Website Tutorial



Click on the Website Log-In and Updating Instructions link for comprehensive directions for editing your website at chicktime.com.


Website Log-In and Updating Instructions



Instructions to Fix Your Post Galleries:

  1. Go into the post menu and select the post you want to edit, click edit
  2. Scroll down to the gallery you want to fix and click on it, two icons will appear in the upper left hand of the gallery, click on the one to the far left that looks like a graphic of a little mountain (do NOT click the red circle with the line through it).
  3. All the way to the right you will see a drop down menu in the upper corner that is set to default on the word ‘attachment’. This is the problem and it is an easy fix. Select ‘media’ on this drop down menu.
  4. Click on the blue ‘update gallery’ button in the lower right hand corner
  5. Click on the blue ‘update’ button in the right column.


Done, now the thumbnails in your gallery will open up to larger images when clicked on! 🙂



Instructions to use the Post Function for your News Page


To Create a Post:

  1. Once logged into the website at chicktime.com, from the Dashboard, click ‘Posts’ located in the left column (towards the top)
  2. When the post menu opens, click the ‘add new’ box located at the top of the page.
  3. Add content and pictures as you normally would.
  4. Before clicking the blue ‘publish’ button MAKE SURE TO SELECT A CATEGORY (categories are listed in a box in the right hand column and chapters are listed alphabetically by state.)


If you neglect to select the category (your chapter) your post will then show up on EVERY page on our website. DO NOT DO THAT. If it happens and you cannot correct it, contact info@chicktime.com so we can fix it.



Instructions to Add a Gallery on a Post or Page:


When photos are uploaded and added to your content pages, they are automatically saved in your chapter’s photo gallery.  To make these pictures appear on a page or a post:


  1. click on the Add Media button located above the description box
  2. click on the Create Gallery link located in the left column
  3. click on the pictures you would like to add to your post
  4. click on the Create A New Gallery blue button located in the bottom right corner of the page.
  5. in the right column, change the ‘attachment’ selection to ‘media file’ in the drop down menu.
  6. click on the Insert Gallery blue button located in the lower right corner of the page
  7. After adding/editing content to any page, click on the blue “Update” button on the right side of the screen and do not navigate away from the page until it has refreshed.
  8. To add photos to the gallery after it has been created, from the POST edit screen, go to the Photo Gallery edit page, click on the blue box that appears (and represents) the gallery exists.  2 small icons will appear in the upper left hand corner.  The red circle will delete the gallery from the page (but do not fear the photos still exists on the site and just needs to be inserted again) and the other icon will allow you to edit the gallery.  A window will open with the pictures listed.  Select the option in the left column to Add To Gallery. Click on the photos you would like to add. Then click the Update Gallery blue button in the lower right of the screen. Be sure to update the post by clicking the Update blue button on the right side of the screen.