Summer Bash!

April Update:

Sometimes, more often than not, we wonder if the kids are going to enjoy the activities we have planned for Chicktime that month. Our workshop leaders spend weeks preparing and planning the day in their mind… usually down to the minute… but, the one thing we can never really account for is how the kids will receive it! It’s the unknown variable of volunteering.

Admittedly, Ms. Ashley Danielle was a little nervous heading into this month’s Poetry Workshop. Would the kids enjoy it? Would they want to participate? Praise God that we are blessed to serve some of the most incredible children in the world & they are always excited for whatever we have planned for them! With the help of Sally Ann, Ranah McSween, Penny Sue Cochran, Lynn Rivera Cade, and Mr. Justin, we were able to pull off one awesome afternoon of poetry and creativity!

We began the day by piecing together lines of Langston Hughes’ “Harlem” in the order we thought they should be in. It was fun to see all the different ways that the kids put the poem together & who got closest to the original version. We also learned about several types of poetry & some of the different tools that poets use to create their masterpieces. As we studied several different pieces, the kids began to get more acquainted with some of the world’s greatest writers… although, they weren’t too sure what to think of Edgar Allen Poe!!! Each child received their own notebook today and we began filling the pages with their very own poetry! We can’t wait to hear their next great masterpiece!!!

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We are planning to go have a late lunch/early dinner after Chicktime and anyone that would like to join us is WELCOME