Tis’ The Season!

November Update:

Chicktime Conroe is truly blessed to have such an amazing group of volunteers but MAC truly goes above and beyond for our kiddos at yes to youth! MAC is a Mixed Martial Arts gym in Conroe. They come visit our kiddos twice a year to teach them self defense skills because our shelter only houses youth for 90 days and every group of kids is different.

That’s no problem for these AMAZING superstars though because they tailor each workshop to the needs of the kids we are serving at the time. We usually break up into boys and girls because of the differences in interests and each time they’ve come, MAC has brought more and more Volunteers so it’s easier to split up. 

nov pic

They are truly an amazing organization and we can’t thank you enough. Today the ladies learned how to escape surprise attacks and unwanted attention situations while the guys focused on protecting yourself in a fight, striking and kicking if needed in self defense.