About Our Chapter

We are looking for 3 women to join the Leadership Team.  


Welcome to Chicktime Washington DC! My name is Filseta Yilma and I am the managing leader of Chicktime Washington. Chicktime is an incredible organization that provides a community for women to use their talents and hearts to put a smile on children’s faces  who have suffered abuse/neglect. This is a place where women can unapologetically pursue their passion while encouraging children  to do the same.

Chicktime women are a phenomenal group of women who will turn into your family. I came across Chicktime during a time where my life needed more purpose and it’s given me that ever since. Seeing a simple smile from these children who’ve been through so much fills our hearts with joy.

Our vision is to inspire continuous growth while learning from each other and providing a safe and loving place for children. If you’ve been searching for a place to get involved with helping abused/neglected children, Chicktime is the place for you!

Chapter History:

Sana Arif became the managing leader after the founding managing leader moved away. Her goal was to create an atmosphere full of happiness, joy, and camaraderie through service. The beauty of giving with the purpose of making a difference in the lives of youth is a gift to be treasured.



Chicktime Washington DC was founded by Ariel Sarandinaki in 2016 with the idea of uniting the love, compassion, and talents of local women with young girls who have been exposed to domestic violence.

Ariel moved away to attend law school. Chicktime will be forever grateful for her legacy.