Safe Harbor Crisis Center

Under the direction of the Davis Citizens’ Coalition Against Violence, Safe Harbor Crisis Center (originally named The Domestic Violence Shelter in Davis County) opened in 1997. In its first year, the shelter housed more than 300 adults and children who were victims of domestic violence. Safe Harbor’s services are provided by a professional and volunteer staff who are trained to deal with the effects of domestic abuse. By providing a safe place to live along with numerous services, the shelter helps to reduce domestic abuse at the crisis stage and gives victims, as well as perpetrators, the help they need to stop violence. Special care has been taken to make the shelter feel like home. Added touches such as private rooms, a home-style kitchen, laundry room, and outdoor playground not only provide a safe place to stay, but also ensure that residents feel comfortable.




Safe Harbor Crisis Center in Davis County, Utah, provides temporary housing and services for victims of domestic violence and their children. The shelter operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To eligible residents, we offer:


  • Safe and secure housing
  • Food, clothing, and household goods
  • Crisis-support services for adults and children
  • Help with housing, employment, social, and medical services
  • Counseling and education about domestic violence
  • Life-skills training and support groups



Adult outreach

The goal of our Outreach Program is to provide a place where participants can feel safe and supported as they learn about domestic violence. Participants do NOT need to be residents of the shelter to attend. Subjects covered include:


  • Self esteem and self concept
  • Assertive communications
  • Healthy love vs. addictive love
  • Domestic violence 101
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effects of domestic violence on children
  • Safety planning


Victim Assistance

Safe Harbor offers victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, assistance with the protective order or stalking injunction process. An advocate will discuss qualifications and options, assist with paperwork, file with the court, and accompany victims to the protective order hearing. We are able to help with the following orders:


  • Protective Orders
  • Protective Orders on behalf of a child
  • Civil stalking injunction
  • Dismissals
  • Modifications



Children’s Outreach

The purpose of the Children’s Outreach Program is to offer a safe environment in which children can speak openly about their feelings, and talk about the presence of violence in their home.

Our goal for children completing the program are:


  • To give children the ability to identify and assertively communicate feelings in an appropriate manner.
  • To develop coping skills and healthy alternatives to conflict resolution.To create an individual safety plan.
  • To instill a belief that “I’m Important!”



Rape Crisis Outreach

The rape and sexual assault program at Safe Harbor Crisis Center provides a 24-hour crisis line, support groups, and advocacy to survivors of rape and sexual assault.



Transitional Housing

In 2003, Safe Harbor Crisis Center began construction of 10 apartments that will provide low-income housing for families for up to two years. This transitional housing will provide a supportive environment where survivors of domestic violence can become self sufficient while moving themselves and their children away from violence. Once in the program, residents will receive:


  • Help from other community agencies.Life-skills training through parenting, self-esteem, assertiveness, and domestic-violence education groups.Preparation for permanent housing.
  • Children’s services, including educational and support groups and tutoring.