We <3 Call For Help, Inc!!

Because of awesome amazing people who have donated items to our cause, we dropped off some much needed things to a young lady & her 1 year old son last night. She moved from the shelter into her own place, has a full time job & is doing well! Woohoo!

Kathy Stack Mondragon~ your generous donation will be making ladies super happy at our event this evening!! Stephanie Victor~ your table & dresser have a wonderful new home & the new owners could not be happier! Cassondra Christine~ Your basket of goodies/seat & toy box donation was awesome & so appreciated! Ashton Clay~ thanks for supervising the movers lol. Laurie Shannon supplied the son who donated a futon, 2 chairs & furniture moving muscle.

Now that we have created a little storage room, we can accept more stuff!! Message Chicktime St. Louis if you have things you’d like to donate to a great cause. Thank you everyone!!! ?