How We Serve

Here are a few general guidelines for leading a Chicktime month at The Salvation Army:
First of all, thank you so much for leading an activity through Chicktime Clarksville at The Salvation Army. We LOVE spending time with the the kids at the Salvation Army shelter and we truly appreciate you for making it possible. It is such a blessing to see their faces light up when we come and spend time with them.


5:00 Arrive at chapel

5:00-5:30 Volunteer meeting/ Set up for event

5:30-6:00 Eat dinner with the kids and engage them in conversation and light play

6:00-7:00 Activity


-The programs need to be based on the passions and talents of the leaders. For example, if you love to bake, prepare a program that will allow the kids to decorate cookies or cupcakes. If you love yoga, you can prepare a yoga class and teach the basics… or you may love basketball and she could teach a basketball clinic. ***A listing of program ideas is attached and available on our website under Program Ideas***


-The activity/workshop takes place in a chapel with a big open space in the back. The Salvation Army supplies basic arts and crafts supplies i.e. scissors, glue, construction paper, crayons, markers, and paint. If you are that month’s volunteer, you are responsible for coming up with the supplies you need. This is because, as a non-profit, we do not have money TO give. We operate solely on volunteers. We feel that it is a blessing to financially give toward a cause we love and I personally find it extremely rewarding. If you need fundraising advice and support, please contact Ainsley Watkins or Calen Holbrooks.


-Once you decide what activity you will lead, call Ainsley Watkins 918-381-1772 and discuss your ideas with her. Again, please refer to the Program Ideas on the website.


-The number of kids we serve at the Salvation Army fluctuates dramatically. Some events have been as small as 10 kids while some can get up to 40 or 50. We are given an approximate headcount 1 week before each event so that the monthly leader knows how many supplies to buy.


-The kids are anywhere between the ages of 2-17 years old.


-You are responsible to fund all materials for your programs. If you need fundraising advice and support, please contact Ainsley Watkins or Calen Holbrooks.


-No idea is too big or too small. Please see the list below for past programs and our past newsletters on the www.chicktime.com website for more detailed information on past programs. You may also view the Chicktime calendar on the website for upcoming programs.





-Chicktime Clarksville will create an invitation for your event! It is important that you organize your programs as early as possible so that we get the invitation out to the general public. Ideally, we would like that information 2 months prior to your event. We will be in contact with you to get the specifics needed to create the invitation.


-Chicktime Clarksville will send out the invitation for you using our database to our regular volunteers. You are encouraged to send the invitation out to your circle of friends and family. The Salvation Army will also distribute copies of the flyer out into the community. Please encourage your friends to fill out our web form and sign up to join Chicktime Clarksville. Simply click the subscribe button at the bottom of every page to open the web form. Make sure to select TN-Clarksville from the drop down menu. You are welcome to send a link the web form to your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and even include it as part of your email signature! :-)



What to wear:


Chicktime Shirts!!!

-We typically wear jeans, capris/long shorts and Chicktime t-shirts. We will have Chicktime shirts available prior to each Chicktime event. T-shirts are available with $20 donation… we encourage you all to get one because it helps spread the word about Chicktime! This is how we raise money for special projects for the girls. If you are not planning to wear a Chicktime t-shirt, we ask that the volunteers wear modest tops that show no cleavage, and shirts that stay tucked in or do not ride up past the waistline of their pants. When volunteers do wear shorts they need to be long, to the knee if possible.





-Cameras are allowed and encouraged! Kindly send all pictures from events to chicktimeclarksville@gmail.com so we can post them!


Contact us:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at chicktimeclarksville@gmail.com.

Find us on FaceBook!


Founder: Ainsley Watkins




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