Water Day!


July Update

We had so much fun today with the girls!
We brought snacks and games and a karaoke machine.
The girls sang their hearts out today.
It brought tears to our eyes because they are so talented.
We felt like we were judges on America’s Got Talent
because these girls just began singing and bringing tears to everybody’s eyes.
And it’s so heartbreaking because the world may never get to hear their talent.
These girls have gifts and talents that God gave them, that the world needs,
and unless people invest in them and pour into their lives, they may never realize how gifted and talented they are
and never use their talents. So I pray if you’re reading this that you will get involved
because the girls need you. Because we need them.
We also played a game where we had to do the tasks on the card
which left us all cracking up. I might have prank called Pizza Hut today.
And we gave the girls book bags filled with school supplies.
We forgot to take pictures of that though.
We appreciate everyone who donated school supplies to help these girls get started back on the right foot.
It was an amazing feeling to see these girls filled with such joy today and having fun and relaxing and just being able to be themselves.
They don’t get to really do that a lot. So we appreciate everyone who made that happen.
Next month we will be doing slip and slide kickball along with a few other water games,
so let us know if you would like to volunteer with us.