During this time of quarantine, Chicktime Bulverde, is devoted to doing what we can to show love to the kids at SJRC Texas. We may not be able to have our Chicktime Workshops at the moment, but here are a few creative ways we are showing #stoppablelove!

I would like to thank everyone who donated prom dresses, suits, their time, talent, and connections to secure the food, drinks, and desserts for the first ever Murder Mystery Event at SJRC Bulverde: The Perfect Light, Aaron Jensen, Gennaro’s Trattoria,Princess 4 a Night, The Frost Goddess, cakes.n.books bakery, and my friends on Bendel Ranch Rd Next-door. With the “Stay at home” orders, the prom being planned for them was cancelled. We wanted to do something special and fun for these kids while utilizing the beautiful dresses and suits already donated and all the decorations already purchased and made. We could not have asked for a more amazing event. Each house came to the decorated Community Hall for their own special Mystery Game, followed by a delicious meal with dessert, and even some dancing. There is no better feeling then to see these kids having fun and working so nicely too!
Chicktime Bulverde Managing Leader

We took advantage of our local Sonic Drive-Thru and their Tuesday 1/2 price Cheeseburgers….and some sweet tea and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Life is good at SJRC. Supporting our local fast food restaurants and feeding our peeps.