and we are so thankful to everyone who helped to make Chicktime so incredible this month!

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