Vision Boards!

December Update:

Our Christmas event was incredibly successful due to the love and commitment of our Ladies. Their faithfulness, month after month is truly inspiring. Every month is amazing but this December was definitely over the top. Of course, we had the usual feast, as well as, a beautiful and delicious Birthday Cake decorated to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to our Savior and Lord. One of our ladies covered bags of chips to look like they were professionally created to tell the salvation story. She also created beautifully printed name tags for our entire Chicktime group. That was very sweet. Another lady outdid us all by creating 8 different candy making stations, all beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper. So with our 32 girls each station of 4 girls created enough candy to fill a box for each girl to save for later. Some of the girls exchanged with others to try different tasty candies. Each girl also received a beautiful wrapped
Christmas present; it was a red apron which they could wear while they making their candies. The girls thoroughly enjoyed making and tasting the candy! The staff even commented on how much they were enjoying it. After that each girl was given 2 pairs of earrings which they chose themselves from a large variety of earrings. Even the staff and the Chicktime ladies got to choose 2 pairs of earrings. It was a most successful time with the girls and I believe they truly felt our love for them and enjoyed a wonderfully happy Christmas celebration!